“Oh Adam, Where For Art Thou?” Part 4

When will all this be over so we can return to our lives the way we knew them? When will we get our NESARA/GESARA? People are getting tired of waiting. What could ever go wrong with that sort of thinking?

We embark on the journey of Adam and Eve which is a troublesome one of coming to grips with what they have done and trying to pursuade God to undo it now. Not in 5,500 years… but RIGHT now. They want to go back to the way things were. Where have we heard this sort of thing?

Satan has lots of steps for you to take. They all lead to his world of mammon.

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The difference between Adam and Eve and those of us today is that they truly were in a paradise and had glorified shining bodies and everything was blessed. We have been enslaved inside a mind controlled system and are waking up and realizing that the goal here is to find our way back to the same garden that Adam so desperately longs for. Not the world of mammon. That being said… we continue with the story of Adam and Eve in Book 2.

Adam and Eve Book 2, CHAP. XXXII.

Adam and Eve go into the water to pray.

1 AND Adam and Eve remained in the Cave of Treasures until the seventh day; they neither ate of the fruit of the earth, nor drank water. 2 And when it dawned on the eighth day, Adam said to Eve, “O Eve, we prayed God to give us somewhat from the garden, and He sent His angels who brought us what we had desired.

3 “But now, arise, let us go to the sea of water we saw at first, and let us stand in it, praying that God will again be favourable to us and take us back to the garden; or give us something; or that He will give us comfort in some other land than this in which we are.”

4 Then Adam and Eve came out of the cave, went and stood on the border of the sea in which they had before thrown themselves, and Adam said to Eve: 5 “Come, go down into this place, and come not out of it until the end of thirty days, when I shall come to thee. And pray to God with fervent heart and a sweet voice, to forgive us.

6 “And I will go to another place, and go down into it, and do like thee.”

7 Then Eve went down into the water, as Adam had commanded her. Adam also went down into the water; and they stood praying; and besought the Lord to forgive them their offence, and to restore them to their former state.

8 And they stood thus praying, unto the end of the five-and-thirty days.

(These numbers mean something? What do you connect them with? Ponder it.)

Adam and Eve Book 2, CHAP. XXXIII.

Satan falsely promises the “bright light!’

1 BUT Satan, the hater of all good, sought them in the cave, but found them not, although he searched diligently for them.

2 But he found them standing in the water praying and thought within himself, “Adam and Eve are thus standing in that water beseeching God to forgive them their transgression, and to restore them to their former estate, and to take them from under my hand.

3 “But I will deceive them so that they shall come out of the water, and not fulfil their vow.” 4 Then the hater of all good, went not to Adam, but he went to Eve, and took the form of an angel of God, praising and rejoicing, and said to her. 5 “Peace be unto thee! Be glad and rejoice! God is favourable unto you, and He sent me to Adam. I have brought him the glad tidings of salvation, and of his being filled with bright light as he was at first.

6 “And Adam, in his joy for his restoration, has sent me to thee, that thou come to me, in order that I crown thee with light like him.

7 “And he said to me, ‘Speak unto Eve; if she does not come with thee, tell her of the sign when we were on the top of the mountain; how God sent His angels who took us and brought us to the Cave of Treasures; and laid the gold on the southern side; incense, on the eastern side; and myrrh on the western side.’ Now come to him.”

8 When Eve heard these words from him, she rejoiced greatly. And thinking that Satan’s appearance was real, she came out of the sea.

9 He went before, and she followed him until they came to Adam. Then Satan hid himself from her, and she saw him no more.

10 She then came and stood before Adam, who was standing by the water and rejoicing in God’s forgiveness.

11 And as she called to him, he turned round, found her there and wept when he saw her, and smote upon his breast; and from the bitterness of his grief, he sank into the water.

12 But God looked upon him and upon his misery, and upon his being about to breathe his last. And the Word of God came from heaven, raised him out of the water, and said unto him, “Go up the high bank to Eve.” And when he came up to Eve he said unto her, “Who said to thee ‘come hither’?”

13 Then she told him the discourse of the angel who had appeared unto her and had given her a sign. 14 But Adam grieved, and gave her to know it was Satan. He then took her and they both returned to the cave.

15 These things happened to them the second time they went down to the water, seven days after their coming out of the garden.

