It’s Martial Law and NWO is RESET!

Ottawa Emergencies Act Vote Live Stream!

All of the information is good, but if you want to get right to the vote, that starts around 18 minutes in.

Canada has been a friendly social democracy. Canadians have told us over and over again they are not a socialist nation, they are a capitalist multi-party state with socialist policies to improve the quality of life for all its’ citizens. Qualities that prove it’s not socialist include elections, economic control, strong private sector and commercialized education sector. But its welfare programs, taxes, and healthcare have just been part of its’ friendly socialist policies. Now they have called an emergency act. They would never call it what it is…they don’t do that. So there is no martial law, only an Emergency Act that needed to be called because the social citizens were waking up and hearing some truth. They were seeing what was really taking place. So, they had to have toy boy do his most social thing of all. Crush the will of the people and put them in their place. Remember Klaus Schwab and his gene altering transhumanism jabs go hand in hand with RESET.

Schwab admits he controls Trudeau. He also controls other puppets.

Schwab has publicly bragged that he has “penetrated” cabinets around the world to force his economic philosophies upon the people circumventing any right of the people to vote. This was at his talk at Harvard. He has boasted that the people of the world would have nothing and be happy. He has boldly spoken out about mRNA gene therapy and getting rid of the spiritual part of mankind, making them only with mind and body. He has infiltrated Universities, and Harvard teaches his agenda. He is a master indoctrinator with visions for the next generation and they are not the visions of God.

His vision is one of totalitarian state where little people are robotic and obey. There is no more freedom only a ruling elite class and perhaps some genetically sound humans for breeding. The rest shall be obedient transhuman slaves for his society.

Harvard Young Global Leaders

He has infiltrated Harvard and has brought his agenda to be taught there. This is what he is doing. He has not only infiltrated governments, he has infiltrated the universities to indoctrinate the next generation to see through his eyes. Schwab’s mind manipulation program called Global Shapers is his project to reshape the world into his Marxist vision. What sounds like a good thing on the outside, is a very diabolical scheme on the inside.

This war is not about Canadians and its’ citizens, it’s about controlling the entire world!

Academics have been the breeding grounds for communism calling it names such as global society, global village, global unity, global initiatives, etc. THIS IS HOW THEY BRAINWASH OUR YOUTH, THROUGH COLLEGE PROGRAMS and LIES of a utopian society with young leadership. Kids eat this up because they have never lived under such systems and they are about to get a taste of what that’s like. (If they survive the jabs and transhumanism experiments.)

While everyone was looking at Soros…this man was controlling the puppets.

Listen to him talk about building his GLOBAL VILLAGE!

Canadians, Americans and the entire world need to understand this agenda. Trudeau is following a GLOBAL PLAN. The same agenda for the 21st century only with a new name…RESET. And the step by step of it all was written in their little book called “LOCKSTEP” where a new world will emerge out of the chaos of a pandemic called COVID-19. This was planned long ago and Trudeau is a prodigy of Klaus. Trudeau is doing the will of those behind this Satanic world take over. Schwab is another front man like Soros. These do the work for the ones that make up the beast whose names we do not know and faces we cannot see. The nations of the world gave their crowns to the beast and we are seeing the affects of this and it is everything evil! Like our Bible told us it was!

This is an all-out war against humanity and Schwab and his RESET oligarchs who are aligned to destroy humanity and sovereignty of nations. Everything is on the line for the very future of our world, our families, and our children.

The World is watching how the sovereign Nation of Canada is being taken over by the New World Order RESET. THIS IS THEIR PLAN.

Now, what will you do? Attend a road show to listen to Mr. Clark save America? Vote this out? Or pray unceasing and take a stand?

I sense that the Truckers heading for D.C. are falling into a trap. It may be best for them to go on strike at home. Leave the highways quiet. Learn a lesson from J6 and avoid being a target for Biden to call martial law for causing economic terrorism. They have a host of new names and definitions. These are evil schemers and truckers need to be as wise as a serpent. Avoid at all costs being sitting ducks for UN Militants to use heat rays and other harmful space based weaponry on. I sense they are ready to make a big scene, lie on the news, and create false flags in order to arrest people and confiscate their trucks, bank accounts and businesses. Something tells me dark ones in the Pentagon are waiting to pull Joeys strings to do what Schwab wants.

Meanwhile, we have this other mess to contend with.

This has to be a double. Where is the real Pelosi? Or is this just how she rolls now?

Durham has been doing an investigation… he has everything on these treasonous people.

Pray that the God fearing men and women in the military win over the evil ones who do the bidding of the new world order RESET puppets. Pray they are stopped before they do stupid things.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God, and press, press, press! Stay safe and pray unceasing.


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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