“Oh Adam Where For Art Thou?” Part 2

I can’t even imagine the trauma and fear felt by Adam and Eve in the garden when they found their bodies transform from angelic light into what Adam called, “animal skin”.

It would be compared to one of us waking up looking like a hideous leathery looking lizard creature with everything ugly and then trying to hide that from God?  Ponder it.

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Imagine being tossed out of a virtual heavenly paradise and into a rocky abyss that looked surreal and out of a sci fi movie. Not knowing anything that was out there and everything looking like a punishment waiting to happen. He was no longer able to look up and see God and the host of heaven. He was in the world and felt like an animal of flesh. Lost and alone with Eve feeling the same. Feeling without God, without anything, alone in a dark cave.

In the Adam and Eve Book 1 and Book 2, Adam lamented what he had done, and was so depressed he tried and did kill himself multiple times and God kept bringing him back to life. Eve also died with him a few times and God always restored them. These were in the beginning when they were first removed from the garden of Eden and sent to the cave of treasures. No matter what the Word of God said to them, the Satan would always come at them and instill more mind games and fear causing great sorrow on them. This is the height of spiritual warfare. Even though Adam and Eve were promised that in five and a half days, (five thousand and five hundred days) the Word of God would give His life for them and they would be returned to paradise, they found that hard to bear and longed to cease to exist. But, as time passed they learned how to live in the world where all was dark and Satan ruled. We can learn a lot from Adam and Eve.

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Today, we are accepting of the flesh for we were born into it. All flesh is precious. At first when Adam fell, he felt he was cursed to wear it and suffer its limitations and he had to learn how to discern all things in his every move, for he was now in the world and no longer safe in the Garden of God. When his mind was in constant torment that too was from Satan. He was totally a fish out of water trying to walk with his new fins.

In reading his story, there are times when it is so easy to call him all sorts of things when watching him keep making so many errors of judgement. Then we are reminded of our own free will choices and our own triggers that put us into a trauma mode…and we are so dumbed down to even know any more than Adam knew. Or so that is how it appears to be.

We continue part 2 from where we left off, my comments are in brackets in italic. We ended part 1 where God had finished telling Adam and Eve about Satan…

Recap: Chap. VI: 7-10 “But the wicked Satan who continued not in his first estate, nor kept his faith; in whom was no good intent towards Me, and who though I had created him, yet set Me at naught, and sought the Godhead, so that I hurled him down from heaven,–he it is who made the tree appear pleasant in your eyes, until you ate of it, by hearkening to him. 8 “Thus have you transgressed My commandment, and therefore have I brought upon you all these sorrows. 9 “For I am God the Creator, who, when I created My creatures, did not intend to destroy them. But after they had sorely roused My anger, I punished them with grievous plagues, until they repent. 10 “But, if on the contrary, they still continue hardened in their transgression, they shall be under a curse for ever.”

Adam and Eve Book 1, Chap. VII.

1 WHEN Adam and Eve heard these words from God, they wept and sobbed yet more; but they strengthened their hearts in God, because they now felt that the Lord was to them like a father and a mother; and for this very reason, they wept before Him, and sought mercy from Him. (They learn and know that God is their Father and like to them a mother and they see this.)

2 Then God had pity on them, and said: “O Adam, I have made My covenant with thee, and I will not turn from it; neither will I let thee return to the garden, until My covenant of the great five days and a half is fulfilled.”

(And Jesus said to the thief on the cross who believed…and was sorrowful… “Verily I say unto thee, Today Thou shalt be with me in Paradise.” Because he did believe. And the five days and a half was being fulfilled. Matthew 27:52 proclaims this heavenly event and fulfillment of the Word when the graves were opened and many of the bodies of the saints which slept arose and went into the Holy City and appeared to many.)

Matthew 27:52 Context

49The rest said, Let be, let us see whether Elias will come to save him. 50Jesus, when he had cried again with a loud voice, yielded up the ghost. 51And, behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom; and the earth did quake, and the rocks rent; 52And the graves were opened; and many bodies of the saints which slept arose, 53And came out of the graves after his resurrection, and went into the holy city, and appeared unto many. 54Now when the centurion, and they that were with him, watching Jesus, saw the earthquake, and those things that were done, they feared greatly, saying, Truly this was the Son of God.

