President Vladimir Putin said he was “not in a hurry” to end the military operations in Ukraine, and threatened to step up attacks on civilian infrastructure. Meanwhile, once again we get the propaganda machine, this time it’s US Secretary of State Blinken saying that Russia committed war crimes following the latest discovery of a mass burial site in one of Ukraine’s newly-liberated regions.  No one is talking about Zelensky’s NAZI troops killing Ukrainian citizens and blaming Russia.

Anyone who has actually looked into the war reports know what is taking place, so how long does the fake news, EU, and Joey believe they can continue to lie and people will not know it? Especially these days when people can read, think, and see with their own eyes all the footage of independent investigative reporters. Zelensky EU, Bankster lies who push Khazarian RESET is getting very old. People are not going to have their soul and anti-“free will” chips put in their heads, nor are they willing to starve, and be happy having nothing.

What is interesting is looking at the world nations and their masses of people who were never willing to play the “suicide my freedom game” for the Khazarian Oligarchs and their appointed puppets. The idea that the puppets placed by Oligarchs can kill or genocide 7 billion people is now up for a rethink. Asside from destroying the entire earth, and every living thing upon it, these will never have their Babylon The Great. They need to rethink what they are doing and consider the COLD HARD FACT that it just may be them that end up with nothing and are told to be happy. That is how it is looking.

Just like a Tsunami when the water draws way out to sea creating a much bigger shore and exposes all that has laid beneath it… the “Let’s follow Charlie show as he desires to become king”, has given us a greater insight into how this entire world domination plan works. And to think it was right in front of our eyes all the time. How was it that we could not see it?

The plan is simple and quite abusive at that. Find youth and groom them to be dependent on the approval of the state, mind control them and break their self will so they think only to serve their groomers and do as they are told. Harsh punishments shall follow for any who do not march in line as they are ordered to do. All creative thought is forbidden except in think tanks guided by mind control masters. And just like that, the world becomes a private monarchy where the top of this pyramid decide all leadership appointments and everything their think tanks will ponder and work at to devise.

It is all the Khazarian Monarchy world beast and the role model has been paraded in our faces in the light of day. All who enter its world master’s presence are taught how to courtsey, bow, and what disciplines of respect must be shown to the one appointed to rule from the throne of power. It is a pyramid power structure and the example has been in the Royal Palaces from the beginning of time. Strict punishments for disobedience were always enforced.

Even Queen Esther risked her life to go before her husband the King when he was in council. The punishment for doing so, even for the Queen was death. It was the law. But Hamon had been in league to kill and genocide every one of the people of Israel and had prepared the gallos to do it. The situation was so dire it could only be done with God working through her so they fasted and prayed. The situation reaked of a suicide mission. Her choices were to die without the truth ever being told to the King, or to take a stand and die with the truth being told by breaking the law to tell it. But, God went with Esther before the King and instead of her and all her people being slain and hanged, Hammon and his family were hung on the gallos.

Esther 4:14 –14 For if thou altogether holdest thy peace at this time, then shall there enlargement and deliverance arise to the Jews from another place; but thou and thy father’s house shall be destroyed: and who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?

God chose Esther to go before the king to save a nation and she heeded the call and went.

And her heroic words etched in scripture, Esther 4:16 – “…and so will I go in unto the king, which is not according to the law: and if I perish, I perish.”

image 198

The British just can’t seem to grasp that they don’t have an empire anymore! Or is something else going on?

It’s more like watching a reenactment parade of a lost time in history, resting on past laurels never speaking of infiltrations. Celebrating a tradition with costumes and paid actors on a daily basis. Sending royals out to old colonies who are now free nations…at least they believe they are. And why is all of this? What is it all for?

In our generation for the last 70 years, the world has watched and observed the rules of conduct and protocols of any and all who go before the Queen. No one ever questioned the tradition. Instead they sought to learn and understand it. The proudest moment for many has been when they know the protocols and can explain to others what is being done during all the pomp and parading of the royals and her Majesty the Queen. Or so they believe they know.

The real thing going on is very different than the show they are watching in the parade.

image 195

We were shown the glory and pomp of the nostalgic medieval procession of the Kings and Queens who ruled the Empire of the Crown. When all along it had been infiltrated and the ones who rule the monarchy of the world at the very tippy top of the pyramid, that ominous all seeing eye has been the one(s) who have told the Queen what to do. That is the part that has been hidden behind the veil.

