Is There Any Truth To A New Queen Coming?


President Trump said, “No matter what our sick and derranged political establishment throws at me, no matter what they do to me, I will endure their torment and oppression and I will do it very willingly. They will never get me to stop fighting for YOU THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

He also said, “I will never quit because the fate of our country is at stake. I don’t think we’ve ever had a more radicalized or dangerous time in our country.”


According to a new Telegram channel called “Queen Diana”, there is a surprise coming. I cannot verify if this is the would be Queen or not… but, I was alerted to it this evening and thought it interesting to share. The channel went up on September 9, 2022 and is counting down the days for a big announcement to the world.

When we see things like this our first reaction is generally an emotional one. And then we begin to reason it. In this world where digital art is so realistic, and holograms look like live time shots (even in the same room) until you try to touch them and your hand moves through them, you can’t tell the difference. They can now make computer generated images of animals, whales, people, anything…appear and you don’t know the difference between whether it is real or a projected image. That being said… this could be an interesting day or it could be fantasy brought to you by the powers that be in charge.

I thought of scenarios for this, as I do when something sounds fantastic or unreal but could be real. I thought this could be an ultimate plot to have the world believe this is Diana and she is the new Queen and announce something fantastic that has the world dazed and wondering what is taking place. They could stage many scenarios, but here are two scenarios that sounded most likely.

The first one is they are planning a big deception to appear to be taking down an unpopular monarchy and replacing all the failing cast with new super stars the world will love and follow. Thus deceiving the world into a pied piper type…”come follow the lie and let’s RESET together properly…this is the GESARA/NESARA you’ve been waiting for.” And the nations get caught in their web.

image 194

The second one is that a few people pay attention to the Queen Diana announcement while others say it is fact checked and not true, calling it “Q” junk… and then that day comes and we see mass arrests and a world wide perp walk unlike anything we ever thought possible. The world hears from Queen Diana and it is real. We hear from John John and he tells us of what they have been doing for the last two decades or so and we all realize this is really happening. The news is taken over by the military and announcements are given to the people over the following days directing them of what to expect, and to do, along with the news that all debt is forgiven at these banks…and they read the list off and tell us this is because we never owed it, the world citizens are promised big checks and a new gold backed dollar is established and each person in every nation is given back the wealth that was stolen from them and hoarded up by the robber baron bank system. The people can now rebuild their lives, cities and nations together. New international systems are placed and the EU and the UN are taken down along with the Khazarian overlords and their organized alphabet agencies and banker corporations.

Now there is a third possibility that this could be announced and start a chain of catastophic events that eventually end up into a happy ever after, but only after a lot of destruction. And there is a fourth possibility that nothing will take place at all except more insanity from rogue puppet masters and a stronger push to RESET.

That being said, the possibility for Diana to have staged her death is a big one. It would have been much easier in 1997 to stage this in the way they did, as there was no social media then, nor were there people all over with cell phones taking shots and videos of everything in sight. At that time very few people were doubting anything told them by the government and the news was still a trusted source. (Those calling out lies were successfully called conspiracy nuts wearing tin foil hats.) Only the tabloids had a bad reputation.) It was much easier then to stage a death and hide it. People didn’t even know what a false flag was.

So the following information is what is shown on the Telegram account for “Queen Diana”.

It begins with the words… “It’s Time”

image 185

And a photo of an aged Princess Diana. Now we know how easy it is to age photos these days with digital photography. I am not saying this is photo shopped or it isn’t. I am showing you what is presented to the public. Personally, I believe it is photoshopped because Diana was born on July 1, 1961, and would have celebrated her 61st birthday this past summer of 2022. At 61 her skin should not look that aged.

The count down begins…the following day there is a new post:

image 184

Ladies and Gentlemen,

My name is Diana. Princess Diana, as some of you may remember me as.

I spent 25 years of my life hiding, being scared, not having anyone to talk to. I did it for my children and for the people of the world. What I’m about the reveal in the upcoming months will shake your bones!
Who died in the car accident?
Who ordered for me to be killed?
Who saved my life and gave a shelter?
This is all bigger than you think, you will not believe your eyes when I publish all of the information I have

Join this channel and make sure that you share it with everyone that you care about because they all need to hear this!

