Many keep thinking nothing is taking place in Italy, Netherlands, Germany, the Vatican, Estonia, on our borders or anywhere in the world…and many still believe the USA problems are merely a virus and an election that “We The People” can’t accept because they believe voter fraud was involved. Many also don’t believe child and human trafficking scandals exist. To these people I say…behold and hang on for you are in for one heck of a ride and the roller coaster has just started to climb…the ride down will be wild!

Dutch Prime Minister Mark #Rutte announced the #resignation of his government on Friday, accepting responsibility for years of mismanagement of childcare subsidies, which wrongfully drove thousands of families to financial ruin.

Vatican Arrests.
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Prime Minister Mark Rutte of the Netherlands in The Hague on Friday.Credit…Bart Maat/EPA, via Shutterstock

Government in Netherlands Resigns After Benefit Scandal

A parliamentary report concluded that tax authorities unfairly targeted poor families over child care benefits. Prime Minister Mark Rutte and his entire cabinet stepped down.

Dutch far-right leader Geert Wilders, known for his strong stance against immigration and Islam, said it was “right” that the government had quit.

“Innocent people, were criminalised, their lives destroyed,” Wilders said on Twitter. “It is not credible that officials should continue as if nothing had happened.”

Green-Left party leader Jesse Klaver, another leading voice who had called for Rutte to resign, said the decision could be a “new start, a turning point” for the Netherlands.

Dutch media said some 26,000 people had been affected by the scandal.

Tax officials were also revealed to have carried out “racial profiling” of 11,000 people based on their dual nationality, including some of those hit by the false benefit fraud accusations.

The Dutch government announced at least 30,000 euros ($36,000) in compensation for each parent who was wrongly accused but it has not been enough to silence the growing clamour over the scandal.

Victims lodged a legal complaint Tuesday against three serving ministers and two former ministers including Asscher. Read more here: Dutch Government Quits Over Child Benefits Scandal (

21 Bible Verses about Nearness -

God is in control and the entire world is shaking. The Lord said before the Day of the Lord it would be as Sodom and Gomorrah and he also said as in the days of Noah where people were buying and selling, giving in marriage and living their lives and knew not until the flood came and took them away.

There is no where to run, no where to hide. There is a little time left to get on your knees and take the Lord by the hand. Ask him and he shall lift you up.

Pray unceasing for the war is against good versus evil. Not against flesh and blood. The people of the world are one who believe…there are no borders in God’s Kingdom…there is just no place for those who desire evil.

Dianne Marshall

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