Say No To Indoctrination!

Two Views: Critical race theory threatens what King achieved

Hey Commies Leave Them Kids Alone!

The new school program is where parents learn to JUST SAY NO!


Parents are taking their children out of the clutches of NAZI like mandates and bat stuff crazy Teacher’s Unions that have gone along lockstep with new world disorder agendas to continue mind washing children in a “Ward of The State” Styled PROPAGANDA Program. 4 Signs Parents Won’t Be Sending Their Kids Back to Public School This Fall – Foundation for Economic Education (

It was already an outrage to most parents to have a public school system corrupting innocent minds of children with sex, perverted touching and body exploration but when they took it to their next satanic level of kill the bad white people, an example that has played itself out in South Africa, it is clear genocide is coming in many modes of delivery. From Big Pharma, Big Food, Bio-warfare in the deception of vaccines (for your own good) and other money making forms of treatments that are proven to not be affective for anyone but the under taker. We have went along in LOCKSTEP for far too long.

Pink Floyd on Twitter: "Today in 1994, The Division Bell was released. Author Douglas Adams suggested the title after reading the lyrics, in exchange for a donation to a charity of his

We are now witnessing the push to grab EVERYTHING from the people in the ENTIRE WORLD AT THE SAME TIME…it has been a GIANT RED PILL WITH A WAKE UP CALL RINGING OFF THE HOOK. 

Parental concerns of contagion, prolonged online learning and the use of masks – was terrible, and the push for jabbing our children has left many of our healthy youth dead, crippled and ill. Just wait and see what Critical Race Theory does in the end. It is the evil that will break the commies backs.

Parents are seeking and finding a variety of education options that work better for their kids. Entrepreneurs are rising up and building new learning models and school choice policies are expanding.  Homeschooling resources are increasing, allowing more families access to education choices.

The school systems who listened to Nazi type fear input with no sound reasoning that made any common sense has opened the eyes of intelligent parents who are now wondering why in the world they ever sent their children to these robotic order taking systems in the first place. No child left behind and common core were both a disaster, and now it is questionable what quality of thinking and mindset the new batch of teachers universities have spit out?


This has “Pink Floyd”  written all over it.  Rogers saw it then and now we see what he saw. No longer blind…parents are waking up. With public school districts continuing to alienate families with racially divisive practices, it’s no surprise that many parents won’t be sending their kids to public schools this fall!

Divisive School Practices

As schools across the country introduce critical race theory into their curriculum, parents and educators are speaking out against what they see as divisive, race-based practices that separate students into either an “oppressor” or “oppressed” group based solely on one’s skin color. Parents are now pulling their kids out of schools that are indoctrinating their kids with this Marxist Regime driven concept to view others as members of an identity group rather than as individuals. White privilidge is not playing in America!

George Floyd versus Pink Floyd….looks like that was just another brick in the wall! Weren’t they all so clever….

say no to indoctrination

The positive outcome of all of this is that parents and good teachers are now demanding A COMPLETE OVERHAUL of the entire Prussian Based school system. What is the Prussian Education System? (with pictures) (

Once your eyes are opened and you see the lies, the progression, and the end goal of tyrannical people…you can never un-see it!



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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