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In the midst of all the “me too’s”, some real and some recruited and paid….while perhaps a few are just chiming in….there seems to be a broader connection.  While the real concern is with stopping child molestation and human trafficking – even torture and death cult sadistic ceremonies, spirit cooking, baby skinned shoes, organ harvesting and getting high on human blood, the sick people never let a crisis go by without using it as an opportunity. (Rahm Emanuel’s favorite quote).  So in the midst of blaming the innocent like President Trump for things he never did….topped off with left leaning attorney, Lisa Bloom, paying crisis actors as much as $750,000 to say their lies it makes a big smoke screen to confuse those who still take their messages from Fake news.  Aside from creating confusion since the Russia, Russia, Russia concept is dead…. sex scandals are real….pizza gate is real, Spirit cooking and satanic mutilations and child killing is real.  That is what President Trump has vowed to crack down on and break wide open.  The guilty ones are scrambling and arrests are being made.  Others are dropping like flies to avoid public shame and jail time.  Meanwhile…..who is going to report the real news?  The news that goes beyond anyone’s imagination?

The opportunity to use sex accusations to clear out congressional seats and destroy political candidates seems to be pushing beyond the guilty into anything goes if it will stick.  In this arena only the strong will survive, even if you are innocent you have to be made of iron to prove it, while the twisted and perverted always seem to live to go at it again.  Their secret places are torn down, burned, or quickly remodeled.

At the same time here comes another group gleefully drooling with chattering teeth, chomping all over their up and coming launch of the new sex bots.  What perfect timing to present a robot that you can use to do what ever sex act you desire with no consequences.  This can be a great selling point in the land of the insane.

I wonder how long it will take the evil minions to figure out multiple ways it can be used to kill, steal, and destroy. You can be sure they have already- A.I. is being used in our military and social media via C.I.A., N.S.A. DARPA and other alphabet agencies.  Artificial Intelligence on steroids is all but unleashed as they add this technology to their ultra low frequency patents to create the ultimate “mind control world” with A.I. leaders taking over like SOPHIA who is also the first robot citizen in Saudi Arabia and might I add, the world. Then, surprise, surprise they are launching their new sexbot A.I. robots. It seems there is a HUGE MARKET for the females.  Imagine going out to dinner and watching a grown man groping his A.I. date.  It’s okay, even in public because it’s only a bot doll, right? Wonder if there will have to be tax payer dollars wasted in tons of regulations for these?  (Did you ever wonder why Obama made a thrust for brain research? It wasn’t to cure disease!)

I kid you not, something like this sex robot video that suggests horrendous immoral indecency with man and bot….is not censored, but if you say you want to stop pizzagate,  pedophilia and sex trafficking – you are on an algorithm list and chances are you will be censored like many others have for speaking of such things. Trust me, you would be banned from Farcebook if you said you had figured out a way to use your lawn mower to have sex and started a group page for lawn mower sex. Unless you were a liberal, it seems as we all have seen, then you could do it…

It must be a sick reminder that they can’t just take over the world, these perverts desire to use the technology to F***  us in the process too!. I wonder who did these test studies? Can we get the names of all who sexted these robots to see how they needed adjusting? I want the names.

I’m waiting for the day the A.I. Sex Bots will have rights to go along with their citizenship.  That will open up an entirely bigger can of worms.

You have to admit, the timing for all these things is a bit coordinated.  Maybe this is our shock and awe moment?  It will be interesting to see how many  will be advocating that this is the answer to all the sex problems?

Do we really believe the elite will stop using children for their live ceremonial sexbots?  No. The sexbots are for humanity to get more A.I. crap among the population and start a full scale perversion trend that “completes” the transgender family.

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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