Psyop Exposed! Hidden Inside a Road Show-Part 2

Just like Sherlock Holmes… when we find new clues, we must look at them closely. If they are a piece to the puzzle… we need to see where they go.  If they fit, we must boldly look at how the picture looks when they are added, whether we like what we see or not.

The next step, which is the most important step, is to take it to the Holy Spirit for discernment.

For in spiritual warfare nothing is as it appears. Good people get caught up in deception unknowingly. Some become mesmerized by the influence of quote, “Important people”, unquote. When you have little to no true knowlege of events and someone is going to tell you what is taking place… the person receiving that information has no real frame of reference in their memory banks to test their words against in order to know if what is said is true or false. They take the person’s word on blind faith. What they are told becomes their new memory of what is a truth. Even if it is a lie, for in the receivers mind if it was processed as a truth, it becomes their new truth.

So what can change a person’s mind who has been taught lies?

Remember…mass deception can make an innocent person look guilty and a guilty person look innocent. What you see is not always the way it appears. Question everything.

image 385
It appears Sidney Powell was deceived by the same bunch that have gone after Wood. Why is that? I believe we know why.

The only way is to expose the lies.

And even in doing that, sometimes it will not change what the person believes to be true. The most important thing to remember is that if you are warning others of an impending danger or lies… all you can do is tell them the truth and expose the lie. It is always up to the person to use their own sense of reasoning to come to an understanding. Some will see truth quickly, some will see truth slowly, some will never see the truth. But our own minds alone are not always wise with discerning, that is why we must take what we learn or hear to the Holy Spirit and ask …is this true? If not what is the truth?

It appears Sidney Powell was deceived by the same bunch that have gone after Wood. Why is that? But, why would she endorse people to get the Deep Rig book by Byrne? That one has me wondering. But, being a woman and using her intuition … Sidney chose not to take their bait to be forced to defend herself publicly on social media. She didn’t get drawn into the war with words against the not so cunning testosterone brawn attacks of Byrne who is Flynn’s henchman. Or so, that is how I see it. Even Lin Wood called out Byrnes ridiculous lies regarding Powell got drunk and tried to seduce him and was a scorned woman for being turned down. Later he said she refused to let him take over her foundation records to audit them because she was a scorned woman. Good grief…Byrne you blew it with that one. Sometimes guys are so stupid and make up the most assinine stories. Poor little Byrne…NOT! Wood said he didn’t see Powell have one drink the entire time she was at the the Tomotley Plantation and it didn’t sound like Sidney’s character! After a bit of the bantering and public attacks… Sidney posted a meme.

image 386

That spoke volumes.

Because the ways of the world are many and deception is at every turn… we must pray unceasing and ask the Lord to guide our hearts and ask the Holy Spirit to help us understand the Word of God in the scriptures so we are not deceived with false interpretations and do not succumb when under attack. We must in the same manner ask God to lead us in all that we do and guide us with the Holy Spirit so we be not deceived or make bad decisions based on false information. You will find your intuition will heighten and you will know in your gut (Holy Spirit center) whether a thing is good or bad. You will feel it. If you ignore that … you will find yourself either in trouble if the warning said it’s bad don’t do it… or missing an opportunity if the answer was go and do it I will be with you. So in all of this, we find another twosie…Powell is sworn to an oath of client confidentiality in the case of Flynn, or she could lose her law license. Therefore, she has to figure out another way around these public attacks and be very careful what she says publicly. As an attorney, her job was to prove her client innocent. See how this works?

But Mikey Flynn was never Lin Wood’s client. KA-BAM!

image 387

Our minds operate like a computer with memory banks. What we experience is recorded. The experience can be real or imagined. It is all recorded in the brain as a memory. It is our rational mind that tells us that was a movie, or that was a real encounter. But, in times of stress, or when questioned or under attack, or in simple pondering and imagining, our memory can recall whatever is in our memory banks, even scenes from our own imaginations bring forward to weigh a matter against. Imaginations and creative thoughts are what many call daydreaming. Some call it meditation.