16 They fasted in the water thirty-five days; altogether forty-two days since they had left the garden.

Adam and Eve Book 2, CHAP. XXXIV.

Adam recalls the creation of Eve. He eloquently appeals for food and drink.

1 AND on the morning of the forty-third day, they came out of the cave, sorrowful and weeping. Their bodies were lean, and they were parched from hunger and thirst, from fasting and praying, and from their heavy sorrow on account of their transgression.

2 And when they had come out of the cave they went up the mountain to the west of the garden. 3 There they stood and prayed and besought God to grant them forgiveness of their sins.

4 And after their prayers Adam began to entreat ‘God, saying, “O my Lord my God, and my Creator, thou didst command the four elements to be gathered together, and they were gathered together by Thine order.

5 “Then Thou spreadest Thy hand and didst create me out of one element, that of dust of the earth; and Thou didst bring me into the garden at the third hour, on a Friday, and didst inform me of it in the cave.

6 “Then, at first, I knew neither night nor day, for I had a bright nature; neither did the light in which I lived ever leave me to know night or day. 7 “Then, again, O Lord, in that third hour in which Thou didst create me, Thou broughtest to me all beasts, and lions, and ostriches, and fowls of the air, and all things that move in the earth, which Thou hadst created at the first hour before me of the Friday.

8 “And Thy will was that I should name them all, one by one, with a suitable name. But Thou gavest me understanding and knowledge, and a pure heart and a right mind from Thee, that I should name them after Thine own mind regarding the naming of them.

9 “O God, Thou madest them obedient to me, and didst order that not one of them break from my sway, according to Thy commandment, and to the dominion which Thou hast given me over them. But now they are all estranged from me.

10 “Then it was in that third hour of Friday, in which Thou didst create me, and didst command me concerning the tree, to which I was neither to draw near, nor to eat thereof; for Thou saidst to me in the garden, ‘When thou eatest of it, of death thou shalt die.’ 11 “And if Thou hadst punished me as Thou saidst, with death, I should have died that very moment.

12 “Moreover, when Thou commandedst me regarding the tree, I was neither to approach nor to eat thereof, Eve was not with me; Thou hadst not Yet created her, neither hadst Thou yet taken her out of my side; nor had she yet heard this order from Thee.

13 “Then, at the end of the third hour of that Friday, O Lord, Thou didst cause a slumber and a sleep to come over me, and I slept, and was overwhelmed in sleep.

14 “Then Thou didst draw a rib out of my side, and created it after my own similitude and image. Then I awoke; and when I saw her and knew who she was, I said, ‘This is bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh; henceforth she shall be called woman.’

15 “It was of Thy good will, O God, that Thou broughtest a slumber and a sleep over me, and that Thou didst forthwith bring Eve out of my side, until she was out, so that I did not see how she was made; neither could I witness, O my Lord, how awful and great are Thy goodness and glory.

16 “And of Thy goodwill, O Lord, Thou madest us both with bodies of a bright nature, and Thou madest us two, one; and Thou gavest us Thy grace, and didst fill us with praises of the Holy Spirit; that we should be neither hungry nor thirsty, nor know what sorrow is, nor yet faintness of heart; neither suffering, fasting, nor weariness.

(Adam and Eve were filled with the Holy Spirit in the Garden. They were one. And one with God.Through The Word and His atonement for all sin, we are now who have faith, given the Holy Spirit again by the Father and one with the Word and the Father and the Holy Spirit. There are many things in this chapter that have meaning. Can anyone find what is meant by the third hour and the 43rd day? It was the forty third day after the Lord had risen when he ascended to the Father, as he had been in the earth (grave tearing down the gates of hell and freeing the prisoners of it) for three days and 40 days. In acts it was a two day Sabbath journey back to the upper room where they then received the Holy Spirit marking 45 days.

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(Adam remarks how glorious it was to be put to sleep so when he awoke he saw Eve and praised God for his goodness and glory. He made note they both had bright natured bodies and the two were one and they were made so they were never hungry, nor thirsty, nor knew sorrow, nor heart breaks, nor suffering, fasting or weariness. That reminds me of how upon our earthly death, we shall awake in the same presence of God in our new glory. It also makes me think of the promises in Revelation where the beast makes war with the lamb and the lamb overcomes and all God’s children rejoice. What does this make you think of? What else does this go with in scripture?)

