We are witnessing the bold attempt to overthrow the United States of America by our own Vice President, Supreme Court, Judicial System, Senate, House of Representatives, Free (fake propaganda) Press, Social Media, Republican & Democrat Parties & our own Department of Justice with a little help from China, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and who knows what other nations?

What they have openly done for the entire world to see is to commit voter fraud and then deny American citizens any constitutional regress. They have openly committed treason by ballot stuffing, allowing dead people voting, using rigged voting machines by Dominion and programs like Hammer and Score card and said TUFF. DEAL WITH IT – WE CAN DO WHAT EVER WE WANT TO DO. That’s not counting a propaganda media and censorship blast by online social media sites falsely fact checking any algorithm that is for a candidate the swamp is not for. And the wrongful act of censoring the President of the United States of America! This is beyond civil. This is barbaric and criminal, with all the facts leaning to down right treason. This is lawlessness and has made a garbage dump out of the rule of law and THE CONSTITUTION.

Senate, House resoundingly reject 1st challenge to Biden win hours after  angry mob storms U.S. Capitol | CBC News


They have allowed an illegal election committed by state and foreign countries to be their acceptable standard. The magnitude of election fraud was beyond any in the history of the United States. The courts have refused to look at the crimes and the Supreme Court has slammed the door in the face of justice only to allow sedition and voter fraud to prevail. There is still an Executive Order that they are purposely ignoring that will take care of the matter in spite of all their lawlessness. There is also a war chest of actions the legitimate president can take now that they have all completed their crimes. Let us pray he takes those actions before these lawless traitors do one more illegal act of harm.

Opinion | Mike Pence's Role in the Electoral College Results - The New York  Times

The congress has ignored procedure and held their own version of how to determine electorals veering off from the constitution and Mike Pence has led them all in the act. This has been high treason against the people of the United States. State legislatures have found significant fraud and denied requests to redo their electoral votes. Now…I must say that just because they empowered themselves to take the law into their own hands and interpretations usurping the Constitution, that does not mean this is over. It means it has just begun. No further steps could be taken until they finalized their treasonous acts.

Mike Pence defies Donald Trump, says he can't reject electoral votes – The  Denver Post

They ended their little election coup with the final nail in the coffin of free speech censoring everyone from being able to communicate on social media and network servers. The crimes against the people and their constitutional rights have been radical, tyrannical, and a breech of law and order of which all who condoned and participated in the fiasco and in the cohersion to lable law abiding citizens as terrorist who protested for their lawlessness and wanted them to look at the evidence of voter fraud were ignored. Instead, chatter of how they should all be arrested with accusations of patriots being dangerous and guilty of insurrection with attempt to overthrow their tyrannical procedures. They forgot that it is “We the people” who have the right to elect their representatives and senators and president but have been denied a fair and honest election by the same who lied and stole the election and denied any investigation into the crime and stood in the capitol conducting more seditious acts.

The Latest: Congress reconvenes to count electoral votes | Region |

The crimes of planning a terrorist attack on patriots is also among the list of things some of them premeditated and implemented. It is more than obvious to anyone with an ounce of common sense to see that they coordinated ANTIFA infiltration with the D.C. Police and the D.C. Mayor to terrify patriots and breech the Capitol…or shall I say be allowed to break windows while the D.C. Police open the doors and wave others on in….thereby entraping innocent patriots. Not to mention waving ANTIFA through an unchecked barricaded point to do their raid.

How Congress will count the Electoral College votes on Wednesday | WSAV-TV

These are all seditious acts. So let them play like the Red Queen in Alice and Wonderland all they like, because that will all be short lived. Justice is coming and it has a THUNDER BOLT IN ITS HAND!

The world is watching, let justice be served on all the House of Cards. Arrests are bound to be forthcoming, but not for honest patriots. Arrests will be made on those who have committed the crimes of treason.

Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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