Good Morning-It’s Showing!

Let It Show…Let It Show, Let it Show!

The Origin of the Snowman – Kern Valley Highlights

Still Trust Newsmax? Look and see….discern…..


Meanwhile…in the real world…people are beginning to see things for what they are.


The next part of the show gets better. Patriots get fired up and join forces…surprising the opposition!

Jabs kill two people for every one life saved? Good grief this needs to stop!

Some people just think animals are as stupid as they are. They find out fast, they aren’t.

This appears to be a CGI or a double who can’t quite get Omar’s voice down right. Come to think of it…where has she been lately? Haven’t seen her in anything congress for a while. Makes one wonder if…???

Compare to the real Omar….these fakes are getting easier and easier to catch. They really think we are that stupid.

And then Lin Wood speaks out on how he has been slammed by media and Rittenhouse misinformation.

Wrap up smears and false claims abound against those who tell the truth. Meanwhile we have liars and fake news pushing out propaganda and now if the Rittenhouse family proceeds with their handlers advice they just may learn a very hard lesson. So far from what I’m hearing…the lies are actually backfiring on the entire bunch. Bail money is not a reward for the one who gets out of jail unless they put money in…of which the Rittenhouse family put zero dollars in. It goes back to the ones who raised it which was Fightback which is a foundation to help people with legal issues. And now Marjorie Taylor Greene is looking questionable after all.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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