Ode To Putin…

For every thing there is a season…war drums are sounding and now Putin has had enough.

Since no one is certain about anything in this show, and everything appears like a fairy tale…it seems fitting to just tell it as one. We know for certain, Putin has long ago kicked the Rothschild bankers out of Russia and has established a gold backed dollar and the war is on and not just with Ukraine.

That being said…

Once upon a time there was a group of greedy merchants who wanted to become great. They plotted to devise a way to make their desires come to pass. They did great evil in the sight of both God and men. As time passed they continued their wickedness and the day came and they got bold like drunk men who fear nothing because they have lost their minds. On such occasions they often wake up in a pen of swine or in a dark, damp cell sealed off with iron bars.

And so this story is the one of a man named Vladimer Putin and a family of bankers named Rothschild who we shall also call greedy bankers who dub themselves elite.

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The elite had set up a system to fund their Utopia, and secret goals and they kept a tight lid on their secret society. They were always able to control their plans because they had infilitrated the systems… they actually devised them and built them. It was they who created them one by one so they could control them and they did. The key to these systems, the driving force that made them work was banking.

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The sly Rothschild had achieved the alchemy of creating gold out of thin air, and he lusted to have the entire world beholding to his system of banking.  It was rather simple and brilliant, I must say, if one is into deception and can still sleep well at night, then that is the sort of fellow who can do that sort of beguiling. And because  Rothschild was of that sort, he was able to acquire real property and real wealth in gold, silver and copper and he was able to control that too. What he created was a counterfeit system that allowed him to rule everything with nothing but a façade and a system. All done by decree…fiat.

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Money has always been the mark of the beast and with the type of Rothschild slight of hand banking…there was surely no doubt as to the evil the love of it created. It was nothing but paper and notes, and people would do anything to have it. It was a terrible slight of hand done in front of the face and people believed a lie. They  gave up their gold for paper because of promises and tricks.  They would march to the banks and deposit their gold and silver bars in ounces and walk away with paper smiling because they were going to earn interest on their deposit and it would be safe and less cumbersome to carry about.  Their interest came in the form of higher numbers in a column and more paper. 

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The Rothschild must have sat back and laughed his socks off at the stupidity of men.  How he kept it juggled was the trick of Satan himself.  He then took the money and loaned it out to nations who needed it to fight wars. The same wars that he whispered to help create in chambers forbidden to any but a few.  He simply printed more paper and issued it out with various and sundry forms of collateral, mostly real property and land. It had to have value. And he gladly loaned it out to both sides warring with each other, after all he’s a banker and bankers loan money.

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“And oh how it worked so well until one day… a man named Putin said… “I will avenge my country of the Khazarian Bolshivek Murderers of the Tsars of Mother Russia who brought about a revolution to seize what was not theirs to take. All because we would not hand over our gold for paper. And because we helped our friends in America during their rouse with you in their civil war. But, that was not all that long ago and the wounds of the soviet empire are still festering, such as the many years of the Orthodox Church locked up and worship forbidden. Oh how your Khazarian roots should have been completely cut off when the King of Rus had the chance. But that is past. Today is another day, and I have vowed to protect Mother Russia and have reopened her churches.  I ended your swindles in Russia and sent your bankers packing.  I vowed that I would stop them all.

“The same Rothschild family who vowed to do their evil deed, and carried it out to Mother Russia … pay attention… NOW IT IS YOUR TURN!   You will be paid back as God has given me a task to do and I shall do it.  All who believe in Satan…let him shiver to help you out. God is on the side of those who love His son. Who is it that you love?

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“Use your inventions…we have our own and more… for God can sneeze and blow your weapons down to the sea. What will you do then?   Watch and see.  All of your green inventions have blown up in your faces and people are watching it all. People have eyes and they are watching as birds fall from the sky with your publicly unknown, but privately known reasons and people are doing the same. Just because you say it is unknown…does not make the death unreal. You are liars and you follow the father of it. You have sat in your chambers and gotten drunk off your words. You stagger to the door as fools. Where will you go when you get out from your chambers?  Will you go to a nation who knows who you are and what you have done?  You could not even hold on to Iceland with your boney claws.  How will you ever hold on to Mother Russia?

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“Your arrogance has left you mad in the head. These are not the days of old where you could lie to the people and throw them a cartoon documentary of foolishness. These are the days where people can communicate above the cries of your jackels reading scripts filled with lies. These are the days of men and women who have minds to think and are thinking things through. They do not sit and wait to hear what you have to say…not anymore. Today they search and find what you did. They do not want to hear what you say… they want to see what you did and what you are doing in secret in your chamber.

“This is a war you have called us all to, as though it was time for you to feast on our flesh. You will find we are not to be your dinner. Not this time. Oh yes you will eat a few and you have already filled your storehouses with enough sins to last eternity… but this is no longer about you and your greedy plans. This is about humanity and lives and the fish in the sea, the birds in the air, the beasts of the field and the bees who pollinate the flowers and the air that we breathe. This is about the water that flows through the streams into the rivers and out into the sea. This is about the icewalls that you could not climb and never will.

“This is about the writing on the wall and the warnings you did not heed. Sound the trumpets, for you have called us to this battle we never sought on our own. Death and blood you desire…then let it be upon your own heads and by your own hands. We shall watch as you gnaw each other in your own defeat.  No hand could slap you around as strong as your fellow comrades in your own secret chambers. To the river you say…to the river. We bid you farewell, it has not been pleasant in your company. But the earth and the people are resilient. But, with God, and our Lord being with us… we shall heal.”

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Now that is a fiction based on truths.  Watch and see, it is not just Russia who vows to never let you take their nation like a small piece of property to acquire. These are lands filled with culture, traditions, morals and values. These are the homes of people. These are people of all nations who take pride in their traditions the same as Americans take pride in their land. All people have family roots that money cannot buy and evil cannot ever steal from their hearts.

So try as evil has tried since the garden of Eden, it lost then and was cursed then and that curse shall play out as it was given for God does not change.  He keeps all of His promises and all that He says does come to pass.

Their agreement with hell shall not stand as it is written that it shall not. God is not mocked and nothing  little thieves and liars of the world can plot can ever stand up against God almighty.

Keep on Pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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