Sidney Powell is lighting up America with her bold, gutsy straight to the point approach where she tells people the cold hard truth as fast as she gets it, more than any one has in the past. She’s like a female version of President Trump when it comes to communicating with the people and that is why they love her.

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 She’s a fighter and fresh new figure for most of the public and the hero  figure many were looking for. She’s the one they have waited for who would draw their sword and stand next to Trump to help him fight against those who were undermining every move he made.  And more than that-Powell has drawn her sword to fight for the rights of the American people. Most of all she is a woman who puts God and justice first and foremost.  And just so no one gets it twisted, let me stress that first and foremost  it is important to clarify that the real hero is God who has called and chosen his best people to come forward to fight for “We The People”.

Guilty Until Proven Innocent: Mueller Upends Rule of Law, In Final  Appearance—Sidney Powell - YouTube

What is happening now has never happened before in our country so it is difficult to accept, explain, and to understand.  We are watching an attempt to take over the government and reset our nation into a global governance.  Although this has been in the works for many years and anyone talking of it was labeled a conspiracy theorist or worse, it has never been out in the open, unleashed so blatantly in the light of day. No one knows how to explain it without giving away the strategies in play to counter it.

Therefore, we must all reason what a modern day warfare scenario is. Master mind controls and illusion…sorcery at its’ finest.  Therefore all must pray that God give those he has sent to fight the good fight for all of us great strength, courage, wisdom, protection, and the heavenly guidance to prevail.

Remember always that the best way to fight this type of censoring and deception is to proclaim the truth of what is taking place. Expose the truth! For we know in part, here a little, there a little. In the end…it all comes together for good to them that love the Lord.

Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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