17 “But now, O God, since we transgressed Thy commandment and broke Thy law, Thou hast brought us out into a strange land, and has caused suffering, and faintness, hunger and thirst to come upon us. 18 “Now, therefore, O God, we pray Thee, give us something to eat from the garden, to satisfy our hunger with it; and something wherewith to quench our thirst.

19 “For, behold, many days, O God, we have tasted nothing and drunk nothing, and our flesh is dried up, and our strength is wasted, and sleep is gone from our eyes from faintness and weeping.

20 “Then, O God, we dare not gather aught of the fruit of trees, from fear of Thee. For when we transgressed at first Thou didst spare us, and didst not make us die. 21 “But now, we thought in our hearts, if we eat of the fruit of trees, without God’s order, He will destroy us this time, and will wipe us off from the face of the earth. 22 “And if we drink of this water, without God’s order, He will make an end of us, and root us up at once.

23 “Now, therefore, O God, that I am come to this place with Eve, we beg Thou wilt give us of the fruit of the garden, that we may be satisfied with it. 24 “For we desire the fruit that is on the earth, and all else that we lack in it.”

(Adam makes his plea and is unsure what he and Eve can and cannot do that God will allow. They are hungry, thirsty and asking for help. They have been in a constant state of repentance and need nourished. It is hard to even imagine being afraid to eat or drink anything, and yet we are looking at that same thing via the world Satans poisoning our foods, water, medicines and air.)

Adam and Eve Book 2, CHAP. XXXV.

God’s reply.

1 THEN God looked again upon Adam and his weeping and groaning, and the Word of God came to him, and said unto him: 2 “O Adam, when thou wast in My garden, thou knewest neither eating nor drinking; neither faintness nor suffering; neither leanness of flesh, nor change; neither did sleep depart from thine eyes. But since thou transgressedst, and camest into this strange land, all these trials are come upon thee.”

Adam and Eve Book 2, CHAP. XXXVI.


1 THEN God commanded the cherub, who kept the gate of the garden with a sword of fire in his hand, to take some of the fruit of the fig-tree, and to give it to Adam. 2 The cherub obeyed the command of the Lord God, and went into the garden and brought two figs on two twigs, each fig hanging to its leaf; they were from two of the trees among which Adam and Eve hid themselves when God went to walk in the garden, and the Word of God came to Adam and Eve and said unto them, “Adam, Adam, where art thou?”

3 And Adam answered, “O God, here am I. When I heard the sound of Thee and Thy voice, I hid myself, because I am naked.” 4 Then the cherub took two figs and brought them to Adam and Eve. But he threw them to them from afar; for they might not come near the cherub by reason of their flesh, that could not come near the fire.

5 At first, angels trembled at the presence of Adam and were afraid of him. But now Adam trembled before the angels and was afraid of them. 6 Then Adam drew near and took one fig, and Eve also came in turn and took the other. 7 And as they took them up in their hands, they looked at them, and knew they were from the trees among which they had hidden themselves.

Adam and Eve Book 2, CHAP. XXXVII.

Forty-three days of penance do not redeem one hour of sin (v. 6).

1 THEN Adam said to Eve, “Seest thou not these figs and their leaves, with which we covered ourselves when we were stripped of our bright nature? But now, we know not what misery and suffering may come upon us from eating them. 2 “Now, therefore, O Eve, let us restrain ourselves and not eat of them, thou and I; and let us ask God to give us of the fruit of the Tree of Life.” (Now that’s pretty bold and he just keeps trying to have God do what he wants God to do now. Are we that way too? Have we ever been persistent like Adam? Like since 2020 have we ever been persistent to have all our woes over – like, right now?)

3 Thus did Adam and Eve restrain themselves, and did not eat of these figs. 4 But Adam began to pray to God and to beseech Him to give him of the fruit of the Tree of Life, saying thus: “O God, when we transgressed Thy commandment at the sixth hour of Friday, we were stripped of the bright nature we had, and did not continue in the garden after our transgression, more than three hours.

(BINGO!!! THERE IT IS!!! Adam and Eve sinned against God at the sixth hour of Friday! When Jesus was on the cross it was the sixth hour of the day when the skys went black, he at that sixth hour took on the darkness of the sins of Adam, Eve, and the whole world like he promised he would do in five and a half days, 5,500 days! That had to be exactly 5,500 days from Adam at the exact time Adam was created at the third hour of the day!!!