In mind control the goal is to confuse the brain and fill the memory with falsehoods so lies become the frame of reference… even shattering it so the person can’t recall what is in the memory. Mind control techniques have many ways of reprogramming a person. So, it is very important to pray unceasing and build a relationship with God the Father through the Holy Spirit like the Lord told us to do. With the Holy Spirit within us, Jesus said I will dwell in you and you in me. That is how we will know what is true and what is a lie…by calling on the Lord to help us discern.

We are being bombarded with lie after lie from godless and lawless people in high places. Our thoughts are very powerful. And we must learn how to cast out negative ones that are not from God and the Holy Spirit. If it is an evil thought, it is not from the Holy Spirit. Those are the thoughts we must rebuke in the name of Jesus. Test all things according to the Word of God and not to the intellect of man.

Hebrews 4:12 – For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

That being said… the imagination can be triggered as real when given the right circumstances. Thus the Holy Spirit is our sword of the Lord and part of the full armor of God. Test all things before the Lord. And as events change, know also that so can a person repent and change. Remember Saul named Paul who was the worst persecutor of the followers of the way whom the Lord changed on the road to Damascas. So remember, this is not a witch hunt… this is about our very lives and our nation and finding the truth for the truth shall set us free.

Right now we have demonic forces seeking to put innocent people who love the Lord in prisons for being terrorists… which is a lie. We must look at all their methods in progress to achieve their means. That is what this is about. It is about coming to the aid of our brothers and sisters in Christ and all humanity.

So let’s go into our memory archives and take a fresh look. Using Lin Wood because he is a high profile figure that made his attackers known publicly. And being a defamation attorney, he has not had one law suit against him for slander. And he keeps asking for his attackers to sue him so he can do some discovery. Meaning…he speaks the truth. That is why they have tried so hard to shut him up.

image 317

When Patrick Byrne said we need to have someone like Michael Flynn be president and put together a government system that did not include Trump, that wasn’t well received. It opened many eyes and Lin Wood let it be known it was revealing a hidden agenda. It makes one question what Flynn’s intentions really were? Gather groupies and run for office appears to be a portion of that agenda… connect the dots.

Lin Wood, [11/22/2021 12:31 AM]

In my opinion, any “Patriot  political “leader” or RINO Republican “elected” official who is openly discussing running for President or Vice-President in 2024 is Deep State at best or a Manchurian Candidate at worst.

Every true Patriot knows that President Trump won a landslide re-election in 2020 and must focus on taking ACTION to FIX 2020.

We The People must exercise a high level of discernment in order to identify the wolves in sheep’s clothing.

When you suspect someone of being a wolf, WATCH OUT!!!

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸

So let’s look at the Lin Wood persecution and Gaslight propaganda, and call it what it is, character assassination and life threatening attacks.

image 388

Lin Wood, [11/22/2021 12:48 AM]

Wow! The Deep State operatives have been tossing me in the fires of lies and smears for almost 2 years!!! They are way too obsessed with trying to harm me. What in the world are they afraid of??? Are they afraid I am identifying them to the public???

And man o’ man, man they have really turned up the flames in the past several days!!! Keeps getting hotter and hotter for me.

They have me literally dancing in their fires!!!

I have to check each night before I rest to see if my hair is singed, my skin burned, and/or whether I smell like smoke.

So far so good!!! I am totally unscathed by the flames.

If necessary, I will keep dancing in the Deep State fires. I will never quit. Is that what the Deep State fears?

I fear them not.

Thanks for your continued support while I dance in the Deep State fires.

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸

Lin Wood,

Looks like I am not the only person who knows who Mike Flynn is. See below.

[Forwarded from Exposing Flynn Networks]

“Not only did this man lead a congregation into a ritualistic satanic prayer, he lied about it afterwards. The prayer was verbatim published by Elizabeth Clare Prophet and other deceptions they believe is that Jesus is an ascended master similarly to Buddha and others. Her doctrine comes straight from the likes of Aleister Crowley [known as wickedest man in the world], and “Helena Blavatsky [mother of new age] which from these two people, freemasonry was born. Freemasons believe exactly what I said above about Lucifer.

