No Problem At Our Rallies? Really Liar Ted and Little Rubio?

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Cruz and Rubio boast of no problems at their rallies while the real rhetoric that could start violence if Trump supporters and independent thinkers were to have no control over their conscience and moral ethics would be outrage over being called Nazi’s over and over and over again at Cruz town halls by Beck, along with their candidate being called Hitler.  It would be Ben Carson voters attacking Cruz for his election fraud in Iowa, and CNN at the throat of Cruz for calling them a liar and blaming them for his own election fraud. It would be the all out battle against the lies and smears of Cruz and his liar campaign ads and his attacks that are nothing but lies against Trump and Trump supporters.
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Then we have little cabana boy Rubio who loves to tell dirty jokes about penis size on the campaign trail hoping that will get him a few votes.  Too bad none of the Trump supporters showed up to throw tomatoes or shut down his first amendment rights.  The lies and deceit coming from the mouth of a boy ineligible to run would definitely create riots if Trump supporters were of the nature they accuse them of being.  The little Rubio who holds the record in the Senate for the most missed votes and now the award for the most dirty jokes and Microsoft generated votes – wait….the Microsoft generated vote award now goes to Cruz….and I believe the liar award is a tie.
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And then their is Kasich who endorses common core, is in love with free trade even though it is crushing the economy and the middle class is disappearing, and tells the people social security will be cut and get over it.  All the while all the candidates except for Trump are okaying free stuff for illegal immigrants which monies are coming out of the social security fund pot.
So we have two ineligible candidates who are cut from the cloth of hate, smear, lie, and downright unethical standards who endorse free trade, and free rides for illegals, and Kasich who is eligible to run, but has the same standard of unacceptable practices against the will of the people. All who jumped on the organized riot train to blame Trump for a progressive left organized riot. The only reason it didn’t escalate to a Ferguson or Baltimore scale chaos in the street scenario was because Trump supporters area civilized and know what is taking place.
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It is a shame that the establishment is spending their billions to create chaos and not helping the veterans, or making America great again by creating jobs and voting out bad trade acts.  There goals are not sustainable they are downright destructive.  Americans who have a brain know this, and so does Trump.  That is why Trump has the vote of the people and the other candidates are being exposed for the liars and deceivers they are.
So if you think this is all something out of a fairy tale, or you just fell down the rabbit hole into wonderland….my answer to you is….”Yes  Alice – it is a huge problem!” The only way out is to put Trump in office to get us out from under all the madness we are witnessing this very day!
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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