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Dianne Marshall says:
Karen Braun has been concerned with this issue and is a strong advocate of home schooling. She has been pushing for clarification of this since last October and years of advocating Home Schooling having home schooled six children herself. I thank her for writing an article in rebuttal to the article posted by Breitbart News who pointed out it’s opinion of my views from my “little known blog”.  I would also like to thank Breitbart News for running Karen’s article on their site that was in support of questions that do need raised regarding the issues I raised in my blog.  It was nice to see the willingness of a site to post both sides of the concerns to raise a much needed forum of discussion.  How be it, I hope the discussion is on the important issue and not on my own opinions of candidates.
I do apologize if this article sounded like the writings of Glenn Beck attacking Trump, or if it sounded like the National Review spewing lies against Trump….or Megyn Kelly interviewing Michael Moore or if it sounded like Kelly File baiting up for attacks at the 7th debate. We all know how fair and balanced all of that is. So if I look like I am in support of Donald J. Trump…and if you took the time to read that this blog was for Trump…then gee, I was exposed for boldly being a Trump supporter, I am sure the wide banner was a dead give away, Yet, even in the article that was written, concerns were raised about a real and very important issue that resulted in an open discussion that needed to be out in the open.
I am not an attorney nor a legislator, I am not pretending to be, nor never have. I am applying common sense and raising serious questions that should concern all home schooling participants. I am not for common core and not for world education one size fits all nations, but sadly the US is now participating in that. We also just signed a TPP agreement that must be approved by congress and the senate. We are at a point where any fine print must be read, fully understood and debated by those it will affect. Not by bureaucrats in Washington.
I am glad that this little known blog….was able to do two things. First and foremost raise the awareness to home schooling participants. Number two, not be as hateful as Glenn Beck calling Trump Hitler and all his supporters NAZI’s.
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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