Democracy Takes A Black Eye…Along With Musk!

Exposing the ones who do the bidding of the ones who hide behind the veil.

Meet the fraudsters… the jesters of the court of fools. The young and mindless who have bought into the idea of fame, fortune and unlimited power. The ones on the puppet strings.

These have no power. These have only coins doled out as 30 pieces of silver to deceive all flesh who will willingly allow themselves to ooh and awe at their antics.

Where the children of God have silver cords that cannot be broken, these sorts have strings that can be cut. And as many are now aware, the severing has begun. So what of this man who has obtained all these perceived billions because of his uncanny wit? Or merely by being the face to put on this DARPA array of Tesla patents.

The money for his endeavors and research has all been passed through legislations in congress to save our democracy and his hand received the lions share of government grants. Why and how is that? Especially when the man has the award for the most EV car fires and failed! President Trump has said of the con…”He’s a ‘bulls— artist!”

President Trump is a master at the Art of War. He knows how to invite his enemies and all the stringed puppets into his counsel to speak and hear their great lack of wisdom and feel their presence. In so doing, Trump goes from his “gut instinct”, he has a gift he has said…he goes with his “gut instinct”, it never lets him down. Trump loves to listen to the weak and feeble minded puppets and learn what their masters desire from them. He has a way of asking the right questions to expose them all. That is why when the strings are cut from the Oval Office, the sniffly nosed all go out to write a book like a woman scorned. Oh their stupid cover when exposed hurts their ego beyond repair and the only remedy is to try as they might to tear Trump up in words with their black felt tipped pen. For the only thing true in all they say is their autograph they so proudly sign having said it.

It is the sad performance as one attending a rally among thousands of others and somehow upon returning home, after never meeting the man other than hearing what he said, and him allowing you to applaud… you sit down to write as though you were intimately involved with every psychic aspect of the man. Good grief that gets old, but that is how the system of cons does work. The puppet masters never change it for it has always fooled the crowd…point and shout – look a book it must be true for that lying scum bag that got fired would never tell a lie! The irony in the entire thing is beyond belief.

But hey…they are all out to go to war, and war they do be it with nations or their own commander in chief…for they must….at all costs….


image 461

Trump has come right out and said what many already knew and others gasped to hear…Trump said of Elon Musk on Truth Social: “He’d BE WORTHLESS without Government Subsidies!”

Trump said in an interview, “When Elon Musk came to the White House asking me for help on all of his many subsidized projects, whether it’s electric cars that don’t drive long enough, driverless cars that crash, or rocketships to nowhere, without which subsidies he’d be worthless, and telling me how he was a big Trump fan and Republican. I could have said, ‘drop to your knees and beg,’ and he would have done it,” said Trump. “Now Elon should focus on getting himself out of the Twitter mess because he could owe $44 billion for something that’s perhaps worthless. Also, lots of competition for electric cars!”

So there you have it…right from the president’s mouth…Musk is a puppet on a string of things THAT DO NOT WORK! His stuff endangers the public…but, then again… maybe that is why Klaus wound him up and sent him out.

Wind them up and send them to get photo ops then say anything you want. These are real life memes and the captions of rhetoric are once again written by the scorned.

Watch and learn…here is how the democracy savers do…

President Trump sizes up Elon as one must do. Especially those eating from the governments money trough and tweets his assessment….

image 462

Fake news makes their own assessment and that includes a big fat endorsement of Trump to all his MAGA people to support Musk and his EV fired up cars, failed rocket program and who knows what his A.I. is producing????

image 463

Anyone can paint themselves into a picture once they meet the man and have a photo op. That is all the news needs or wants…just the photo op and then they can do whatever story they want to write. Have them say whatever they want them to say. This is PART OF OWNING THE NEWS SYSTEM. IT IS BRAIN WASHING AND MIND PROGRAMMING.

If you only see the story the news feeds you… that is all you get to eat. And people eat it up. It is false reporting. You think Trump is promoting Tesla’s EV cars because Musk is at the White House. You don’t need to know that Musk is begging for funding.

They can make a man look like he is making successful progress…when the truth is he is endangering the public as things keep exploding…. compare the legend with the facts….

We’ll start with the comic book legend first…

Now for the facts:

Out of all of the views on every launch one thing stood out very clearly. The earth is flat! The second eye opener is…the science is not as advanced as they have told any of us. What else doesn’t work right? They are the ones putting toxic junk in the atmosphere in the name of what? Progress? Or is it TO SAVE THEIR DEMOCRACY?


As with everything the WEF does, it is to help you. The same Neuralink App that is told will help build a new web of communication that allows you to move, think, feel and sense, will be the same technology used that controls your thoughts so you will be happy and have nothing.

But the only way to secure government grant funding and give the public the appearance that this is safe, needed and useful is to direct all attention to the good it does and leave the other chip uses to the likes of Klaus Schwab (who recruited Elon) and his nemisis Yuval Noah Harari. You will notice the monkey in this experiment was not paralyzed, nor did the monkey have an artificial limb, or a stroke, etc. This experiment was to see how they could control the thoughts and actions of a monkey’s mind. Think and ponder that. Oh and there is also the concept of cyborg and brain machine interfaces … oh but that will come much later, right?

We are the last generation, Yuval Noah Harari says of Homo Sapiens. Body, brain and mind will be re-engineered.

And who exactly is working on this type of project?

“So whether an organism is a virus, a banana or a human they are really just biochemical algorythms.” says Yuval Noah Harari. In this video, he takes you on a journey through technological development and challenges leaders to develop a substantive vision of what it means for society, politics, religion and ideology in his new mind controlled world of his future, the cyborg one.

You are no more valuable to them than a banana! Let that soak in!!

My biggest question is are the Neuralink Brain Chip batteries made out of lithium? That will be one hot brain. A fire of knowledge just waiting to burst forth!

Ponder this a bit. Actually, ponder it all a lot. Do you trust any of these people who are creating these things for your good who have not God?

Are you tired yet of knowing they are doing all the GMO’s. Big Pharma, Weather Wars, Toxic Water, Toxic Vaxes, Mind Control, biowarfare, drugs and child trafficking, that they are openingly using on you, to save you? While at the same time they tell you to your face that they want to eliminate 7 billion of you from the planet?

Wake up and let’s have this discussion. Pray unceasing and touch not the unclean things.

Meanwhile… as the world collapses…

Trump Demands Election Rerun ‘Immediately’!

The former president accused the FBI of “fraud and election interference”

President Donald Trump calls for the 2020 election to be nullified and for a new election to be held. 



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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