Joe Biden attacks Donald Trump’s refusal to ‘accept the will of the people’ ?? What part of the WILL OF THE PEOPLE is he not seeing? Can he not see his little circles of six versus over 80,000,0000 people who are very angry at the Dominion Fraud canceling out their vote? They didn’t vote for Joe, they voted for President Trump! Joe says, ‘It’s time to turn the page’. Patriot’s say – you’re right on that Joe – turn the page and let’s accept the fact YOU CHEATED, YOU GOT CAUGHT, YOU LOST!

I keep seeing pop ups here and there of Joe selecting his imaginary administration in his imaginary elect game and at first I was outraged, but now it is comical. Especially when you see who he’s putting in positions. I swear someone is going to jump out and yell, IT’S SATURDAY NIGHT! It’s all like an opening monologue for a comedy act. I won’t say you can’t make this stuff up because actually somebody did. It was all preplanned. But, it isn’t going to work. Dominion audits and foreign election interference is rampant and the deep state can yell no evidence all day long, we all have eyes to see and we still have our comprehension skills. They are not going to get away with their gaslight tactics. Those days are over.

Patriots are being patient as the truth is being exposed. I mean the evidence is all over the place and our highest court the “Supremes” are singing like it’s the sixties – missing in action!

It is painful to watch this clown show! Meanwhile…the only thing to do in the middle of all the frustrating chaos is laugh – it helps relieve the stress and makes for a happy attitude. Smile.

Will the last one out of the Biden show please turn out the lights. Thank you.

Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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