Don’t be so quick to confuse lack of emotion with controlled disciplinarian doctor habits.  It seems we already have one example seated in the White House already.  The calm, no emotion smiling charmer, you all know who that is.  Well, if the classic example of leaving a campaign trail to do a book tour, added with a surge in the polls doesn’t expose some sort of FRAUD….nothing ever will.

Carson is calm, does little direct eye contact, in fact most of his interviews are done with eyes half closed or entirely closed.  He rationalizes all his statements that lack public favor, and changes his mind on key issues as often as  a chameleon changes his color, and in the same manner.  It seems who ever he is speaking too, his stance changes to address their favor.  Oh there are a few things his handlers have told him to adhere too, once they felt they got it right…and so he took his stance on a Muslim should not be president.   Well, he is too late for that to make any difference, nor is it detrimental to anything at this point. It’s a no brainer.

So who is this man Carson?  Your guess is as good as mine.  He was hand picked by the Elite descendent of John Phillip Souza and stamped Tea Party favorite on the wool they have pulled over your eyes.  Yes he is a neurosurgeon, but no he is not conservative, nor is he telling the public the truth about his core beliefs.  Unless he went into the bathroom with his Bible and read another passage, and left with an entire new outlook on everything….he is still the same guy deep down.  Who among you could in six months change everything you believe when, let’s say, you hear a Hillary speech and now you forget all your core values and become a progressive democrat?

Why then are we to believe that in the 80’s Carson heard Reagan speak and became a conservative?   Yet, he remained a flaming liberal, and never registered to vote until 2001 and first voted in 2004?   He recently changed his voter registration to the Republican Party on October 31, 2014.  Strange he did that on Halloween?  And only 5 months before he announced his GOP presidential run.  See more at:

And now his people in Baltimore are saying, who is this Carson?  He sold us out.  We don’t know who he is anymore.  Funny isn’t it?  They knew him when he first said he was running for president and they cheered him on.  Now they call him a sell out.

Buyer be ware and vet this guy a bit deeper. I she fifty shades of something?

Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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