3 Then Adam said unto God, “O Lord, Thou didst create us, and make us fit to be in the garden; and before I transgressed, Thou madest all beasts come to me, that I should name them.

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4 “Thy grace was then on me; and I named every one according to Thy mind; and Thou madest them all subject unto me. 5 “But now, O Lord God, that I have transgressed Thy commandment, all beasts will rise against me and will devour me, and Eve Thy handmaid; and will cut off our life from the face of the earth. 6 “I therefore beseech Thee, O God, that, since Thou hast made us come out of the garden, and hast made us be in a strange land, Thou wilt not let the beasts hurt us.”

7 When the Lord heard these words from Adam, He had pity on him, and felt that he had truly said that the beasts of the field would rise and devour him and Eve, because He, the Lord, was angry with them two on account of their transgression.

8 Then God commanded the beasts, and the birds, and all that moves upon the earth, to come to Adam and to be familiar with him, and not to trouble him and Eve; nor yet any of the good and righteous among their posterity.

9 Then the beasts did obeisance to Adam, according to the commandment of God; except the serpent, against which God was wroth. It did not come to Adam, with the beasts.

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Adam and Eve Book 1, CHAP. VIII.

The “Bright Nature” of man is taken away.

1 THEN Adam wept and said, “O God, when we dwelt in the garden, and our hearts were lifted up, we saw the angels that sang praises in heaven, but now we do not see as we were used to do; nay, when we entered the cave, all creation became hidden from us.”

2 Then God the Lord said unto Adam, “When thou wast under subjection to Me, thou hadst a bright nature within thee, and for that reason couldst thou see things afar off. But after thy transgression thy bright nature was withdrawn from thee; and it was not left to thee to see things afar off, but only near at hand; after the ability of the flesh; for it is brutish.”

3 When Adam and Eve had heard these words from God, they went their way; praising and worshipping Him with a sorrowful heart. 4 And God ceased to commune with them.

Adam and Eve Book 1, CHAP. IX.

Water from the Tree of Life. Adam and Eve near drowning.

1 THEN Adam and Eve came out of the Cave of Treasures, and drew near to the garden gate, and there they stood to look at it, and wept for having come away from it. 2 And Adam and Eve went from before the gate of the garden to the southern side of it, and found there the water that watered the garden, from the root of the Tree of Life, and that parted itself from thence into four rivers over the earth.

3 Then they came and drew near to that water, and looked at it; and saw that it was the water that came forth from under the root of the Tree of Life in the garden. 4 And Adam wept and wailed, and smote upon his breast, for being severed from the garden; and said to Eve:–

5 “Why hast thou brought upon me, upon thyself, and upon our seed, so many of these plagues and punishments?” 6 And Eve said unto him, “What is it thou hast seen, to weep and to speak to me in this wise?”

7 And he said to Eve, “Seest thou not this water that was with us in the garden, that watered the trees of the garden, and flowed out thence? 8 “And we, when we were in the garden, did not care about it; but since we came to this strange land, we love it, and turn it to use for our body.”

9 But when Eve heard these words from him, she wept; and from the soreness of their weeping, they fell into that water; and would have put an end to themselves in it, so as never again to return and behold the creation; for when they looked upon the work of creation, they felt they must put an end to themselves.

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Adam and Eve Book 1, CHAP. X.

Their bodies need water after they leave the Garden.

1 THEN God, merciful and gracious, looked upon them thus lying in the water, and nigh unto death, and sent an angel, who brought them out of the water, and laid them on the seashore as dead.

2 Then the angel went up to God, was welcome, and said, “O God, Thy creatures have breathed their last.” 3 Then God sent His Word unto Adam and Eve, who raised them from their death.

4 And Adam said, after he was raised, “O God, while we were in the garden we did not require, or care for this water; but since we came to this land we cannot do without it.”

