Has The Global RESET Finally Fallen?

Will Italy Fall On It’s Sword For the EU, IMF, WEF, et al? What would that gain any of them?


She’s supposed to just put a bunch of programs together that meet their climate change goals and put no thought in how money is spent or how it will ever be paid back.

Unfortunately for the EU and WEF, but fortunately for Italy, Meloni is not one to just jump in and grab money and have their RESET CLIMATE CHANGE HYDRO- MATIC A.I. UNPROVEN IDEAS forced onto Italy. Not when there is need for schools and other important infrastructure projects that aren’t on their totalitarian controlled list.

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It appears that in the RESET game, somehow the EU gets to dole out money in the same manner that ARPA does here in the US, complete with telling the states how it can and cannot be spent. She knows the game… it appears the EU has modeled after the USA, INC. in how the Federal dangles money only to be spent a certain way when the states and municipalities need money for other major things like road repairs without their A.I. Smart City extras.

But then again, isn’t that why the BRICS nations banned together in the first place? To get around the EU’s Fiat controlled banking that dictated what it could and could not be spent on for sustainable development… or KM Oligarch WEF club spending demands? Yes it was.

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The PNRR is an acronym for the national recovery and resilience plan. Meloni was hit with a barrage of attacks because she is delaying her part in agreeing to the monies… and is actually giving it all some thought. She is freshly yet aware of what happened to the now bankrupt Greece when it grabbed the monies from the International Monetary Fund… without thinking all of the conditions through. Greece learned the hard way that good economic policy is not just about numbers on deposits and UN, EU infrastructure pushes…. as a nation leader it is about the families and backs of the people who bear the brunt of failed leadership and out right communistic moves to control.

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 “The ability to spend – Meloni explained – is a historic problem. Merging the delegation of the PNRR to the cohesion policies stems precisely from this need”.

Even last September, Girogia Meloni, leader of the Brothers of Italy centre-right Alliance party was not eager to take on more debt as an answer to the energy crisis. Meloni stated then, “Italy should not take on more debt to respond to the energy crisis but it should be able to amend its European Union-backed recovery programme to ease pressures.”

Today, Meloni still has some serious concerns regarding some of the reforms needed to ensure Italy gets access to its carrot on a stick of $200 billion euros ($199 billion) in EU funds for its post-COVID Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR). She wants to make sure the monies are spent for economic growth and programs that benefit the people and is not wasted on things that don’t.

“We will not lose the PNRR  opportunity, despite the delays we have inherited” stated Meloni, “We are working to reshape the plan and resolve the critical issues, focusing on those projects for which the funding can be spent within the plan deadline.”

“On the PNRR I hear and read things that don’t exist. As Minister Fitto has already explained in various institutional forums, the government and the majority are working with the European Commission to resolve some structural problems of the plan”.

 “We have presented a serious economic and financial document, the forecasts of GDP growth are revised upwards with responsibility, the economy is doing better thanks to the interventions implemented since it took office by the government, in first of all the budget law, the drop in the price of raw materials, the slowdown in inflation and the recovery in consumption, also due to the climate of confidence that has been registered in Italy since the current executive has been in office”. READ: Meloni: “We will not lose the Pnrr opportunity, despite the delays we have inherited” (agenzianova.com)

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Italian Foreign Minister, Anthony Tajani

Italian Foreign Minister, Tajani said: “All countries have disputes from the EU, it is obvious that it must be negotiated. I am convinced that as far as the third tranche of the PNRR is concerned, it is still a matter of little. If then there should be the exclusion of a small part, Italy will make its observations. Flexibility is essential”.

Giorgia Meloni said, “Italy should be able to amend its European Union-backed recovery programme to ease pressures”.


The entire world is in this sick game … it’s like watching someone destroy your entire city, block by block, RUIN ALL YOUR INFRASTRUCTURE, have your people unemployed on the verge of starving, then after your people are suffering and the man made plague inflicted on you is on hold for the moment, they come in and say to you… I will loan you the billions it will take to rebuild your city… but you have to spend the money on these things… and do it this way… or you will be in trouble and by the way… all the money needs paid back with interest. And you can’t trade with anyone we don’t want you to trade with… like Russia. And don’t think you can rebuild anything without doing what we say… or you not only will have no money to rebuild, you will be cut off from EVERYTHING! SO DO AS WE TELL YOU AND HOW WE TELL YOU TO DO IT!

This is taking place world wide. But, we are told that the head of the snake has been cut off. So the power Ursula and the EU, NATO, WEF, US, et al are still pushing… has little power behind the barking.

They are all but done. What we are watching are the Western appointed powers destroying the Western lower level appointed powers. And the people are in the streets angry with pitch forks.

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di Cesare Sacchetti writes “The Deep State Furious With Meloni for Refusal To Perform The PNRR”…

In his article he reveals what’s behind the PNRR and notes it is more like a debt trap. He suggests this could be the end of their NEW WORLD ORDER!

EXCERPTS: “The PNRR does not aim to grow the country. It could be defined for what it is. A debt trap, this is really a problem because it is contracted with foreign subjects on extremely penalizing conditions.

“The PNRR is nothing more than a series of loans granted by the European Commission to Italy, which will then have to repay them by implementing the conditionalities requested by Brussels which are substantially the same as those imposed on Greece in past years.

“Privatizations, cuts in public spending and tax increases. It is nothing more than a Troika with a different guise but it was decided to disguise it under another name to ensure that this was not recognized by public opinion that remembers very well the massacre suffered by Greece.

“The IMF, in other words, wants the Greekization of Italy and this is the order given to Meloni. To carry out the plan of economic disintegration that has been implemented by the political class of the last 35-40 years and that has had an impressive acceleration after the death of Aldo Moro who opposed this plan and ended up paying with his own life for it.

“The Fund was then joined by the European Commission, which sent the same order, namely the rapid and timely implementation of the PNRR, followed by the Court of Auditors and the CGIL.

“A real pincer maneuver agreed because all the calls came within a few hours of each other.

“That of the Court of Auditors appears frankly to the writer the most scandalous. The Court of Auditors has the task of supervising the state budget but it does not have the task of directing economic policy and it is to this last sphere that the PNRR belongs.

“Whether or not this plan should go ahead must be determined by the executive on duty, since its implementation is the exclusive political power of the government and not of the accounting judiciary.

The end of the globalist status quo

“There is, however, an insurmountable obstacle to the implementation of this plan. The transnational “order” that guaranteed this agenda is dying out.

The era of unlimited power concentrated in the hands of a few transnational clubs has come to an end. The words of one of the most notorious exponents of these powers in Italy and one of the men who worked stubbornly on the plan to annihilate Italy, Massimo D’Alema, always come to mind.

“D’Alema explicitly said that the era of the New World Order that was thought to be unhindered after the fall of the Berlin Wall had faded. Nations and no longer empires have returned to the center of the historical process.

“The Anglo-American empire on which the whole system of globalist power was based is fading after the advent of the Trump presidency and with the current Biden presidency that rather than stopping the process seems paradoxically to accelerate it or at least does nothing to reaffirm the unipolar domination of Washington.” End of excerpts. Read full article here: The deep state furious with Meloni for his refusal to perform the PNRR – La Cruna dell’Ago – by Cesare Sacchetti (lacrunadellago.net)



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