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Adam also said, “ It was in that third hour of Friday, in which Thou didst create me.” The first Adam was created in the third hour, and the last Adam was put to death in the third hour!! According to scripture, Christ was put on the cross at the third hour (9:00 am) Mark 15:25, “And it was the third hour, and they crucified him.  And Mark 15:33 says that darkness came over the whole land at the sixth hour (12:00 pm) and lasted until the ninth hour (3:00 pm)3 hours later, same as Adam said after they had transgressed, they did not remain more than 3 hours in the garden. It was at the ninth hour (3 hours in darkness later) that Christ cried out in a loud voice, dismissed His Spirit, and said, “It is finished”, and died. Thus, Christ spent six hours on the cross. The sixth statement from Jesus while on the cross was “It is finished”.

We are viewing this in flesh time. i.e. 5 and a half days… third hour, sixth hour, nineth hour, for that is our reality in the flesh. The cross referencing is what is key here. That the hours are in sinc with Adam and Eve’s birth, transgression, and all the promises the Word of God gave to them to come in five and a half days and take on all of Adam’s darkness and sin and return Him and Eve to Paradise. Adam truly went to rest and awoke again… in Paradise as he was promised. At the hour timeframe of reference that Adam and Eve were kicked out of paradise, Jesus had entered the gates of Hades to free the prisoners and return them to the same paradise!)

5 “But on the evening Thou madest us come out of it. O God, we transgressed against Thee one hour, and all these trials and sorrows have come upon us until this day. 6 “And those days together with this the forty-third day, do not redeem that one hour in which we transgressed!

(So far what I discern, is the 43 days of Adam trying to redeem his sin… was the same number of days that Jesus was in the grave 3 days and walked the earth for 40 equals 43 days… and ascended to the Father. Two days later (a sabbath days journey) God our Father sent the Holy Spirit to the disciples in the Upper Room. We are now able to be one with the Father and the Word of God our Lord through faith and the power of the Holy Spirit.)

7 “O God, look upon us with an eye of pity, and do not requite us according to our transgression of Thy commandment, in presence of Thee. 8 “O, God, give us of the fruit of the Tree of Life, that we may eat of it, and live, and turn not to see sufferings and other trouble, in this earth; for Thou art God. 9 “When we transgressed Thy commandment, Thou madest us come out of the garden, and didst send a cherub to keep the Tree of Life, lest we should eat thereof, and live; and know nothing of faintness after we transgressed.

10 “But now, O Lord, behold, we have endured all these days, and have borne sufferings. Make these forty-three days an equivalent for the one hour in which we transgressed.”

Adam and Eve Book 2, CHAP. XXXVIII.

When 5500 years are fulfilled . . . .”

1 AFTER these things the Word of God came to Adam, and said unto him: 2 “O Adam, as to the fruit of the Tree of Life, for which thou askest, I will not give it thee now, but when the 5,500 years are fulfilled. Then will I give thee of the fruit of the Tree of Life, and thou shalt eat, and live for ever, thou, and Eve, and thy righteous seed.

3 “But these forty-three days cannot make amends for the hour in which thou didst transgress My commandment. 4 “O Adam, I gave thee to eat of the fig-tree in which thou didst hide thyself. Go and eat of it, thou and Eve. 5 “I will not deny thy request, neither will I disappoint thy hope; therefore, bear up unto the fulfilment of the covenant I made with thee.” 6 And God withdrew His Word from Adam.

Adam and Eve Book 2, CHAP. XXXIX.

Adam is cautious–but too late.

1.THEN Adam returned to Eve, and said to her, “Arise, and take a fig for thyself, and I will take another; and let us go to our cave.” 2 Then Adam and Eve took each a fig and went towards the cave; the time was about the setting of the sun; and their thoughts made them long to eat of the fruit. 3 But Adam said to Eve, “I am afraid to eat of this fig. I know not what may come upon me from it.”

4 So Adam wept, and stood praying before God, saying, “Satisfy my hunger, without my having to eat this fig; for after I have eaten it, what will it profit me? And what shall I desire and ask of Thee, O God, when it is gone?” 5 And he said again, “I am afraid to eat of it; for I know not what will befall me through it.”

