Squirrel Speaks of The Nuts

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Today the squirrel put on his Trump- “Make America Great Again” Cap and went out from his squirrel den onto the tree branch. He stretched out his arms and yawned as he looked around.

“What a great day!” he shouted as he adjusted his oversized cap.  “I am ready to help make America Great Again.”  With that announcement he quickly squirreled down the tree.  When he reached the bottom, he stopped.  He stood erect and looked around.  He sniffed the air, then instantly shot forward toward the bushes.

Once inside the thickest part of the foliage, the Trump Squirrel started scratching at the ground feverishly.  Another squirrel entered the bushes and hurriedly ran past.  Then stopped abruptly and looked back at the Trump Squirrel.  He had a curious look on his face.  He slowly approached the Trump squirrel who was still furiously digging.

“What are you doing?” He asked, “And what is that strange thing on your head?”

The Trump squirrel answered while he continued to dig, “I am making America great again. Getting ready to bury some nuts.  The strange thing on my head is my banner of commitment.”

The squirrel laughed.  He rolled back in the foliage and laughed and laughed.  Meanwhile, the squirrel%20laughingTrump squirrel kept on digging.  He began to dig faster and deeper and with more vigor than he had before.

The other squirrel stopped laughing and began to notice the great intention the Trump Squirrel was showing as he dug feverously.  The hole became deeper and deeper as he watched.

Curious, the squirrel asked, “Why are you digging so deep?  It doesn’t require a hole that big to store seeds and nuts?”

The Trump squirrel replied, “This year, the nuts that I bury will be huge.”

The other squirrel imagined how delightful a huge nut might be. So he asked, “Where can I find some for me?”

The Trump squirrel answered, “Oh you don’t find them.  They find you.”

More curious than ever the other squirrel asked, “How do they find you?  These nuts of great size?”

The Trump squirrel answered, “Just get one of these caps and you will see they come at you out of nowhere.”

By Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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