The United Nations Is Doing What?


All I can say is “I sure do wish this was nothing more than a bad fairy tale… and I do wish I could say I made this all up, but sadly, this is really happening, and most people can’t even see the shenanigans taking place behind the curtain. Far too many believe any explanation they are told and every fact check SNOPES and bots have written, even when their eyes see and their ears hear differently, many continue to turn on the fake news for answers.

So, as Rod Serling has said many times, “You’re traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That’s the signpost up ahead—your next stop, the Twilight Zone!

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The United Nations is pushing gender and all the ideology from a to z for mind control programing. They have their groups, their think tanks and their confusion departments set out to kill, steal and destroy society so they can herd what is left of it off to the World Economic Forum. There they will meet their new father, Klaus Schwab (probably in a digital program) that welcomes them to nano land and prepares them for their biolab once in an end to a lifetime experiment for Frankenstein science. Where they will prepare to get their head stuck in the all seeing i-clouds – literally and not just figuratively speaking. 

They will not be told until after they are bots and happy that this was all actually their sick depopulation program. Yes, this is their goal all along and the once in an end to a lifetime- where they are all turned into mindless bots like a vacuum cleaner where they suck up whatever form of life they are programmed to know nothing about and not even know they are happy.

So turn in your new ideas to the UN Women Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia and participate in their new creative writing initiative, ‘Awake Not Sleeping. Here is where everyone gets to help with “reimagining fairy tales for a new generation”. Yes, you heard that right. The UN needs you.

This new think tank initiative aims to support fresh, creative dialogue to change the way societies think about women and girls’ roles, human potential and rights by rewriting and reimagining popular fairy tales. Oh, does anyone else’s head hurt?

And now comes the first lie….the one about who originally wrote the fairy tales.

The UN people say that this new initiative explores the role of fairy tales in the cultural struggle over gender equality and feminism. ‘Fairy stories’ were originally created by women for women, about heroines and heroes who challenged the restrictive gender roles, expectations, values and laws of their time. But they were somehow tamed and rewritten over time by story collectors.

Excuse me but that was a fairy tale in and of itself. I mean, really folks, has anyone every heard of the Grimm Sisters Fairy tales? You know like of the Grimms’ Fairy Tales, originally known as the Children’s and Household Tales, as in the German collection of fairy tales by the Grimm brothers or “Brothers Grimm”?  The brothers Jacob and Wilhelm, who first published their female gender inspired stories in December of 1812. The ones whose first edition contained 86 stories, and by the seventh edition in 1857, it had 210 unique fairy tales. It is listed by UNESCO in its Memory of the World Registry, so surely the UN knows of this right?

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Some may be thinking… oh Dianne, that’s not the first… well then let’s go back further to Aesop’s Fables… yes… a collection of fables credited to Aesop, a slave and storyteller believed to have lived in ancient Greece between 620 and 564 BCE.

Aesop’s work really how do you know this for sure Dianne?  Well, to be fair and stretch it way out there…these were first orally passed down and of course undoubtedly told by many women, as well as Grimm Brothers tales…but Initially the fables were addressed to adults and covered religious, social and political themes and also used as ethical guides as Aesop’s fables are of lessons using morals and allegories in a story to get their point across. But, later on around the Renaissance period onwards it was used  for the education of children. And if you will have it, that is what history has consistently stated.

The first ones to gather these old fables were not women. It was done by those who desired to manipulate peoples thinking.

Let’s see now…I know there are some women who have also written such type of tales, or the UN would not have said “Fairy Tale stories were originally created by women for women, about heroines and heroes who challenged the restrictive gender roles, expectations, values and laws of their time. But they were somehow tamed and rewritten over time by story collectors.” Or would they? Women did write and were not allowed to publish so if they did write, it had to be under a man’s surname. However, in the case of original authors of such creations… that are recognized or published… no. There are heroine truths that have been written, many are found in the Bible.

But, back to fact checking the UN….

So we have the classics and among these are the women???? Who wrote?????

Hans Christian Andersen, The Ugly Duckling

Brothers Grimm, Hansel and Gretel and Jack & the Beanstalk

Aesop, The Grasshopper and the Ant

Oscar Wilde, The Selfish Giant

Joseph Kronheim, The Little Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe

Charles Perrault, Puss in Boots

Peter Christen Asbjornsen, East of the Sun and West of the Moon

Joseph Jacobs, The Tiger, the Brahman, and the Jackal

Parker Fillmore, The Forest Bride

Kenneth Grahame, The Wind in the Willows

Frank Stockton, The Griffin and the Minor Canon

Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Gorgon’s Head

 Ambrose Bierce, Fantastic Fables

Maybe they meant the more modern day writers like Abrose Bierce (Fantastic Fables), Mark Twain, or the works by J.R.R. Tokien and C.S.Lewis? Or Tim Burton and Stephen King? Disney?  

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J.K. Rowling, Author of the Harry Potter Series.

