It’s a great new day! I got up, grabbed some coffe and got right to work practicing note writing and edited a few reports.

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Editing will be done next week…so reports concerning that will be out sometime then.

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This should make the professional troll editors happy. After all, in this time of crisis…we all have to just sit back, complain and do things inside the literary art box rules made by the ones who control who gets to do what. You know, the rules made by the people who control the foundations who fund who gets to do what. These are the same ones who push all the propaganda, set the standards, and critique the lowly unknown starving artists, authors, musicians, and inventors while they are alive, and then after they die, profit off of their work. History is full of such a myriad of stories. So sad they say. So very sad. That’s what they say.

good morning

This cartoon is my own creation I drew and put together for my book…where I point out the wonderful world of literacy owned and controlled by the 1 percent club, without mentioning the one percent club. Smile.

In it I mention how the rules that need to be memorized not only stifle creativity and going with the flow needed in creative writing or creative anything. It teaches to memorize and never question, nor even know how to question for it is not allowed. Rules are rules. Obey, memorize and get an A. Question, analyze come up with another solution and fail the class. That way the selected few can more easily be pushed to the top. Vangelis is one of my favorite stories who could not read composition music but composed the most award winning scores. Who hasn’t heard of Chariots of Fire? Who doesn’t love the Beatles…too bad that none of them could read or write music when they started out. Somehow they slipped past the literary arts box keepers.

Creativity starts out by allowing yourself to be free of everything you were taught, everything you heard someone say about you, and every limitation anyone ever placed on you by saying you couldn’t do this or that. Most of all it is getting rid of everything you told yourself that you could not do, be or achieve. Once you do that, you will be ready to begin to build your new world. Ask God to help you erase all the old and show you all the knew things you are to feel, think, and do. Then begin. You will find impossible things are possible and you will begin to see these things. You will call them miracles. You will attract other people who also do impossible things that they too call miracles.

There is something called NATURAL TALENT, many hear the music, they see the notes, they don’t write them they play them. I wonder if King David had music lessons as a young lad when he learned to play the harp? Did they have sheet music back then? What the Literary Arts Gate Keepers do is analyse other peoples work and memorize it so others can reproduce it. Read that last line again! Very few have been taught to create…they’re taught to duplicate! God has given each unique gifts and the devil loves to keep all of you from discovering them and using them! In all professions, in all things…everyone has gifts!

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It begins by letting loose and making free expression. It may look odd at first…but just tell the nosy critic you aren’t finished yet and God has just begun a work in you.
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Then, after a little while…when the critics return to yap at you some more, they will look in awe. “How in the world”, they will say, “did you do this…it was impossible?” Then you smile and tell them, “It was only impossible as long as I listened to you.” The hardest part is breaking free. Once you do, grab hold of God’s hand and start running! Never look back – keep your eyes on him!

Imagine mentoring other people how to clean their slate and start new with God? Now that is a game changer. Imagine when the bottom of the pyramid reaches a critical mass of doing the impossible things together? The entire world will change and be full of people who love doing the impossible things called miracles with God at the top!

It begins with you. Today. Right now. Free yourself from the limits that have been placed on your mind. Teach your children how to think outside of the box. Teach them now and teach them quickly.

Imagine this new world for the Lord that is coming and think of what you are to do to usher it in!



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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