State of The Union Inside The Mind of Joey…

Few there were who appreciated his mumbled up angry mess of the state of his union with whatever he is in union with?

Everybody’s being so hard on Joey Avatar and not looking at his achievements. For example, many have not recognized all he has done to create awareness for Alzheimer Disease. In fact, there is now extensive research being done on the possible connection between the consumption of ice cream and dementia. Thanks to Joey we also have a greater awareness of flatulence and incontinence. Studies are also now being done to see how this may or may not impair the functions of the presidency. Not to mention how the field of psychology has discovered the link between a man who has a fascination to tell stories of having children pet his wet hairy legs in the sun and the need he has to tell them. He is news worthy. In fact the Babylon Bee did a special on Joey’s top ten accomplishments of 2023.

We must also remember his success in foreign relations. He has helped reduce the cost of maintaining incarcerated criminals in other nations by opening the borders and allowing them all to be released illegally into the US. He is so proud of all the good he has done for foreign nations and reducing their crime.

Meanwhile… to protect the illegal immigrants against outrage from US citizens when being attacked, raped and brutalized, Joey has placed extra precautions in public places where all citizens must be searched before getting on the subway, the same as they are searched before boarding a plane.

Joey Avatar is concerned about making illegal aliens feel safe and making sure they have stimulus checks so they don’t stress out about not having any money. But the US citizens need to be watched and searched and have I.D. ready to present at all times.

image 74

Meanwhile, at the state of the union address for 2024, Joey Avatar was looking a bit rubbery. But then again, many people didn’t notice anything unusual about his appearance.

image 71

Those who were talking about it were scolded for criticizing Joey and thought he looked like he always has.

Other people were noted as not looking quite normal as well and of course they were also scolded for not realizing the skin stretching in an odd manner was normal. Even though human masks are a real thing and have been used by the CIA, and other agencies and for doubles for political figures for a very long time.

We are told Schumer’s eyes, and skin indentation from his glasses is perfectly normal and anyone suggesting otherwise is a conspiracy theorist. The many odd looking skin conditions of many of the attendees at the State of the Union Address is nothing to pay attention to. Those that are making something out of this are crazy. So, get used to people looking different and skin that looks like … well… like rubber masks that get twisted when body heat gets too hot. And the dark twisted eyes. Dark twisted eyes are now normal.

image 72

Maybe it’s just a side effect from jabs and boosters? Or maybe it’s a mutation of sorts? And maybe it’s casting central? Whatever it is… it appears now to be contagious because many public figures appear to have been infected by it.

You just never know how Joey will look from minute to minute. Nor day to day.

image 73

Meanwhile, liberals fear a Trump Presidency and have their reasons why they love their Joey. Go figure??

Many people just don’t understand Joey and other people seem to get him. Sorta. Babylon Bee has it all figured out… sarcastically speaking that is.

That being said, Mike Lindell is working on a surprise that has to do with the Supreme Court. And he is pushing for paper ballots. He’s prepared for more than a pillow fight, I hope he wins!

And after all of that being said, I hope you know this is lighthearted and as positive as Joey can be presented, in order to not add to the Trump derangement syndrome that his supporters display whenever someone says we want to have our lives back and “Make America Great Again!”

Now is the time to come out from her my people and follow the way of the Lord.

In closing, Pastor Melissa Scott teaches on The Ark and the Mercy Seat and God’s plan to dwell with man and the way of salvation from the beginning.

Below, Pastor Melissa Scott teaches on Moses and how he was chosen by God at a time when, by modern day standards, he would have been the least likely to lead the people out. And how Christ was in everything within the Tabernacle.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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