The Power of CORONAVIRUS – The Name Alone Seems to Kill! So What Do We Do? We need a Viral Kryptonite!

Just say the name out loud and watch Coronavirus in action – killing social gatherings, the stock market, planned public events, and our lives as we once knew them…according to media madness. You don’t even have to come into contact with it to be affected by it!
Aside from creating sickness and death in humans, it has seemed to tank the stock market. Pay no attention to the oil shrugging taking place between Russia and Saudi Arabia, instead blame Coronavirus~
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Blame EVERYTHING on CORONA VIRUS and pay no attention to facts and don’t look at 5G. Keep listening to News Reports inciting that we are all going to die, or at least the weak and elderly, and don’t even try to socialize or shake someone’s hand. Heck, don’t you dare kiss your date goodnight, and don’t even think about the other things! I wonder if this will drive the new birth numbers down? Time will tell.
Meanwhile, there is a company that has a product that actually draws virus’s, bacteria, and other pathogens from the surfaces and into an Open-Cell Foam Technology and traps and kills them all!
That company is VIRAL KRYPTONITE. The man behind the company has spent over 10 years working in the most infectious miry pits of pathogens, in order to help save the environment from toxic chemicals, oil spills, cyanobacteria infested waters, toxic algae and deadly pathogens. His name is Scott Smith.

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Scott Smith has been a real super hero fighting to clean our water supplies with great success! In spite of having to wait and wade through red government tape to help, Scott was able to rid toxic algae blooms, chemical wastes, oil, and toxic pathogens in the waters with his Patented Open-Celled Foam Technology which is a two-part process that rids contaminants from water and surfaces without harming living creatures. The question is…Where was the media outcry when all the people were contacting deadly sickness from the toxic water and flesh eating bacteria? Where was the outcry when tons of fish, birds, dolphins, manatees, blue crabs and marine wildlife were dying in droves? Where was the media on that crisis? They were all but silent. . And that crisis is still active!

Scott was out in the toxic stew doing all he could to show how to clean the mess, cutting through mountains of government red tape and doing all he could to help clean our waters and save our wildlife and humans who were getting sick and many who died from the toxic waters. Ask the fishermen and people who lived through it and are still getting sick from chemical waste in the southern coastal states. Our hats are off to you Scott Smith. Thank you for continuing to get out there in the toxic stew and fight hard to clean our waterways!

The good news is, Scott has taken his Open-Cell Foam Technology and EPA Registered Disinfectant (a unique two-part process) and adapted it for consumer use. It is called Viral Kryptonite™. His product is 100% American invented, American Patented, and American manufactured!
Viral Kryptonite™ uses an EPA-Registered Disinfectant that kills 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and other pathogens, including Coronavirus, MRSA, and Legionella Pneumophila.