(The waters were needed in the flesh to nourish the body… were these living waters or waters of the Jordan that flows by the caves? And were these waters indeed from the roots of the tree of life in Paradise? Or was Adam just thinking that was so?)

5 Then God said to Adam, “While thou wast under My command and wast a bright angel, thou knewest not this water.

6 “But after that thou hast transgressed My commandment, thou canst not do without water, wherein to wash thy body and make it grow; for it is now like that of beasts, and is in want of water.” (So the Lord explains this water for the flesh is needed to wash and to nourish it to grow. Without water they shall perish as the beasts of the field shall perish. Their fleshly body is in need of it. Unlike their bodies before they sinned which were transfigured in a body of light. And today, what are the wicked doing with our water? How long have they been doing it? How long will they get away with this?)

7 When Adam and Eve heard these words from God, they wept a bitter cry; and Adam entreated God to let him return into the garden, and look at it a second time. 8 But God said unto Adam, “I have made thee a promise; when that promise is fulfilled, I will bring thee back into the garden, thee and thy righteous seed.” 9 And God ceased to commune with Adam.

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Adam and Eve Book 1, CHAP. XI.

A recollection of the glorious days in the Garden.

1 THEN Adam and Eve felt themselves burning with thirst, and heat, and sorrow. 2 And Adam said to Eve, “We shall not drink of this water, even if we were to die. O Eve, when this water comes into our inner parts, it will increase our punishments and that of our children, that shall come after us.” (What had bewitched Adam to not have listened to God? Didn’t God just explain to him he could drink it and bathe in it? Am I missing something here?)

3 Both Adam and Eve then withdrew from the water, and drank none of it at all; but came and entered the Cave of Treasures. 4 But when in it Adam could not see Eve; he only heard the noise she made. Neither could she see Adam, but heard the noise he made. (The cave was utter darkness.)

5 Then Adam wept, in deep affliction, and smote upon his breast; and he arose and said to Eve, “Where art thou?” 6 And she said unto him, “Lo, I am standing in this darkness.”

7 He then said to her, “Remember the bright nature in which we lived, while we abode in the garden! 8 “O Eve! remember the glory that rested on us in the garden. O Eve! remember the trees that overshadowed us in the garden while we moved among them. 9 “O Eve! remember that while we were in the garden, we knew neither night nor day. Think of the Tree of Life, from below which flowed the water, and that shed lustre over us! Remember, O Eve, the garden-land, and the brightness thereof!

10 “Think, oh think of that garden in which was no darkness, while we dwelt therein. 11 “Whereas no sooner did we come into this Cave of Treasures than darkness compassed us round about; until we can no longer see each other; and all the pleasure of this life has come to an end.”

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Adam and Eve Book 1, CHAP. XII.

How darkness came between Adam and Eve.

1 THEN Adam smote upon his breast, he and Eve, and they mourned the whole night until dawn drew near, and they sighed over the length of the night in Miyazia. 2 And Adam beat himself, and threw himself on the ground in the cave, from bitter grief, and because of the darkness, and lay there as dead.

3 But Eve heard the noise he made in falling upon the earth. And she felt about for him with her hands, and found him like a corpse. 4 Then she was afraid, speechless, and remained by him.

5 But the merciful Lord looked on the death of Adam, and on Eve’s silence from fear of the darkness. 6 And the Word of God came unto Adam and raised him from his death, and opened Eve’s mouth that she might speak.

7 Then Adam arose in the cave and said, “O God, wherefore has light departed from us, and darkness come over us? Wherefore dost Thou leave us in this long darkness? Why wilt Thou plague us thus? 8 “And this darkness, O Lord, where was it ere it came upon us? It is such, that we cannot see each other.

