Interesting that NASA docs show patents that work on flat earth concept

It is very interesting That NASA docs show that the shape of the earth was not known in 1948. They have patents that work based on a flat earth concept, because that is what they believed it was. In 1961 documents they still have missille patents that work relative to a flat non rotating earth. In June 1971 in documents, they still have idealized assumptions based on a flat nonrotating earth. I thought they told us that we went to the moon in 1969? And even in 1978!

The number one assumption is the earth is flat and not rotating documents show they continued to use these principles in 1988 and beyond. In 1997 with the new aircraft, they still have all working on a flat, nonrotating earth.

In the year 2000 document above, guess what? Yes…still based on a flat non rotating earth! The only places they have to account for curves are in where the earth terrain is not level. Mountain ranges, higher elevations, hills, rolling ground.

image 87

But what is most priceless is this page from 2001……..

image 88

So we can be sure in stating that they know, and now we know that they know. And they know we know.

image 89
This document is from 2010….and I am sure nothing has changed since 2010 except they know they can’t hide it much longer.

When we look at the new Death Star patents and solar rays….we understand why they want to turn all the farmland into solar panel fields. The documentation on the way the lasers work with the mirrors in the death star in the skys above….light works with direct beams… and because the earth is a flat base and not a curve, it works well. Yet they give us a spinning globe concept and have these death stars spinning among space debris following along the globe like a train on a track. These weapons are Direct Energy Weapons….also known as DEW. I believe these have been tested and work fine. Based on looking at California and the trees that burn inside out. This is a microwave technology designed to incinerate anything. It’s great for starting fires that will level a neighborhood and leave the trees alone.

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US8757552B1 – Dispersed space based laser weapon – Google Patents

Take what you will from this tutorial. Leave what you don’t believe behind. As for me, my eyes are wide open and there are a lot of questions that still have not been answered.

Stay Strong!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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