“Michael Flynn portrays himself to be a republican patriot. He is a lifelong democrat, 33 year intelligence officer specializing in psychological operations, and upon studying the life of his work a treasonous traitor in every sense of the word. He is wearing a disguise as he goes to churches and portrays himself to be for the people. I have suspected he has been trying to subvert the Christian patriot truther movement. He has openly called for a “one world religion”, and the same idols he is propping up on the ReAwaken Tour are doing new age tours now.

“Michael Flynn is *allegedly* responsible for the January 6th insurrection. There were countless Americans who were there peacefully protesting. However, Michael Flynn’s brother Charlie refused to send the National Guard Trump asked for (in order to make it look worse) and so he could carry out the plan. The oathkeepers and proud boys are the ones who have been the “fall men” for this and the operation still has consequences to this day. The political prisoners are part of this psychological operation. Yes, people actually got arrested, but the ones being propped up by his network and the media are part of his operation. Anyone involved in “Stop the Steal” psychological operation is complicit in Flynns plan. Allen West, Roger Stone, Alex Jones are three off the top of my head.

“The word I use to describe his network is tentacles. He has wrapped himself and his operation in every single “patriot” initiative.

“It is truly twisted. Everyone Michael Flynn endorses we should be steering clear of. America Project was at our church at the last event and is the main sponsor at this Mens conference at Somebody Cares. It is owned by Patrick Byrne, an atheist who is on the board of Council on Foreign Relations. [globalism] Brian Gamble, is the Chief Intelligence Officer and this is a picture of him at January 6th:”

image 383

Patrick Byrne has admitted that he got involved with dirty people daring CIA and the dirty trick squad doing work for them. He told us he quit once he realized it wa not for the good of America like they had told him. He said it was a tiny little thing. But was it really tiny? Read:

Note his hat in the video above says “Make America grateful again”. What subliminal message is that sending? Remember this was in 2019 before COVID and before the election. Byrne admits he worked for the Peter Strzok.

FBI: Peter Strzok Worked For The CIA Under Obama and Byrne said he worked for Strzok.

Peter Strzok, the FBI agent who led “Operation Crossfire Hurricane” designed to bring down President Trump, was an undercover CIA agent planted in the bureau by CIA director John Brennan. General Michael Flynn was the head of the National Intelligence and taught FBI and CIA psyops. He was in charge of the US Pentagon/DARPA intelligence programs in Iraq and middle east. What happened in the Obama years? What happened in Ukraine in 2013 an 2014 while Flynn was still heading the National Intelligence for the Pentagon? Who helped with psyops to coordinate the color revolution in Ukraine? Who helped strategize the psyops on how to stage the entire toppling of the Ukrainian government that followed the same playbook pattern as Benghazi and other take downs?

How much trouble was Byrne in? Who was he working for prior to all of this? Did he ever stop? His present actions show he has not changed. Is he honest? Let’s take a look… From the article:  “Report Claims the FBI Uses Bitcoin Mixers During BTC Forfeiture Processing” April 2021

FBI Overpaid Bitcoin Miners by a Factor of 4700%

“Interestingly, Davis’ findings indicate the blockchain tells a tale of how the transactions the Feds sent were sent “to themselves,” from an address that sent “more than 800,000 transactions,” and the funds derived from an address that sent more than 43 million BTC. The tell-tale signs of a bitcoin mixer being used to obfuscate bitcoin transactions. Read full story: Class Action Complaint Filed Against Patrick Byrne and ( Byrne’s charges seemed to just disappear. Why and how is that?

Now we know through Lin Wood releasing documents of depositions regarding witnesses to the “Dirty Trick Squad” (Strzok led group), that CIA and FBI operators pay bonuses in Bitcoin. Interesting dot to connect.