9 “For, so long as we were in the garden, we neither saw nor even knew what darkness is. I was not hidden from Eve, neither was she hidden from me, until now that she cannot see me; and no darkness came upon us, to separate us from each other. 10 “But she and I were both in one bright light. I saw her and she saw me. Yet now since we came into this cave, darkness has come upon us, and parted us asunder, so that I do not see her, and she does not see me. 11 “O Lord, wilt Thou then plague us with this darkness?” (This cave of darkness is looking more and more like hades?)

image 299

Adam and Eve Book 1, CHAP. XIII.

The fall of Adam. Why night and day were created.

1 THEN when God, who is merciful and full of pity, heard Adam’s voice, He said unto him: 2 “O Adam, so long as the good angel was obedient to Me, a bright light rested on him and on his hosts. 3 “But when he transgressed My commandment, I deprived him of that bright nature, and he became dark. 4 “And when he was in the heavens, in the realms of light, he knew naught of darkness.

5 “But he transgressed, and I made him fall from heaven upon the earth; and it was this darkness that came upon him. 6 “And on thee, O Adam, while in My garden and obedient to Me, did that bright light rest also.

(And so God explains to Adam the nature of the darkness in the cave and where it comes from… it’s looking more and more like Hades.)

7 “But when I heard of thy transgression, I deprived thee of that bright light. Yet, of My mercy, I did not turn thee into darkness, but I made thee thy body of flesh, over which I spread this skin, in order that it may bear cold and heat.

8 “If I had let My wrath fall heavily upon thee, I should have destroyed thee; and had I turned thee into darkness, it would have been as if I killed thee.

(Adam and Eve were given animal bodies of flesh and animal hides to cover them and protect them from the cold and heat. They were not killed, they were shown mercy. And promised that in 5 and a half thousand years the Word would have mercy and come to free them again and return them to paradise if they obey. It sounds like there is more to this plan of five and a half days than just a punishment. It means much more. I’m sure it will be revealed.)

9 “But in My mercy, I have made thee as thou art; when thou didst transgress My commandment, O Adam, I drove thee from the garden, and made thee come forth into this land; and commanded thee to dwell in this cave; and darkness came upon thee, as it did upon him who transgressed My commandment. (They are given the punishment to dwell in the dark cave as he did the Angel he had cast to earth who transgressed God’s commandment, as he told Adam earlier.)

10 “Thus, O Adam, has this night deceived thee. It is not to last forever; but is only of twelve hours; when it is over, daylight will return. 11 “Sigh not, therefore, neither be moved; and say not in thy heart that this darkness is long and drags on wearily; and say not in thy heart that I plague thee with it.

(This reminds me of the wicked plans they DEW today to block out the sun that man and all creation needs to regenerate? The sun which is a light to us for day and for renewal? Things today are starting to look like they’re out of an old ancient play book? What do you think?)

12 “Strengthen thy heart, and be not afraid. This darkness is not a punishment. But, O Adam, I have made the day, and have placed the sun in it to give light; in order that thou and thy children should do your work.

13 “For I knew thou shouldest sin and transgress, and come out into this land. Yet would I not force thee, nor be heard upon thee, nor shut up; nor doom thee through thy fall; nor through thy coming out from light into darkness; nor yet through thy coming from the garden into this land.

(BINGO! God explains the day and the night and how he foreknew all things Adam would do and knew he would sin and come out into this land. He knew the Satans evil mind and plans. And he tells Adam how he foresaw all of this and his plans to restore him and all the children of light.)

image 294

14 “For I made thee of the light; and I willed to bring out children of light from thee and like unto thee. 15 “But thou didst not keep one day My commandment; until I had finished the creation and blessed everything in it.

16 “Then I commanded thee concerning the tree, that thou eat not thereof. Yet I knew that Satan, who deceived himself, would also deceive thee. (Satan who deceived himself…damned himself, would also deceive thee…damn thee. And he tells Adam that is why he told him not go near that tree and eat from it. That trees fruit. Nor taste it nor sit under it nor yield to it. Is this a metaphor for the serpent of his deceit and lies…knowledge of that sort of tree in a metaphor?)

17 “So I made known to thee by means of the tree, not to come near him. And I told thee not to eat of the fruit thereof, nor to taste of it, nor yet to sit under it, nor to yield to it. (It sure sounds like a revealing of a metaphor of Satan being a tree of knowledge and of lies. What do you think?)

