Mike Pence, Ryan, J-6 and The Shams…


Anyone who was paying attention to the election of 2016 will remember the battle President Trump waged with the Republican party and how they conspired not to accept him on their little platform. Recall all the back and forth wanting Trump to sign papers that if not elected in the primary that he would not RUN ON A THIRD PARTY.

Remember Russia, Russia, Russia, and all the project Hurricane that is still whirling out there and now we have the KM Oligarchs demanding their puppets and now double puppets continue their RESET and whatever psycho plans they have for good people …. and now we know the Flynn Road Show is a money laundering pit and honey pot to herd Americans.

Trump is still under attack, nothing has changed except the style. The sly ones doing psyops know they can’t bash Trump and get your vote. So now they have hoodwinked Christians and Patriots and make money off of them as they do it. No different from Big Pharma, Central Banks or any of the organized Great Merchants of the earth. Shameful.

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And some people think an endorsement from Flynn equals a win and Mike Pence is part of their new hope. The entire politico show is off the rails…but the carney is shouting come one come all we have prophets…look we have prophets and they prophecy… buy your tickets to hear the prophecies…and listen to them sound the shofars!!! $250 a ticket or name your price…we won’t turn anyone with money away!!!! Pastors half price.

Step on up!! Tickets for sale! We also have the new Clay Clark Bible…order yours today…forword by Clay Clark the one out to save America!

image 1

This is how Clay is marketing his new book. I did not make that up. He actually worded his advertising … “Jesus is King Bible by Clay Clark”.

And now as the midterms are a week away and early voting is taking place… people are talking about 2024 and Mike Pence…that great Mike Pence that Pelosi is chirping about being so brave in their “Insurrection” play they held on J-6. And pay no attention to what the Capital Chief of Police stated in his letter of resignation and final report after Nanny fired him so he would never say a word after that day about any of it. General Charlie Flynn got a promotion for NOT calling in the national guard and, “Oh does anyone else’s head hurt or is it just mine?”

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It has been one long minute by minute attack on Trump and most people have no idea that he truly is the man standing in the gap because who they are really after is ALL OF US!

Lin Wood called Pence out, but people were buying tickets to the road show and today they are learning about patents with 666 and 6666 on them. So don’t even stop to think and don’t stop to look what’s going on outside the mesmerizing circus tent or you just might see a few reminders that Mike Pence and Paul Ryan had a coup to oust Trump.

Anyone who was paying attention to the election of 2016 will remember the battle President Trump waged with the Republican party and how they conspired not to accept him on their little platform. Recall all the back and forth wanting Trump to sign papers that if not elected in the primary that he would not RUN ON A THIRD PARTY.

Remember how Trump wouldn’t sign any papers but verbally stated that if he lost he would accept that. Does any of this sound familiar? Did you know there was a coup to oust Trump and have Mike Pence run on a ticket with Paul Ryan? They called it the Cleveland Deal.

How it went down…

Trump put Pence on the ticket by advice of the head of the Republican Party who was Rense Preibus, who had discussions with Trump over the republican (rino never Trumpers) party wasn’t going to approve Trump. Out of fear of Trump running on as an independent they feared and a coup was devised against Trump. Preibus suggested to Trump he could get their approval if he brought on someone Ryan favored…like Mike Pence. And so Trump toyed with them for a while and it looked like he might be bringing on Flynn or that was rumored but in the end he chose Mike Pence. During this time, a coup was devised and Pence and Ryan had plans to run on the Republican ticket but feared with Trump running independent they would lose and or split the party and Hillary would win.

The Republican Party held the option to nominate and vote by national convention their own candidate to run if they did not have the votes to support the winner of the Primaries.

See how these party rules can go against the will of the people?

image 4

Later after the election, emails were leaked concerning the development of a politcal website for a Pence and Ryan Republican ticket. At a certain point… Pence and Ryan abandoned their idea but the developer ran scared when it looked like there might be an assassination involved and he locked up the site and abandoned the project.

This is very important to remember! Here is a screen shot of their web page.

image 2

Below are the words in the screen shot above that are hard to read.

America is Ready For Change We have come out of a great upheaval stronger and more determined than ever to make America Greater. Together we rise! The Pence-Ryan Administration will keep its promises to our constituents. More specifically:

Appoint a Special Prosecutor Mike Pence pledges to have congress assign a special prosecutor to closely examine the crimes of Hillary Clinton.  