(Adam is showing a real lack of faith in God here. Is it because he has suffered so much torment from Satan and his lies? Are we ever not believing that God will do what He has said He would do for us? Do we ever have doubt that God will come through for us? Is this what we look like at those times to God? Well, at least now we know God is patient with us. And the lesson here is we are to be patient with others even as God is patient with us. Smile.)

Adam and Eve Book 2, CHAP. XL.

The first Human hunger.

1 THEN the Word of God came to Adam, and said unto him, “O, Adam, why hadst thou not this dread, neither this fasting, nor this care before this? And why hadst thou not this fear before thou didst transgress? 2 “But when thou camest to dwell in this strange land, thy animal body could not be on earth without earthly food, to strengthen it and to restore its powers.” 3 And God withdrew His Word from Adam.

Adam and Eve Book 2, CHAP. XLI.

The first Human thirst.

1 THEN Adam took the fig, and laid it on the golden rods. Eve also took her fig, and put it upon the incense. 2 And the weight of each fig was that of a water-melon; for the fruit of the garden was much larger than the fruit of this land. 3 But Adam and Eve remained standing and fasting the whole of that night, until the morning dawned. 4 When the sun rose they were at their prayers, and Adam said to Eve, after they had done praying:–

5 “O Eve, come, let us go to the border of the garden looking south; to the place whence the river flows, and is parted into four heads. There we will pray to God, and ask Him to give us to drink of the Water of Life. 6 “For God has not fed us with the Tree of Life, in order that we may not live. We will, therefore, ask him to give us of the Water of Life, and to quench our thirst with it, rather than with a drink of water of this land.” (Smile, here we go again. Does this sound like anyone’s children you may know? A relative or at times perhaps yourself?)

7 When Eve heard these words from Adam, she agreed; and they both arose and came to the southern border of the garden, upon the brink of the river of water at some little distance from the garden. 8 And they stood and prayed before the Lord, and asked Him to look upon them this once, to forgive them, and to grant them their request. 9 After this prayer from both of them, Adam began to pray with his voice before God, and said: 10 “O Lord, when I was in the garden and saw the water that flowed from under the Tree of Life, my heart did not desire, neither did my body require to drink of it; neither did I know thirst, for I was living; and above that which I am now. 11 “So that in order to live I did not require any Food of Life, neither did I drink of the Water of Life. (Eve is really agreeable. She truly does let Adam lead. Smile. I’m just making an observation. What do you think?)

12 “But now, O God, I am dead; my flesh is parched with thirst. Give me of the Water of Life that I may drink of it and live. 13 “Of Thy mercy, O God, save me from these plagues and trials, and bring me into another land different from this, if Thou wilt not let me dwell in Thy garden.” (I’m beginning to wonder if he’s just stubborn and like the kid that will hold his breath and pass out if he doesn’t get his way? Yea… kinda like that? He does have a strong will and determination. God can help him harness those qualities and use them for good. I bet he does. Smile.)

Adam and Eve Book 2, CHAP. XLII.

A promise of the Water of Life. The third prophecy of the coming of Christ.

1 THEN came the Word of God to Adam, and said unto him: 2 “O Adam, as to what thou sayest, ‘Bring me into a land where there is rest,’ it is not another land than this, but it is the kingdom of heaven where alone there is rest. 3 “But thou canst not make thy entrance into it at present; but only after thy judgment is past and fulfilled.

4 “Then will I make thee go up into the kingdom of heaven, thee and thy righteous seed; and I will give thee and them the rest thou askest for at present. 5 “And if thou saidst, ‘Give me of the Water of Life that I may drink and live’–it cannot be this day, but on the day that I shall descend into hell, and break the gates of brass, and bruise in pieces the kingdoms of iron.

6 “Then will I in mercy save thy soul and the souls of the righteous, to give them rest in My garden. And that shall be when the end of the world is come. 7 “And, again, as regards the Water of Life thou seekest, it will not be granted thee this day; but on the day that I shall shed My blood upon thy head in the land of Golgotha.

8 “For My blood shall be the Water of Life unto thee, at that time, and not to thee alone, but unto all those of thy seed who shall believe in Me; that it be unto them for rest for ever.”

9 The Lord said again unto Adam, “O Adam, when thou wast in the garden, these trials did not come to thee. 10 “But since thou didst transgress My commandment, all these sufferings have come upon thee. 11. “Now, also, does thy flesh require food and drink; drink then of that water that flows by thee on the face of the earth.” 12 Then God withdrew His Word from Adam.