The Tippy Top RESET Cap Stone…

image 197

The tippy top controls the three corporations which are the Vatican that controls world religious power, the Bank of London that controls world financial power, and the United States, Inc. that controls world military power. Everyone below this hierarchy must do as they say or give up their positions and in some cases, their very lives.

This is all part of the mind control that erases any signs of emotions and creative thought. Overlords fill the weary heads with memorized lines and creeds that breed loyalty to the one who owns them like property of the state. It is forbidden to have any thought of those appointed other than to obey them.

There are many ways to make the charts… the concept is layered and the basic levels do not change.

image 196

Over the last 2,000 years there have been two kingdoms building. The Kingdom of this world…and the Kingdom of God.

That is where we are in this showdown of RESET versus FREEDOM!

So while King Charlie is looking for his Throne, the world is shaking. We have many clown shows rolling… the Joey’s D.C. show, The Charlie wants to be King show, the Ukraine and Russia war show, the China/Thailand show, and the “World Winter’s Coming” show about shortages from everything from energy resources to food. The Wall Street and financial collapse show is rearing its’ ugly head and many false flags are firing off.

In the Ukraine show today, Zelensky is being called out for war crimes against the nations own citizens such as setting up military posts in hospitals and schools which is against international rules for war (if there are any such rules of war that an enemy will obey??). The man needs to be held accountable for his war crimes and the Khazarian Oligarchs who have been owning everything and being happy need to also be called out for their crimes against humanity for Zelensky is their puppet.

Meanwhile Charles, while clutching the Crown across the Pond…is looking for someone to make the people love him like they did Diana. He is pouting and angrily stomping his feet in between mourning his mum and deciding what new laws to decree for his royals. His mum never quite taught him that respect is earned, not bestowed, let alone anything of love… or so it appears. The authority of the Monarchy that Charles obeys has groomed him to push RESET with the force of his fist. He has no care in the world how many of the citizens are protesting because they are hungry, unemployed, losing their homes and mourning their own loved ones who died due to mandated jabs or maimed from the same. Meanwhile he’s trying to force popularity through a controlled press. He will never understand he isn’t fooling anyone. They cannot stop the true thoughts of a soul for it is in their hearts.

So while he has breakfast with his six types of organic honey and his special mineral water brewed tea, he is so oblivious to any understanding of what it is to be King of a free people. He will soon learn, as do all who push any form of tyranny that the people in the world – those 7 billion they don’t desire, are not consenting to be held hostages while globalists force a RESET that is meant to herd them into barns like cattle and cull them. It will never take hold.

If Charlie believes the colonies that were controlled in the past who are now all free, are going to bow down to his crown like they are once again a captured people… oh boy, he’s in for a big shock. Someone has certainly filled his pompous head up tight with lies, or maybe he understands the fact that all of the empire’s colonies were never really set free they have continued to pay tax to the Crown and he continues to rule them or at least own their money and have deed to their lands.

And what of those bankers who fund all the wars? They will kill many, as they already have. They will topple some nations, as they usually do. They will take away more precious metals in exchange for paper and confiscate real property when the debtors fail to pay. The day is coming swiftly when they finally awaken from their stupor of goulish arrogant dreams and schemes. They will find that the foolish pawns they appointed to carry out their RESET were totally outnumbered by those who never bought into the scheme of laying down their lives to be turned into robots. Nor will they ever. Their feudalism systems have been overthrown. Even though the oligarch masters have operated them with great stealth from behind the veil in secret. Their minions have been sloppy and quite frankly, the Oligarchs have gone way to far.

So as in any tsunami just before it hits, the shoreline expands and as these oligarchs wander out to foolishly claim that new land… they will eventually look up and low and behold off in the distance a faint roar they will hear and turn they shall to behold the ominous vision of massive waves of the 7 billion forming, rising up, higher and higher, staring them in the face. They will turn to run…. as this unforeseen tsunami looms up and over like a wall rising out from the sea. It will rush toward them roaring like a locomotive. They cannot outrun it, even if they dare to try.

Keep on pressing into the kingdom of God. Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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