Build the Southern Wall The Pence-Ryan ticket will construct a great American Wall across the southern border of the United States to keep all immigrants out.

Create a Stronger ICE Paul Ryan will personally oversee the creation of a new, stronger division of ICE to remove the millions and millions of illegal immigrants from our country.

Running on Trump’s platform makes it look a bit dark in their plans. There were a lot of people involved and there were copies of the emails. Below are screen shots of the email trail.

image 5

This is how it began, and continued throughout the entire administration, and continues to this very day. Mike Pence and all involved should be charged with Treason. All of them!

image 6
image 7
image 8
image 9
image 10

This is the treason Trump has battled since he began. And today, he is still battling the swamp!

image 11
image 12

Note: “Sell a gun” like in an assassination?

image 13

NOTE above email– “Guys, my SCOTUS notes say 9 Scalias” Remember when the 9 Scalia children were mentioned when Trump gave the Medal of Freedom Awards at the White House and the former Judge Scalia was among them.

Many people didn’t realize that “message” was meant for these traitors as Trump had been trolling them. Their messages were still open and not secure.

image 14

President Trump spoke with Scalia’s ‘busy’ widow, and her 9 kids at Medal of Freedom ceremony.

image 15
image 16
image 17
image 18


image 19
image 20

Remember at the Bush funeral…. Pence got one of those special little envelopes…but more importantly… remember how Pence looked. This is the Mike Pence that was the Vice President.

image 21


image 22

Pence was also said to have been arrested July 4, 2019 after the July air show celebration with President Trump. The same day he said, “We now own the skys.” It was after that day the chem trails ceased. (But they are back here and there, doing this and that) but overall, where I am… it was not until recently that some are noticed. Mike Pence was on airforce 2 and heading for Indiana to an event, and mid flight the plane turned around and changed its signage to SAM 239 which meant no VP on board. So after that…he looked different and so did Karen Pence. After a while no one said anything. He has been a double ever since then. Or so it appears.

image 23

And when asked about Karen, the news just raved about her stunning makeover… and weight loss. No one seemed to notice Mikes new look. Anyone who said anything was called a conspiracy theorist. Even now.

image 24

I call this Rubber Mask Disorder (RMD) or Avatar, sometimes simply the double. People look at these things long enough and their old memories are erased until you see an old picture. It’s brain washing and mind control. Beyond gaslighting. It’s like looking back at your 30 year old child when he was 8 and you forgot how he looked then. Well they are doing this to us all, in our face. Anyone who points this out is called disinformation and conspiracy theorist. Call it out and if we have to call it Pence…call it Pence double, or Pence Avatar so your memory banks do not get mind washed.

Look at the DC family album and you will see a lot of avatars. Who are these and where did they come from and why are the politicians acting like these people are the same people?

Meet Karen and Mike Avatar….

image 25

As long as you let them trick or treat you will be under their satanic spells. Break the spell and stop the show! Call them out and ask them why. I am waiting for someone at an event to say… you are a double…where’s Joe? Where’s Pelosi? Where’s Pence? They have put people in masks and suits and given them scripts to read that affect our very lives! It is time to end all the deceit and call out all the liars.

Remember the entire election depended on Pence doing the right thing and he did not do the right thing. What does that mean?

Did you see the inauguration? What did that tell you?

For more information on the emails, read: **PENCE-RYAN 2016 EMAILS AND THE CLEVELAND DEAL** – American Digital News

What we are now watching is as surreal as the “Truman Show”. We are watching a bunch of disloyal, crooked, and paid off RINO globalists with their mouths to the feeding trough of bribes and kick backs holding up their end of the original crooked bargain. All of this will soon become more vivid to every eye that can see the light of day for the magnifiers are now adjusted and about to bring all the little things into focus. You will never find the truth on the communist fake news…but you will find it from those who have a lifetime of achievement in telling the truth and living for justice. 

TREASON AGAINST A SEATED PRESIDENT HAS BEEN SEEN BY ALL! We watched it in real time – all the evidence, the thefts, the plots, the coup, the treason and they laugh in our faces and get angry when we call them out. Why? Because the truth is, both the democratic and republican party are involved and both party’s are corrupt with their own agendas for globalism. Two different forms of the same thing…both with the same end game! And the same “Hurricane” crew are doing the same psyops only on Americans and not foreign enemies!

Put your armor on and pray unceasing!

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God. Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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