Gordon Rose Calls Out Flynn…

Gordon Rose unveils General Michael Flynn’s Associate and former body guard as a “Child Sex Trafficking Customer”…. meet Robert Patrick Lewis!


Robert Patrick Lewis, a Child Sex Trafficking Customer caught and arrested for doing so, is with Flynn running the circuits WHO IS SUPPOSEDLY OUT to crush child sex trafficking….which Rose says means, either Flynn is the worst spy in history, and failed to do a background check on his own personal body guard or he knew it and that is messed up. So what is up with that? This guy is Flynn’s right hand man for security and Fynn’s on the ground operations!

Why January 6 committee is deep diving into Robert Patrick Lewis and the 1st Amendment Praetorians

Lewis was also asked to provide security for retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn during the “Jericho March” from the National Mall to the Supreme Court. Lewis also mentioned providing security for Stop the Steal organizer Ali Alexander. See  Vozwire.com reports

Excerpt from Vozwire:

“Lewis founded a group called 1st Amendment Praetorian in September 2020 that provided security for three Washington DC rallies that helped build momentum over the two-month period building to Jan. 6. Lewis has described 1st Amendment Praetorian in an Oct. 11 Facebook post as a “group of military, law enforcement and intelligence community veterans” who “provide pro bono intelligence and security services to patriotic and religious events.”

This, plus many other recent activities….sure makes a person want to ask a lot of questions about Flynn’s discernment…?

Listen to Gordon Rose –


So while professing to fight child sex trafficking Lewis has been a customer of child sex trafficking. And Flynn has to know this. Especially when it is on public record for civilians!

So who is Robert Patrick Lewis?

We are learning there are always two people. The one who has been paper clipped to be whatever the intelligence sphere wants that person to be, and then there is the real person. So, know that first, then we see this Lewis is an author and a blog contributor at UncoverDC.  And he created the 1A Praetorian, which according to their website, “1st Amendment Praetorian is dedicated to providing intelligence and security services to grassroots events in order to ensure that these rights remain protected and that important voices are heard.”

image 46

So it is up to you to discern if the online version is the paper clipped version…or the guy that was arrested? Gordon Rose did the research and it sure looks like it was a lousy paper clipped job as his records are still public. Perhaps this is all part of a plea deal? Maybe he was having a bad time? Who knows…but one thing is sure… nothing is as it appears.

More and more questionable information has been coming out about General Michael Flynn lately. 

Gordon Rose who is “Deep State Dave” on Telegram, has posted the court docs for Robert Patrick Lewis’ appearances for “Attempting to purchase child sex trafficking”…

image 47

See the PDF of all the pages here: RPL_ClipArtistFilms.pdf (mypatriotsnetwork.com)

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom and demand answers to valid questions!!! The truth shall set you free! Everything is infiltrated.


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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