Enter Patrick Byrne…

Byrne had snuck into the White House, saying he tricked them…he had inside help. That is not a place one can just sneak inside of. Once inside he now had an alibi to write what ever he wanted in order to convince the public of his good intentions in order to push his smear campaign against Trump in a sincere knife in the back sort of way. Byrnes quickly wrote a scathing book of lies turning President Trump into an idiot, and Giuliani into a drunk and Jared Kushner into a spy. This he followed up with a movie. “Deep Rig”. The full cast of dispicable characters…made for Pixar. The Deep Rig Movie – Bing video

image 394
Joseph Flynn, Michael Flynn, and Patrick Byrne the capitol speeches Jan. 5, 2021

Later Byrne flew Michael Flynn and Powell to Lin Woods home in South Carolina and set up work spaces to collaberate on how to proceed to help President Trump with exposing election fraud and voter recounts. Wood had never met Patrick Byrne and was introduced to him as he brought them there with his private plane. Prior to the election being stolen, Wood had not personally met any of the three. He believed they were out to help investigate the election fraud. Later after personal attacks and sabotage from body guards assigned by Flynn to help Wood who turned out to be trouble makers and rogue characters, he learned he was set up to be a patsy for their sting operation against him.

Powell set up a foundation and added Lin Wood’s name to it without his permission or knowledge which later was reported to the state of Florida as illegally operating and Sidney Powell was now in legal trouble. Later, Patrick Byrnes, told Lin Wood in a phone call of which Wood recorded, that he was the one who reported Sidney Powell because she didn’t let him take over her foundation. Basically admitting he was the one who sabotaged Sidney Powell and inadvertantly Lin Wood. Lin shared the entire phone conversation, as proof, on Telegram.

Wood publicly stated that he was set up to be entangled in an illegally operated Foundation scheme or coup to bring him down and involve him in legal entanglements to tarnish his reputation and cause him legal harm in addition to a host of other issues that were thrown at him to bring him down and stop him from his own investigations and a host of other claims he publicly presented in his Telegram posts. He made efforts to contact Powell but never got a response so he publicly presented his case to clear his name and run interference with their coup to drag him into their psyop. He never heard from Sidney Powell on the matter. It was a constant barage of subtle public attacks from that point forward.

These attacks have continued non stop since that day, and Wood was also able to connect Flynn to attacks aimed at his family dealing with bribes and blackmail, and attempts to end Wood’s legal career along with attempts to sabotage his Foundation Fight Back which was formed after his original movement of 1776 was sabotaged by Clay Clark.  Who purchased the domain names so Lin could not use them. Or so, this was implied on a podcast on which Clay, without mentioning the name Lin Wood, immitated Wood in voice, and body language pointing his finger in the manner as Lin Wood does accusing Clark of stealing his movement of which Clark acted like the man (Wood was crazy) leaving the pod caster Amanda Grace looking like a deer in the headlights (very awkward moment for her) as she had just had Lin Wood on her podcast and was very pro Lin Wood.  Clay Clark had used his interview opportunity to bash Lin Wood and never gave the name he said, because he didn’t want to be that way… cough, cough… but… went on to perform an perfect immitation of Wood and even used the southern draw and the voice and phrases Lin uses were exact. Lin later changed his movement to “Fight Back” and started a foundation to help patriots and all people who needed help with various legal issues.  After that, Wood never went on Amanda Graces show again, Grace signed up with Clay’s podcast mentor program…and it is a program like in PROGRAMMING.  And Lin Wood never again attended another Clark out to save America road show.

Which leads us to the Kyle Rittenhouse case where the same dubious body guard sent by Gen. Flynn to guard Lin Woods home was the one handling Kyle whose name was Hancock. See the coverage on Kyle Rittenhouse and how the entire mind controlled event went down.