The patented technology behind the Viral Kryptonite™ Open-Celled Foam Sponges has already been proven and used by the United States Homeland Security to protect first responders and military personnel in the event of exposure to chemicals and toxins.
This technology can now be used to reduce risk of Human Infection / Exposure to Coronavirus and other pathogens in a “for consumer use”- packaged Viral Kryptonite Kit, a two-part process using the Open-Cell Foam Sponge Technology in conjunction with the EPA-Registered Disinfectant. The Open-Celled Foam Sponges are Re-Usable and Biodegradable in a Landfill when Disposed, which makes the Technology used in creating the Viral Kryptonite Consumer Kit, Truly Sustainable.
scott Mitt in Use 1
Above: Scott Smith, demonstrating the Open-Cell Foam. Like a super sponge, the flexible elastomeric foam acts like a capillary network to absorb, trap, and kill environmental pollutants, oil, bacteria, viruses, and other contaminating pathogens.
Whether oil, chemicals, Legionella bacteria, and/or harmful algae toxins (as previously covered by Fox4 with this technology), the mechanism is the same as follows:
Like a sponge, the flexible elastomeric foam acts like a capillary network, similar to the alveoli of the human lungs; the Open-Cell foam absorbs and traps contaminating pathogens.
scott Mitt in Use 2
Above: Open-Cell Foam Mitt after stirring around in what appeared to be clear water. Absorbing oil, bacteria, and other toxic contaminants lurking in our coastal waters. 
You can’t see pathogens, but Viral kryptonite™ doesn’t have to see. It draws minute nano particles like a magnet, traps and kills them. Shown is a mitt full of toxic chemicals, oil, and pathogens from the water, that to the human eye, appeared to be clean. It will do the same for your personal space and home defense.
Viral Proposal Presentation March 2020
Smith said the most asked questions he gets about this technology is how it differs from other disinfectant methods, and why they have to use his sponges. “ People want to know why the Open-Cell Foam sponge must be used versus other sponges and why they can’t just use a paper towel with the disinfectant solution? It’s simple really, paper towels and other sponges don’t have the absorption technology that Open-Cell Foam has.
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“Our Open-Cell Foam sponge has 1.56 square feet of surface area per square inch, versus single-use paper towels that have .0069 square feet of surface area per square inch,” stated Scott.The Viral Kryptonite Sponge Pads and Mitts are made of AquaFlex Open-Cell Foam which has 226 times more surface area per square inch than a paper towel! Remember, you can’t capture and kill what you don’t make contact with! That goes to the heart of efficiency and efficacy!”
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Scott explained the two-part process in detail stating that the Open-Cell Foam Technology has flexible elastomeric foam acts like a capillary network similar to the alveoli of the human lungs; the Open-Cell foam absorbs and traps contaminating pathogens. Especially important is the trapped contaminants are collected and can be analyzed by independent laboratories.
Prior to the outbreak, Scott was focused on environmental concerns involving toxic pathogens in waterways and the environment. Once he heard what was happening with the annual seasonal flu statistics and the fear mongering fed 24/7 to the public, he knew it was time to bring his Open-Cell Foam Technology to the public consumer.
“People don’t need to panic. They need to take the offense and do what is needed to insure they and their families stay healthy. The best defense is to keep your surface areas clean of contaminants and pathogens. Viral Kryptonite will do this at home and in public places where germs are spread. Restaurants, local gyms, malls, grocery stores, airports, government buildings, post offices, theaters, nursing and assisted living home environments. Even the local gas station. We still have to pump our gas! Because we don’t live in a bubble we need to be preemptive on doing what is needed to stay germ free, but we don’t need to panic and hide in our homes.”
viral kryptonite - we're ready are you
I agree with Scott, we can’t think death every time we or someone else sneezes or coughs, and we certainly can’t stop going to work, school, the store or even enjoying the sun at the park. Staying at home in a lock down is certainly not sustainable.
So what do we do?
Along with eating healthy, washing our hands, and getting adequate rest, we need to practice safe public hygiene. We don’t need to walk around with face masks that the CDC has said does not keep us safe from viruses. We can clean with disinfectants and by using a Registered Disinfectant, especially in public places, we can be assured we are taking the smartest approach.

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Viral Kryptonite Kit – Open-Celled Foam two-part process kills viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens and defends all year long against viruses, bacteria, and other infectious contaminations that we come in contact with on a daily basis – not just during flu season!
The world Health Organization reported that SARS was more deadly, but much less infectious than COVID-19. They stated that in 2020, the mortality rate for COVID-19 is about 3%. Compare that to the 10% mortality rate for the original SARS virus in 2003, and the mortality rate for MERS in 2012 that was 35%.
Then there is the common flu that we all anticipate yearly in it’s season. (Not sure why they call it flu season?) Those statistics are alarming and most often never panicked over. Last year 37,000 Americans died from the common Flu!
Which brings me to what President Trump said, “Last year 37,000 Americans died from the common Flu. It averages between 27,000 and 70,000 per year. Nothing is shut down, life & the economy go on. At this moment there are 546 confirmed cases of CoronaVirus, with 22 deaths. Think about that!”
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In our real world, where no one lives in a bubble… we all need to be responsible when it comes to self treatment when we are sick. If you are sick, stay home and get well. However, unfortunately, during incubation time lengths a person may not know they are carrying a virus or flu bug until they feel the symptoms. Because of this, they may have contaminated many others unknowingly. Therefore, by using safe surface cleaning practices it helps to PREVENT THE SPREAD OF UNWANTED germs, bacteria, viruses, and pathogens.
viral bubble 3-8-2020 copy
USE COMMON SENSE to stay safe but remember, humans are social beings and we were not born to live isolated lives, therefore, remain calm and clean surface areas with something that effectively works.
To find out more about Viral Kryptonite™ visit their website at   or go to their Facebook page Viral Kryptonite Facebook
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