In exactly 10 days I will go LIVE and share the truth

September 11th… 9 days away…

image 186

WE ARE GOING LIVE! “The People’s Queen” !

Join this channel and make sure that you share it with everyone that you care about because they all need to hear this! In exactly 9 days I will go LIVE and share the truth – LINK👇

September 12th – 8 days away…

image 187



In exactly 8 days I will go LIVE and share the truth –

September 13th, 7 days away…

image 188

I knew it. I knew everything right from the start. I knew how they organized everything, I knew the person that was supposed to drive the car, I knew when they would pronounce my death. The only thing is that they didn’t know I knew so I managed to get out of that situation alive.

There is only one person that helped me with everything and I’m forever grateful to him, that’s why I decided to fight for his cause and help him. Soon I will show you the real faces of Charles, Camila and many others. They are not who they say the are.


September 14th, 6 days away…

Invite the whole world people. Finally the truth will come to light. God bless you all 🙏

Sincerely yours.

September 15th, 5 days away…

image 189

My life is full of stories … some of them are good, some of them are bad. Do you know which one is my favorite? The one that is coming…

They made you think that I am DEAD.
They made you think that they are GOOD PEOPLE.
They tried to make you believe in their LIES.

Prince Charles is a BAD PERSON.
Prince Andrew is a BAD PERSON.
Queen Elizabeth is a BAD PERSON.

They only fooled themselves!

In 6 days the whole world will see Prince Charles, Prince Andrew, and Queen Elizabeth’s TRUE FACES!

September 16th, 5 days away…

image 190

I am ready to read you the letter I left for Prince Charles. Im ready to share the truth with the whole world. IM READY TO BE THE QUEEN OF UNITED KINGDOM.

5 days…

Invite the world!
Sincerely yours

September 17th, four days away…

image 191

Do you recognize this man?

This is the person that helped me STAY ALIVE!That person is John F. Kennedy Jr! Believe it or not, JFK Junior is ALIVE!

I met John F. Kennedy Jr. in 1995 in New York.John asked me to pose for the cover of his political magazine and I agreed to it. I didn’t know that a simple meeting between me and him would SAVE MY LIFE!

John knew the plan that the Royal Family made. He started warning me about it and one thing led to another!From that moment on, I knew that I wasn’t alone in this WAR against BAD PEOPLE!

The American government tried to assassinate him but they didn’t know that he knew EVERYTHING!


JOIN John F. Kennedy Jr.’s channel! HE HAS A STORY TO TELL!


John F. Kennedy Jr. LINK👇

Queen Diana LINK 👇

If you are one of us you will know.
👉🏻 SHARE with other PATRIOTS

September 17th, four days away…

image 192

Princess Diana – ALIVE
John McAfee – ALIVE
John F. Kennedy Jr. – ALIVE
Jeffrey Epstein – ALIVE

The Royal Family tried to SILENCE ME!
The American government tried to assassinate John McAfee!
The American government tried to silence and assassinate John F. Kennedy Jr!
The pedophiles tried to hide Jeffrey Epstein and THE LIST!

Prince Andrew, Prince Charles, Joe Biden and many more are on that list!

In 4 days the WHOLE WORLD will SEE and HEAR EVERYTHING! 👑👸

Now some other interesting photos… this appears to be “Castle Rock” or some “Studio Set” for “The Show”.

image 193

Now as I was placing all of this I also thought of another thing… their new idea of keeping the dead with you. So, I am also not ruling out that this is some sick way of introducing their new video graphic imaging of keeping your dead family and friends with you in the new RESET, imaginary world with an ap. We must look at all things and not just jump on a band wagon that is hitched to a galaxy far away and be taken for a ride.

That being stressed, remember in this show nothing is as it appears, therefore…I am watching. Take all things before the Holy Spirit and don’t just follow anyone, or any thing…especially on social media blindly…including the Marshall Report. I am just reporting what others are saying and participating in. I await the same as you to see what, if anything, takes place on Sept. 21, 2022.

Keep on Pressing into the Kingdom of God. Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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