13 And Adam and Eve worshipped the Lord, and returned from the river of water to the cave. It was noon-day; and when they drew near to the cave, they saw a large fire by it.

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Adam and Eve Book 2, CHAP. XLIII.

The Devil attempts arson.

1 THEN Adam and Eve were afraid, and stood still. And Adam said to Eve, “What is that fire by our cave? We do nothing in it to bring about this fire. 2 “We neither have bread to bake therein, nor broth to cook there. As to this fire, we know not the like, neither do we know what to call it.

3 “But ever since God sent the cherub with a sword of fire that flashed and lightened in his hand, from fear of which we fell down and were like corpses, have we not seen the like.

4 “But now O Eve, behold, this is the same fire that was in the cherub’s hand, which God has sent to keep the cave in which we dwell. 5 “O Eve, it is because God is angry with us, and will drive us from it. 6 “O Eve, we have again transgressed His commandment in that cave, so that He had sent this fire to burn around it, and to prevent us from going into it. 7 “If this be really so, O Eve, where shall we dwell? And whither shall we flee from before the face of the Lord? Since, as regards the garden, He will not let us abide in it, and He has deprived us of the good things thereof; but He has placed us in this cave, in which we have borne darkness, trials and hardships, until at last we found comfort therein.

(This reminds me so much of the times when we have things happen and we look at what we did or did not do to be out of favor with God. Or not heed a warning from the Holy Spirit? When we learn more of how spiritual warfare works and that Satan needs no reason to attack, he just does… we then learn the great need to keep our armor of God on at all times.)

8 “But now that He has brought us out into another land, who knows what may happen in it? And who knows but that the darkness of that land may be far greater than the darkness of this land?

9 “Who knows what may happen in that land by day or by night? And who knows whether it will be far or near, O Eve? Where it will please God to put us, may be far from the garden, O Eve! or where God will prevent us from beholding Him, because we have transgressed His commandment, and because we have made requests unto Him at all times?

(We do not know what is taking place behind the scenes that we cannot see. It is all part of the Satan mind games. But the Holy Spirit and God knows so that is why we need to ask, ask, ask….and listen closely.)

10 “O Eve, if God will bring us into a strange land other than this, in which we find consolation, it must be to put our souls to death, and blot out our name from the face of the earth. 11 “O Eve, if we are farther estranged from the garden and from God, where shall we find Him again, and ask Him to give us gold, incense, myrrh, and some fruit of the fig-tree? 12 “Where shall we find Him, to comfort us a second time? Where shall we find Him, that He may think of us, as regards the covenant He has made on our behalf.”

(Faith and the Holy Spirit discernment helps us to know when a situation is a spiritual warfare attack and when it is a result of our own action or inaction. The more we talk with God and the Holy Spirit the more we grow in all areas needed to discern and understand how to keep our armor on and maneuver in the world battlefield.)

13 Then Adam said no more. And they kept looking, he and Eve, towards the cave, and at the fire that flared up around it. 14 But that fire was from Satan. For he had gathered trees and dry grasses, and had carried and brought them to the cave, and had set fire to them, in order to consume the cave and–what was in it.

15 So that Adam and Eve should be left in sorrow, and he should cut off their trust in God, and make them deny Him. 16 But by the mercy of God he could not burn the cave, for God sent His angel round the cave to guard it from such a fire, until it went out. 17 And this fire lasted from noon-day until the break of day. That was the forty-fifth day.


Adam and Eve Book 2, CHAP. XLIV.

The power of fire over man.

1 YET Adam and Eve were standing and looking at the fire, and unable to come near the cave from their dread of the fire.

2 And Satan kept on bringing trees and throwing them into the fire, until the flame thereof rose up on high, and covered the whole cave, thinking, as he did in his own mind, to consume the cave with much fire. But the angel of the Lord was guarding it. 3 And yet he could not curse Satan, nor injure him by word, because he had no authority over him, neither did he take to doing so with words from his mouth.

4 Therefore did the angel bear with him, without saying one bad word until the Word of God came who said to Satan, “Go hence; once before didst thou deceive My servants, and this time thou seekest to destroy them. 5 “Were it not for My mercy I would have destroyed thee and thy hosts from off the earth. But I have had patience with thee, unto the end of the world.”

