Sidney Powell says, “We are going to reclaim the United States of America!”

sidney powell talks of her guidance by the holy spirit

They (whoever they are) got sloppy and left a slimy Trail. Trump stated clearly, “We got them all!” What did he mean by that? What was taking place for him to say such a thing? The world watched as President Trump won the election in 2016 and entered the Oval Office in 2017. They also watched as Dems came forth with false dossiers, cries of RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA, all on the tale of Ukraine on Fire where real collussion and acts of war were performed on an unsuspecting sovereignty, fresh from the war torn remains still smoldering.

Majority of Americans Now Consider Russia a Critical Threat

The world of those awake watched Oliver Stone’s documentaries that showed who, what, where, and when took place in Ukraine under the Obama Administration. Audio recordings emerged that showed V.P. Biden expressing to the new Ukrainian Government, not to discuss things with the Trump Administration as they were new and not savvy to their arrangement. We all heard this, as Giuliani brought out other issues and waved papers at TV cameras in fake news interviews that out shouted him and led us all to believe he was a washed up attorney and rambled on like a conspiracy theorist. After Giuliani returned from a trip to Ukraine…they did a wrap up smear that Giuliani was a washed up, wasted drunk living off laurels of 911 and his best days had since passed. He was now a doddery old fool wanting to be like he used to be. Poor guy.

Sidney Powell was drug accross the coals along with Lin Woods, with lie after lie, after lie being told. God smiled down on Sidney Powell and with every lie told, her wings of honor grew bigger and bigger as she stood firm on Justice and the Constitutional Rights representing We The People!

The cold hard truth and fact is, when an individual or a group come together and plot to overthrow a Government, and especially one as unique as The United States of America that has a Constitution and Bill of Rights, governed by the people for the people, that is what is called Treason. If this is done by a Foreign Nation, that is called an Act of War. 

And this is standard among all nations. President George W. Bush got around all that (or so he thought) by having congress agree to his “WAR ON TERROR” and issuing the Patriot Act, which in his world view, gave him a free pass (like the Papal Bull Dum Diversa) to declare war anywhere he felt there was some act of terror taking place, which included anywhere in the USA and on the face of the earth. In fact the two documents are so much alike, all you have to do is replace the word Christianity in Dum Diversas with the word Democracy and the outcomes are interchangeable. The Patriot Act gave him full reign to look at any of we the people and declare any group or association terrorists. This created a bunch of lists that went with Bush’s “If they are not with us they are against us!” campaign on terror rah rah rah Cowboy speeches. Let the false flag of 911 lead us into nation toppling and then meddle in elections to bring about the puppets needed to lead the cabal’s desires. Eventually this election interference led to an Iraqi journalist throwing a shoe at him!

Iraqi journalist who threw shoe at Bush runs for parliament | Al Arabiya English
What If EVERYONE Threw Shoes At Bush? Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

The Bush regime practiced their live theater drills with weather wars at Hurricane Katrina that followed the live rainbow blast in Indonesia….which led to monitoring in real time how Americans respond to FEMA going house to house shooting at will during a disaster in New Orleans. We watched the blasted dam break…that we were told was a breech…but others saw diving teams prior to the dam blasts and evidence showed the conspiracies were true, but the wrap up smears from fake news…did their jobs and most believed the lie that the dam breeched on its own.

Still waiting for help: the lessons of Hurricane Katrina on poverty

People were rounded up and put on buses and went to camps far away…and many were put in trailers that leaked formaldehyde and got sick and some died. They had barbed wired fencing inside these FEMA trailer camps and were not allowed to leave without a pass and for emergency leaving only…otherwise they were told they could not re-enter. And with no where to go … most just did as they were told. Now we all watched this in 2004. This was a dry run readiness test and NSA was watching closely to see just how much Americans would allow before they said this is very wrong.

Anyone who spoke of these events was deemed a conspiracy theorist, or even domestic terrorists. This was at the time they introduced the Pastor Programs. These were designed to have pastors help in a national disaster. If the pasters cooperated they would recieve special priviliges. Things like first to get vaccines, food, etc. First to be taken to safety. Now their cooperation was to point out resisters and those who would put the rest at risk by resisting to cooperate. What today we call patriots or those who will not easily get on the FEMA bus.

So, while everyone was sleeping…and had their all American upbringing to trust the government and cooperate for they are here to help… others were watching and waking up to what was going on. Today’s mess is because no one believed, and too many were sleeping. Denial, and blinders on with ears stopped shut. No one wanted to hear it, see it, let alone give it any breath to talk about it. Put your head back in the sand and if you don’t see it, then it does not exist. Today…it is in your face, head, eyes, ears, mouths….and they forbid you to speak of any of it, see it, hear it, or think about it. Fear is what they are serving along with lies. For if you fear you lack faith, and you can’t think, you get sick and …. they control you through fear and lies.

You must understand that this is all optics with real live hardships on we the people.

There has been a Military Operation going on for years. Trump was never supposed to be elected. He spent his time waking people up shouting at fake news daily. Now I ask you this…why would Trump, if with the Cabal ever go to the trouble of waking up a sleeping America? What would be the point? It would only make the finish line harder to cross. If he were only going to serve four years and hand us over at the end…why ruin his life and brand name to do it? It does not compute and makes no sense…why? Because it is not true and is a lie. He was never with the cabal. He knew how they played their games and he EXPOSED THEM BY TELLING US THE TRUTH.

He stood in the gap and he is still standing in that gap. He did not go away…and he did win the election. He does not like thieves and he hates liars even worse!

Liberating humanity and removing a hidden crime syndicate that has been enslaving humanity for hundreds of years, takes a little bit of time, strategy and covert operations. Trump knew about vaccines, and COVID for he spoke his opinion on Swine Flu back in the day, and had spoken out holding his big hands together making a little illussion of the size of a baby, and told us all these little babies bodies can’t handle all the vaccines they put into them at such an early age. He NEVER CHANGED HIS MIND ON ANY OF THAT.

President Trump's legacy of corruption, four years and 3,700 conflicts of interest later - CREW | Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington

Understand that Covid is the theater that sets the stage to remove, reset and awaken humanity from the illusion of freedom and that all political, financial, pharmaceutical scenarios are part of the same Military operation behind the Covid stage.

This is a spiritual warfare of good versus evil. The main focus is on ending the Cabal’s slave trade – narcotics, guns, missiles, drugs, sex slaves, human and child trafficking! The task at hand is to end the evil matrix of secret societies who worship fallen angels and Lucifer. Those on the side of Good have built an alliance against the evil order of the Cabal, the information war is on…while real battles are taking place behind the scenes. The disappearance of key figures is a sign that good is winning many battles. Doubles are doubles, CGI generated interviews is a very strong sign of this evil disinformation warfare we are experiencing.

The Cabal structure will all come crushing down, their tryannical leaders, kings, queens, pomps and elites. Their financial systems will be replaced along with their political systems, rigged voting systems, social media systems, big pharma, GMO’s, lawlessness will come to an end and the traitors will be removed. All of them.

Understand the connection of all scenario,s playing out in front of your eyes is a show.

Where are the people who were so cocky over the last four years? Have you seen them in person? They haven’t aged well.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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