Oh foolish and vain generation of vipers….keep doing what you’ve always done and watch how your “Rules For Radicals” are torn from top to bottom.

For you knew the lessor things….not the greater wisdom from above.  You, who vainly believe you are smart, are nothing more than replaceable fools for evil masters.  Think not?  Look at the trail of dead bodies in high places.  A mere look at how all those whose uselessness is used up then found mysteriously dead is no coincidence.  Each victim found is pronounced dead with no autopsy, and each is given a ridiculous report of suicide – like all  those shot in the back of the head two times.
And then there are the good guys who are killed by the establishment pawns and the rooks over the pawns have them declared dead of natural causes….like Justice Scalia, found cold and pulseless in bed with a pillow “over his head,” he was declared dead of natural causes without an autopsy being performed. Ironically, but not surprising, a county justice of the peace agreed to issue the death certificate without visiting the death scene or seeing the body for herself.  And we the people are supposed to believe all we are told?  NOT!
The mistake the evil ones are making is that they think the people can’t see their evil pattern of murder and deceit.
The evil schemes are no match for truth and no match for righteous masterminding. In the end….the meek and righteous win!  It is written. The great merchants of the earth shall weep and wail for no one buys their merchandise anymore!

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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