6 Then Satan fled from before the Lord. But the fire went on burning around the cave like a coal-fire the whole day; which was the forty-sixth day Adam and Eve had spent since they came out of the garden. (Did the interactions between Satan, the angel and the Word of God take place in the invisible realm or in the flesh world? Did Adam and Eve see the angel and Satan or just the fires? Did they hear the voice of the Lord railing against Satan? Just asking for anyones thoughts on this, what do you believe? What can we learn from this?)

7 And when Adam and Eve saw that the heat of the fire had somewhat cooled down, they began to walk towards the cave to get into it as they were wont; but they could not, by reason of the heat of the fire. 8 Then they both took to weeping because of the fire that made separation between them and the cave, and that drew towards them, burning. And they were afraid.

9 Then Adam said to Eve, “See this fire of which we have a portion in us: which formerly yielded to us, but no longer does so, now that we have transgressed the limit of creation, and changed our condition, and our nature is altered. But the fire is not changed in its nature, nor altered from its creation. Therefore has it now power over us; and when we come near it, it scorches our flesh.” (I don’t think they saw the warring taking place. Do you? What can we learn from this that can help us in our own lives?)

Adam and Eve Book 2, CHAP. XLV.

Why Satan didn’t fulfil his promises.

1 THEN Adam rose and prayed unto God, saying, “See, this fire has made separation between us and the cave in which Thou hast commanded us to dwell; but now, behold, we cannot go into it.” (Adam is praying as though he knows nothing of how the Word of God sent Satan packing.)

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2 Then God heard Adam, and sent him His Word, that said: 3 “O Adam, see this fire! how different the flame and heat thereof are from the garden of delights and the good things in it! 4 “When thou wast under My control, all creatures yielded to thee; but after thou hast transgressed My commandment, they all rise over thee.”

5 Again said God unto him, “See, O Adam, how Satan has exalted thee! He has deprived thee of the Godhead, and of an exalted state like unto Me, and has not kept his word to thee; but, after all, is become thy foe. It is he who made this fire in which he meant to burn thee and Eve.

6 “Why, O Adam, has he not kept his agreement with thee, not even one day; but has deprived thee of the glory that was on thee–when thou didst yield to his command?

7 “Thinkest thou, Adam, that he loved thee when he made this agreement with thee? Or, that he loved thee and wished to raise thee on high?

8 “But no, Adam, he did not do all that out of love to thee; but he wished to make thee come out of light into darkness, and from an exalted state to degradation; from glory to abasement; from joy to sorrow; and from rest to fasting and fainting.”

9 God said also to Adam, “See this fire kindled by Satan around thy cave; see this wonder that surrounds thee; and know that it will encompass about both thee and thy seed, when ye hearken to his behest; that he will plague you with fire; and that ye shall go down into hell after ye are dead.

10 “Then shall ye see the burning of his fire, that will thus be burning around you and your seed. There shall be no deliverance from it for you, but at My coming; in like manner as thou canst not now go into thy cave, by reason of the great fire around it; not until My Word shall come that will make a way for thee on the day My covenant is fulfilled. (Hell is very real. If it were not, the Lord would not have warned us of it. Satan and his man possessions have made all sorts of claims… promising all sorts of impossible things he can never deliver and he laughs as he promises them. He only brings fire and damnation with hell on earth.)

image 4

11 “There is no way for thee at present to come from hence to rest, not until My Word comes, who is My Word. Then will He make a way for thee, and thou shalt have rest.” Then God called with His Word to that fire that burned around the cave, that it part itself asunder, until Adam had gone through it. Then the fire parted itself by God’s order, and a way was made for Adam. 12 And God withdrew His Word from Adam.

(God spoke hard truth to Adam. It looks like He is trying to get Adam to wake up and pay attention to the enemy and quit trying to just get back to the way things were. He has to armor up, listen and go forward. Will he?)

Today most all of the 501c3 Churchs have gone the way of the World Council of Churches who have erred in their mission to teach the Word of God for they are now establishing not only a one world religion, but are preparing to rewrite an entirely new Word to suit their new world order. Is God pleased with this? You know that answer. He is not. Come out from her my people lest you suffer in her plagues!!

Watch for “Oh Adam Where For Art Thou?” Part 5.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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