Table of Nations-Shem, Ham, Japheth

In the Book of Jubilees, it tells the same story as the prophets and of Enoch of the end of days and what the Lord said would be coming upon the earth. I will begin with the dire situation we are facing this very day and the promise to those who are faithful to the Lord and continue to do as the Lord has said and that is to love God with all your heart, mind and soul, and to love your neighbor as yourself…for in so doing…you shall be blessed and just as the Lord blessed Joseph during his days when the sons of Jacob all did as the Lord commanded… so shall he also promised to bless a nation called by his name. Remember, the way out of this evil is to trust in the Lord thy God. Amen.

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Jubilees XLVI:1-3. And it came to pass that after Jacob died the children of Israel multiplied in the land of Egypt, and they became a great nation, and they were of one accord in heart, so that brother loved brother and every man helped his brother, and they increased abundantly and multiplied exceedingly, ten weeks of years, all the days of the life of Joseph.  And there was no Satan nor any evil all the days of the life of Joseph which he lived after his father Jacob, for all the Egyptians honoured the children of Israel all the days of the life of Joseph. And Joseph died being a hundred and ten years old;  seventeen years he lived in the land of Canaan, and ten years he was a servant, and three years in prison, and eighty years he was under the king, ruling all the land of Egypt.


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The Messianic Woes (xxiii. 18-24). [Eschatological partly.]

18. Behold the earth will be destroyed on account of all their works, and there will be no seed of the vine, and no oil; for their works are altogether faithless, and they will all perish together, beasts and cattle and birds, and all the fish of the sea,  on account of the children of men. 19. And they will strive one with another, the young with the old, and the old with the young, the poor with the rich, and the lowly with the great, and the beggar with the prince,  on account of the law and the covenant;  for they have forgotten commandment, and covenant, and feasts, and months, and Sabbaths, and jubilees, and all judgments.

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They have been hard at work destroying the world and depopulating and contaminating it long before you ever noticed it! The war zone in Ukraine has been active against Christian Russians for decades. Putin has now emerged to end it.

20. And they will stand (with bows and) swords and war to turn them back into the way; but they will not return until much blood hath been shed on the earth, one by another.  21. And those who have escaped will not return from their wickedness to the way of righteousness, but they will all exalt themselves to deceit and wealth, that they may each take all that is his neighbour’s, and they will name the great name, but not in truth and not in righteousness, and they will defile the holy of holies with their uncleanness and the corruption of their pollution. 22. And a great punishment will befall the deeds of this generation from the Lord, and He will give them over to the sword and to judgment and to captivity, and to be plundered and devoured. 23. And He will wake up against them the sinners of the Gentiles, who have neither mercy nor compassion, and who will respect the person of none, neither old nor young, nor any one, for they are more wicked and strong to do evil than all the children of men. And they will use violence against Israel and transgression against Jacob, and much blood will be shed upon the earth, and there will be none to gather and none to bury.

24. In those days they will cry aloud, and call and pray that they may be saved from the hand of the sinners, the Gentiles; but none will be saved.

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Renewed Study of the Law followed by a Renewal of Mankind. The Messianic Kingdom and the Blessedness of the Righteous (xxiii. 26-32; cf. Isa. lxv. 17 ff. [Eschatological.]

26. And in those days the children will begin to study the laws, and to seek the commandments, and to return to the path of righteousness.

27. And the days will begin to grow many and increase amongst those children of men, Till their days draw nigh to one thousand years, And to a greater number of years than (before) was the number of the days. 28. And there will be no old man.  Nor one who is not satisfied with his days, for all will be (as) children and youths.

29. And all their days they will complete and live in peace and in joy, and there will be no Satan nor any evil destroyer; for all their days will be days of blessing and healing, 30. And at that time the Lord will heal His servants, and they will rise up  and see  great peace,

And drive out their adversaries. And the righteous will see and be thankful, and rejoice with joy for ever and ever, and will see all their judgments and all their curses on their enemies. 31. And their bones will rest in the earth, and their spirits will have much joy, and they will know that it is the Lord who executeth judgment, and showeth mercy to hundreds and thousands and to all that love Him.

32. And do thou, Moses, write down these words; for thus are they written, and they record (them) on the heavenly tables for a testimony for the generations for ever.

Which bring us back to “The Table of Nations”.

If you didn’t read that first, here is the link: The Table Of Nations – The Marshall Report (

Before we dig in, I want to point out that in ancient times, actually modern times as well…in fact up unto 1959 when “The Globe” became the official teaching and scientists pushed the “Big Bang”, and evolution was becoming the new “science”, even though to this day it is still called a theory, the earth was believed to be a circle and all the maps that navigated ships, planes and got troops through two world wars flying in the skys… had the earth laid out as a circle.

image 65

The same map used by Admiral Byrd to explore the artic regions in both the North and the South, the same circle map used by Hitler to plan his Antarctica trip, and war maneuvers, the same Standard Map of the World famously advertised by film star, Marilyn Monroe.

Something happened after Admiral Byrd and Russia made their famous Arctic explorations and several trips… all at once after much pomp and excitement all the nations signed an agreement to NOT EXPLORE ANTARCTICA for any minerals or resources. That land became off limits it was to remain untouched… and the nations all agreed for the first time ever an act became unanimous. The Antarctica Treaty was drawn up the same year… we have new maps of the globe and now we are off to go to the moon.

image 66
The new science of Antarctica. That’s a whole other story.

Read copy of Then Antarctica Treaty: file:///C:/Users/Dianne/Downloads/treaty_original%20(1).pdf

Every classroom is now mandated to have a globe and teach the new geography of the earth as a globe and we are off to change the way the world thinks!

Disclaimer: I am not saying that all the findings and thoughts in these videos are factual, instead, I find they include a well laid out geography and division of lands and the identification of waters. As far as “where the Garden of Eden is”…that is the video makers opinion, not mine.  I have another opinion that is still under discernment based on the Book of Jubilees and Enoch.

Therefore based on the information stated above and knowing we are coming back to the knowledge of the truth. I divided up the land into the thirds based on the standard map of the world that maps were based on at the time.

I found that using the standard map of the world…it made the distinction’s in close alignment and easy to see and understand. Follow the cloudy circle in the map representing Shem. Then follow the circle for Japheth and for Ham. Disclaimer: I am not saying my circles are accurate, just that it is easier to see the earth divided into threes. As the Angel of Presence was clear to Moses on the divisions and the waters. The videos give a good geographical study of the various rivers and oceans as well as land.

We are coming out of Babylon and learning more about all nations. God always intended for all nations to get along and love one another. The ruler of this world, Satan, has always come to kill, steal and destroy. The days of that beastly game are numbered and we are counting down. The way to peace is in the Lord. Pray unceasing of all things for understanding and wisdom.

Keep on Pressing Into The Kingdom of God! – Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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