We saw what they did, the patriots have all the data, the proof, the evidence, while those who stole the election got one big mantra of “SO WHAT…IT’S OVER.” Well Sidney Powell has news for them…IT HAS JUST BEGUN!

What happened in the 2020 Elections? It would be easier, in the case of voter fraud, to ask what didn’t they do in the 2020 elections for it has been obvious and now about to be proven that the voter and election fraud committed had left nothing more to try outside of just standing up and saying Biden won, now go home and shut up. Oops…they did that too. I guess they left nothing out. Thanks to the persistance of all the patriots like General Flynn, Mike Lindell, Patrick Byrnes, and a persistent legal team, the tide is turning as the Arizona Audit winds down and Sidney Powell et. al. roll up their sleeves for the moment they’ve been waiting for! We The People – hold the line for it’s KRAKEN TIME!

Sidney Powell posted the following link to the latest report on Election Integrity and asks for others to send this out to whomever you can. She says that it seems that now, even Telegram has quote, “Put a throttle on her channel and Lin Wood’s too.” She writes, “Physicist John Droz and team have just published a new report on Election Integrity issues. I have not yet read it, but I will. You can read it here! Feel free to share your suggestions in the comments and please share this channel with your friends. It seems Telegram has put a throttle on my channel— Lin Wood’s too.

You can read it below and here is the link if you want to copy it and share to others:

Fill in the talk bubble with your own words!

Stay Strong Patriots!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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