Kyle victim, story:

During this time the attacks were brutal and obviously coordinated. (If you follow the Rittenhouse story, the true one, you will see he is a classic example of mind control and his bonding savior was Hancock the seal without a trident. During these attacks on Wood, starting before Rittenhouse, several people appeared from out of no where to help and support Lin Wood. Lin trusted they were on his side and he bonded with them and trusted they were on the side of truth, Trump and freedom. During this time of duress and ongoing attacks Lin found out fast how the game is played being deceived even by a pastor. Even his foundation had people on the board who were messing in its funds and doing their own thing, which was not Lin Woods thing.

Are you seeing the mind contol psyop yet?  Those who popped up from out of no where were found to be doing nefarious things within Wood’s foundation and were fired from its Board of Directors. The information discovered via new security led to exposing serious fraud committed by David Clements who is not who he said he was. Lin Wood exposed this and now had more attacks from all sides. See Lin Woods Telegram site and go back to the beginning. It is a BOOK. I do hope Lin Wood writes all of it when the smoke is settled and the dust is cleared. It has #1 best seller of truth and facts category written all over its’ future publishing!

During this same time period, Clay Clark and Doug Billings with Michael Flynn did psyops directly at Lin Wood to mock him and laugh at him and try to discredit him to his face.

So let’s add some new puzzle pieces like the one CC let slip in an interview recently where he said on a podcast that Mike Flynn asked him to hold the road tours.  Oops he let that slip. But he talks so fast his mind leaked or burped or something. Which brings us to another reason he talks fast. It makes it harder for people to follow and he can always say… I don’t remember, or make up an excuse as to why he got things mixed up… because he talks to fast and he will tell you he always has and that’s just him. And that’s okay… but he knows exactly what he’s saying. So don’t let him twist it. He’s a memorizer. His scripts are memorized. I have watched him in debates where he was taken off guard off memorized scripts and he was not a good orator. Not at all.

It is now apparent that Clark was selected to be the man carney for the psyop. His connections with Tulsa Oklahoma Mega Church and his background of promoting wealth in his books of those like Gates and George Soros is a tell all of his mindset. When confronted on his book covers which are filled with illuminati symbolism… he acts stupid and knows nothing about the things of that nature he just thought the covers looked cool. Being the one as he claims to read everything, and research everything it is hard to believe he knew nothing of illuminati symbolism as he uses it a lot.  

image 393

So enter Michael Flynn and Clay Clark…

It appears that Flynn is the master mind behind the ReAwaken Tour and the loud mouth Carney is just that, a loud mouth Carney. It now appears the Carney was added as they needed an organizer and a front person. (He was chosen to fulfill something alright, and appointed.) CC made the best personality for that position as he is arrogant, boastful, and will do anything for a sale and even more to gain fame. And he has the connections in the Mega churches to push tickets, and draw crowds and hosting in churches makes a nice cover. He has Tulsa’s 501c3 Mega Church influencers instant ticket sales lists and churches who follow the dance lead. (after all he’s the anointed fulfiller of Hagin’s Tulsa Church Prophecy to save America and double bonus with fulfilling Clements prophecy too, so buy a ticket!) It’s a super sonic tale like one right out of a Marvel Comic book.

READ Another BOOM: Why Questions Go Unanswered… – The Marshall Report (

The master mind behind the psyops is Michael Flynn and his team. I’m sure Patrick Byrne had a lot to do with it. But, let’s just say that Byrne may be one of Clark’s handlers. As Michael Flynn appears to like to keep his hands clean. Meaning he likes to focus on the strategies and let someone else figure out how to implement it all.