18 “Had I not been and spoken to thee, O Adam, concerning the tree, and had I left thee without a commandment, and thou hadst sinned–it would have been an offence on My part, for not having given thee any order; thou wouldst turn round and blame Me for it. (God knew man’s nature would be to blame God for not telling him about the wickedness of the tree. Just like God is our chief watchman, he sends us watchman to warn us and if we heed not it is upon us, but if the watchman doesn’t warn, it is upon the watchman. It is the same warning. And God has set watchmen upon the walls.)

19 “But I commanded thee, and warned thee, and thou didst fall. So that My creatures cannot blame me; but the blame rests on them alone.

20 “And, O Adam, I have made the day for thee and for thy children after thee, for them to work, and toil therein. And I have made the night for them to rest in it from their work; and for the beasts of the field to go forth by night and seek their food. 21 “But little of darkness now remains, O Adam; and daylight will soon appear.”

Adam and Eve Book 1, CHAP. XIV.

The earliest prophecy of the coming of Christ.

1 THEN Adam said unto God: “O Lord, take Thou my soul, and let me not see this gloom any more; or remove me to some place where there is no darkness.”

2 But God the Lord said to Adam, “Verily I say unto thee, this darkness will pass from thee, every day I have determined for thee, until the fulfilment of My covenant; when I will save thee and bring thee back again into the garden, into the abode of light thou longest for, wherein is no darkness. I will bring thee, to it-in the kingdom of heaven.”

3 Again said God unto Adam, “All this misery that thou hast been made to take upon thee because of thy transgression, will not free thee from the hand of Satan, and will not save thee. (Going through a punishment and life of woes do not save us. Having a terrible life is just that. Having a terrible life without God.  Repentence  of living that terrible life or doing that terrible deed against God  must come first and truth in knowing you did wrong followed by deep sorrow for doing it…is the example of true repentance shown to us by Adam and Eve. Then God’s grace and mercy follows a repentative heart, which is God’s covenant/promise to all who return to Him. We are watching how Adam and Eve have learned of why God forewarned them, how they fell away, they are seeing the plan of salvation that was established from the very beginning. We are learning through the lives of Adam and Eve, the wiles of the devil, the depths of Hades, the darkness and the light, our fleshly bodies, and the coming day of atonement for all sin by the Word of God coming in the flesh to do it. Why would Satan want us to learn all of these things? He would not and does not. Blessed are those who see and hear for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. Amen.)

image 293

4 “But I will. When I shall come down from heaven, and shall become flesh of thy seed, and take upon Me the infirmity from which thou sufferest, then the darkness that came upon thee in this cave shall come upon Me in the grave, when I am in the flesh of thy seed. (There is the depth of the meaning of the darkness that over shadowed our Lord on the Cross at the seventh hour of the day….foretold to Adam.)

5 “And I, who am without years, shall be subject to the reckoning of years, of times, of months, and of days, and I shall be reckoned as one of the sons of men, in order to save thee.” 6 And God ceased to commune with Adam.

Adam and Eve Book 1, CHAP. XV.

1 THEN Adam and Eve wept and sorrowed by reason of God’s word to them, that they should not return to the garden until the fulfilment of the days decreed upon them; but mostly because God had told them that He should suffer for their salvation.

One of the biggest lessons in reading the book of Adam and Eve is in understanding the nature of the evil we are trying to avoid and yet must live around, and survive through it all. That evil is at every turn in this world. Adam and Eve bring that reality front and center and give all who read the books with eyes wide opened a new reality of what we are up against. That reality is not something that we are watching for an hour or two with the option to turn it off or change a channel. There is no getting up and acting like it doesn’t exist as we go about our day in Satan’s world of fake paradise. It is the real world in which we are living out in the flesh and God has always had a plan and everything He said He would do He has done and shall do.


Coming next… “Oh Adam, Where For Art Thou? Part 3” … you won’t want to miss this it’s very revealing!



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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