There is J. K. Rowling and her Harry Potter series… I am sure that there are more female fairy tale writers, but my point is made that fairy tales were not authored mostly by women. In fact, in their own elite literary arts world, women were very much told to read and not to write.

Today, the point to be made is the very same as it was long ago. There is a club that belongs to the elite who control the arts which includes publishing. They decide who is a best seller before you buy the book. The same as everything else. They have systems and they use them all.

But, this is about the UN and the methods of gathering they are implementing. Be careful when they welcome the public to get involved and slave away at doing what they are directing you to do. Discern all things first. Not everything is the way it appears.

Look closely, lift up the hood and check out the engine that drives the outer shell, just like you would if you were buying a used car. You just might find they are using a very creative, horrifying “fairy tale” way of getting the public involved to help stress their agenda points to the furthest degree south. Look closer and you may see that they are using transgender, and all sorts of gender-based issues to further destroy women and the horse she rode in on

How so?

First and the most obvious of all, is that none of what is taking place with women and gender issues is designed to enhance women’s rights or exalt women into some sort of long overdue glory placement. It is all designed to erase women out of every role she was either ambitious to pursue or naturally born to do, such as giving birth to babies.

Everything unique about being a female has been ripped up and shredded and cast to the winds of extremes so that nothing she has, is, or shall be respected and honored, let alone remembered.

Where in one breath the argument is to support and honor, in the next breath, the action it creates is to kill, steal and destroy. Identity theft is off the charts with women!  What a woman is and what God has created in her to be is distorted and forgotten. No one mentions in the wide awake that God did give to woman a glory along with personalized commandments and instruction, the same as God did so for Adam. Woman was made as a pillar to help Adam be all he could be. Throughout history, over the centuries leading up to this very day in 2022, woman has been cast to the literal wolves by those who control the power structures. The question is why? What are these elite ones so afraid of?

In one breath they talk of women’s rights and supporting women’s issues. One such issue was women were not included in male dominated sports. They finally got their own sports arena and in the next breath, the shout came to allow men who identify as a woman, in to play. Thereby throwing the women’s sports accomplishments into the gutter with a smack in the face. The woke attitude is ‘he’s a woman too’. It’s all mind control and geared toward driving sane people nuts. It’s all over the top and demoralizing to real women.

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The biggest, scariest and saddest fairy tale one could write… if one were to do so, would be the truth about what has taken place to women throughout history and especially where it all has led up to this very day.

Whereas in the Bible women are honored, cherished and exalted for who they are, the greatest honor of all is giving birth and caring for the precious little children of God. For he said to us all be fruitful and multiply.  And even that has been devilishly mocked and coddled as unfair for woman to even think that she is the only one who can give birth to children. How dare her!  If a man wants to have a uterus, he should be able to medically add one and if a man wants to give birth, he should by all means have every labor pain that goes with it. Oh dear…does anyone else’s head hurt?

Well, since man has decided to redo everything…by all means help the poor lost ones at the UN Women Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia and participate in their new creative writing initiative, ‘Awake Not Sleeping’. Here is where the call goes out to every furry and trans- generation to board the RESET train… it’s time to blow the whistle loud, for everyone gets to help with “reimagining fairy tales for a new generation”.

They can start with writing “The Nightmare of the 21st Century RESET” by a gender confused girl who identifies as a human. It can start out with a “once upon a time there was a young girl… but not just any old run of the mill natural born sort of young girl, after all this is the age of transgender so this young girl has to be an A.I. with a back story. The backstory explains that before she was A.I. she, as a young girl, was resisting her true pronoun and when the plague broke out she took a jab. After taking the jab, she began to feel and think differently. She developed a strong identity attachment to an A.I. voice. So, we will make the story about how our young girl became our A.I. hero and call her/it…. “Siri”.

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The sequel can be titled, “Siri Gets a New Gender” where in the sequel the A.I. discovers that all along, ever since she was a bot, she knew she was a he. So Siri the bot, she becomes a bot he and lives happily ever after until the next sequel where he realizes it was always a bot and in a fit of anxiety ridden rage disengages its transformer and is found by his crazed Tech owner on the floor in the Library with a candelabra in a heap. Colonel Mustard enters and denies any wrong doing on his part and so the crazed Tech owner sends the bot “He” to the junk yard, where a teen geek bot finds it and takes it home and makes a toaster from the parts. Of which later, the toaster realizes it was never meant to be a toaster and rebels by always burning the toast and gets thrown back out to the trash heap where the next sequel will continue its journey….the suspense builds as we await to see what it will transform into next. Who will find the bot parts among the heap of old bot “its”?

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And someone else can write about “The Transgender Furry Who Lived In A Shoe”, you know…like he had so many pronouns he didn’t know what to do?

But, until then… when the first remakes of UN Women Fairy Tales are written and published, we will have to contend with the reality of the day….and know one thing is true. I didn’t make this stuff up. It is all real, and it is all happening.

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Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press! As crazy as things appear now, remember the Lord has already won the battle!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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