Now what many of you don’t know is the troubles good hearted people had trying to help with election fraud groups with the Reawaken group heads like Joseph Flynn, Patrick Byrne and a host of sabotages. Some followed the Lin Wood attacks because he was vocal about them to alert people what they were doing. Perhaps to avoid something worse from happening to him. Rather than rehash all of that…just go to Lin Wood’s telegram page and go back to the beginning and follow forward. From that you can glean a great book. But to refresh where we have been… and to validate what I am saying… here are some links:Deep State Is Among Us… – The Marshall Report ( and When The Show Wobbles… – The Marshall Report ( and Patrick Byrne Proposes Insane Plan To Install Mike Flynn As President! (

image 384

Proverbs 23: 6-9

Eat thou not the bread of him that hath an evil eye, neither desire thou his dainty meats: For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he: Eat and drink, saith he to thee; but his heart is not with thee. The morsel which thou hast eaten shalt thou vomit up, and lose thy sweet words. Speak not in the ears of a fool: for he will despise the wisdom of thy words.

And if you speak out what you see… you get censored by the Flynn Police Doug Billings…Read: Doug Billings Said What? – The Marshall Report (

Time to connect the dots…. Gordon Rose reported that

Robert Patrick Lewis, a Child Sex Trafficking Customer caught and arrested for doing so, is with Flynn running the circuits WHO IS SUPPOSEDLY OUT to crush child sex trafficking….which Rose says means, either Flynn is the worst spy in history, and failed to do a background check on his own personal body guard or he knew it and that is messed up. So what is up with that? This guy is Flynn’s right hand man for security and Fynn’s on the ground operations!

Connect the dots…use your virtual pen…. or magic marker….

image 389
image 390

Lewis was also asked to provide security for retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn during the “Jericho March” from the National Mall to the Supreme Court. Lewis also mentioned providing security for Stop the Steal organizer Ali Alexander. See reports

Excerpt from Vozwire:

“Lewis founded a group called 1st Amendment Praetorian in September 2020 that provided security for three Washington DC rallies that helped build momentum over the two-month period building to Jan. 6. Lewis has described 1st Amendment Praetorian in an Oct. 11 Facebook post as a “group of military, law enforcement and intelligence community veterans” who “provide pro bono intelligence and security services to patriotic and religious events.” (Just wondering if this had something to do with his plea deal? Not saying people can’t change. Just reporting the facts. and asking questions as they arise.)

This, plus many other recent activities….sure makes a person want to ask a lot of questions about Flynn’s discernment…?

image 391

Which brings us to….

January 6th and the dots are, General Charles Flynn denies Trumps request for 10 to 20 thousand national guard saying it lends bad optics. Which take us to Michael Flynn leads his patriots in the speech on January fifth to tear down the walls of congress pumping up Proud Boys and 1st Amendment Praetorians, digital patriot warriors, followed by not attending Trump’s speech, leaving DC the night before, followed by J-6 organized insurrection of bussed in groups of which …. Flynns guy is among those attacking, followed by arrests and psyops of the jail set up, followed by denying Q Anon, yet promoting it and turning podcasters into a digital army who now read off same scripts provided by the Clark Thrivetime Podcast Mentor program… and major attacks on Lin Wood, followed by Byrne announcing there needs to be a new President and government system that does not include Trump, followed by… backlash which is followed by bringing on prophets to the show, which is followed by Clark declaring we are not a church so leave our ticket sales alone… we pay churches 90 thousand a pop to hold these…followed by… a white board with all sorts of magical lines going in all directions so Clay Clark can teach Trump about Jesus because Clay said Trump doesn’t have Jesus. And yes, he said that.

image 392

Meanwhile Clay talks a mile a minute and programs monster inc. type fun fear while he laughs about it like a crazed carnival barker. Pray that these people turn and see what they are doing is of the world and not of God in its application that they may stop the deception and do what is right. Many good people are involved and pray they have eyes to see truth. Jesus fed the multitude of 5,000 when they were hungry with two fish and five loaves, and freely he fed them…he did not charge for the fish nor the bread. Amen. There is a fine line in marketing a conference and marketing prophets and pastors…it is iron and clay and those don’t mix. There is something about charging $250 and pastors pay half price that doesn’t sound like it is what Jesus would have us do, especially in these days of great peril. Amen.

So beware the stage is set for some sort of mass round up.

Pray unceasing and take all things before the Lord and the Holy Spirit for discernment! This is spiritual warfare!



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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