ISIS Attack On France Was Planned and Directed! Who is next?

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Most people do not understand that the 57 states are Islamic states, nor do they understand that what is going on with the refugee placement is a thought out plan to attack humanity.  Let me fast track you through what is taking place in France that is also affecting the entire world.

Tragic attacks in Paris killed 129 people and left 99 injured fighting for their lives. Within an hour ISIS released a video claiming the attack was theirs.   Our media did not release who did it until hours after ISIS claimed they were responsible for the attack.

Presently, Western media tries to spin ISIS attacks as the cause of Syrian attacks from terrorists.  NATO and Western world calls to take out Assad.  Yet, Assad is fighting the same terrorists that attacked France which are the same terrorists that are CIA ISIS created, trained, funded and controlled.

The global elite are behind the ISIS created terrorist attacks. What they are not telling you is that next month they are having a conference in Paris to finish the plans for their one world global government.  The hotbed of ISIS refugees (mercenaries) are part of a plan to achieve their global governance by creating chaos in sovereign nations and blaming terrorism.  The Pope is presently calling for planetary government and the United Nations is behind the call as well as carbon taxes on nations. (If you were listening they basically announced all this last September at the United Nations Conference.)

This is not an upcoming movie plot, this is real and what is taking place on a world scale (however I am telling it an in a nutshell version, without all the side notes and details).

TTIP is an important part of all of this.  It has already been  secretly ratified, regardless of what individual citizens want and those in power plan to shove that onto the world citizens with or without consent as a unity of individual  nations’ approval.

The world is at a critical junction as the heads of the CIA met yesterday, Friday the 13, 2015 in Paris with the head of the prince intelligence to decide how to proceed.  This was not a false flag as false flags go; for France was taken by surprise and not expecting it to happen at the time it did.  However, it was a preplanned event.

How did it begin? Peter Sutherland, of the UN council who was the head of migration and former head of the European Union, opened the borders for others to come into and advertised Muslims to come into Paris for free.  At the same time the west destabilized the area using al-Qaeda and al-Nusra and opened up the Turkish border to flood people into Europe out of the east as far away as Afghanistan and  Pakistan, out of Iraq and herded them up through that corridor into Turkey and into Syria to then go into Europe. Then they lowered the borders, advertised everything for free to refugees and these so called refugees made their way through, Poland, Hungary and other nations all the way into France covering up their weapons transports all the way, while they also covered up the fact that 80 percent of the refugees are middle age able body men.  Of course people watching on the ground an through videos on social media the age of the refugees and  predicted they were going to attack infrastructures and citizens.  It was all very predictable.  Just as Donald Trump and others who were watching this take place had warned.

So now most if not enough are in place and the chaos is just beginning.  As pre-planned by the powers that welcomed this death to the old world order to usher in their new world order of governance.  All of this will require for states to ask for more money and more surveillance to protect the states (which is actually spying on you the citizen), more take away of individual rights like free speech all in an effort to keep peace with the new refugees and ultimately destroy the western civilization as we know it.  France and Germany have just banned demonstrating, this is all coming to America.

It is a known fact that France has had ongoing killings, riots and chaos from immigrant refugees and now the news is making this all sound new. Meanwhile concerned and frightened citizens who are yelled at and attacked by the Islamic refugees are called racists and Islamaphobes.  This is all part of political correctness as a tool.  What they are not telling people is that this was predicted during the Arab Spring and prior to the toppling of Gaddafi that this would take place.

In short this plan was well thought out before Russia entered the world stage to help Syria destroy ISIS the enemy.  This also explains the anger coming from Obama and his regime of the Russian interference which has grown to include allies such as Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, France,  China and other states waiting in the wings should they be needed.

Obama is playing his cards via his puppet masters and Kerry has announced a cease fire agreement to Assad and all of his allies, but excludes the rebel forces which are USA recruited, trained, equipt and funded. The entire cease fire is as bad as the Iran deal and will not be considered a viable agreement with Syria, nor Syrian allies like Russia.

America is faced with a key decision.  Do they resist and demand their own heads of government be tried for treason?  Or do they ignore all the facts in their face and allow the planned exchanges to continue?  Time is of the essence here.  To wait until the next election is exactly what the puppet masters expect and want for the American sheep to do.  Will we?  Or will we do the unpredictable and stand up now to take our nation back?  That is the bottom line.

Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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