Follow The Yellow BRICS Road!


Remember when we talked about the Bricks store?  I do. Well here comes India getting ready to “ruble” and they are going to be up and running as early as next week.

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The shift in events has turned out to be a new opportunity for India to export products to Russia.

According to Sakthivel, the President of Tirupur Exporters Association in Tripur, India, they are expected to announce a payment arrangement that would allow trade with Russia to continue.  They are creating a “rupee-ruble” trade mechanism.

The Tirupur Exporters Association in Indian Exporters Association, FIEO, is a government-backed association representing over 200,000 exporters, and oversees India’s export promotion councils.

This will allow Indian exporters to continue their business with Russia even after Biden and the EU’s punishment that has boomeranged back to them as an economy destroyer for themselves. Talk about what the devil meant for evil God has turned around for good. This is turning out to be one of those classic examples! This arrangement would also allow India to buy Russian energy exports and other goods.

I told you everyone loves shopping at the BRICS store!!

Sakthivel said the Indian government is working on a proposal to allow four to five nationalized Indian banks to be engaged in the trade, and there have been consultations between the central bank governor, the finance minister and banks.

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INDIA – NOVEMBER 17: A Sakthivel, President, Tirupur Exporters Association, poses at office, in Tripur, India. (Photo by Deepak G Pawar/The India Today Group via Getty Images)


The international sanctions on Russia  now provide Indian exporters with an opportunity to expand in the Russian market. “Export to Russia is not much, only in agriculture and pharmacy products. Now that the whole of the West is banning Russia, there will be lot of opportunities for Indian firms to enter Russia,” said Sakthivel.

This move is sure to anger the NATO and EU alliances, and O’Biden…but…watch them all buckle one by one….they dropped the ball in their over confidence in who they thought they were. India topped this off with a touché’ of …we are neutral in any war in Ukraine with Russia.

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Meanwhile where is China on paying Russia in Rubles?

It looks like no one understood the BRICS store. Or they have just been so full of themselves and their new world order that they had no clue the rest of the World likes their nations and maybe, just maybe they don’t want to have nothing and be happy. The Biden administration’s recent efforts to coerce or cajole Beijing into joining the U.S.-led sanctions regime against Russia appear to have come to nothing as the BRICS Alliance seems to be stronger than ever thought. This was made crystal clear during the video conference last week between President Biden and Xi Jinping, at which the Chinese leader explicitly refused to lend Beijing’s weight to international efforts to pressure the Kremlin to pull Russian forces out of Ukraine. And remember, Putin building big beautiful gas line to China. And they had pancakes that were delicious.

This is sure looking like a domino affect of gold standard nations. Which brings us to…BlackRock and Vanguard…the great merchants of the earth who move billionaires and useless eaters money around.

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BlackRock is Fallen, is Fallen… BlackRock’s Larry Fink, who oversees $10 trillion, says Russia- Ukraine war is ending globalization

 Larry Fink, CEO and chairman of the world’s biggest asset manager, BlackRock, said Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has upended the world order that had been in place since the end of the Cold War.

I say good. Now it’s time to get back to the gold standard, and kick the central banks out. It’s time for a national bank again. No matter what they will tell you, or what hyped up lines of propaganda they throw at you on fake news and fake print….the truth is…it was never broke until the coupe master bankers broke it in order to own everything. It was all by deception, stealth and the end goal of controlling the economies of the world in order to have their Babylon the Great whose mark is MONEY – SPECIFICALLY GOLD! It was paper for thee and gold for me…that was their new gold standard that they devised.

Larry Fink (don’t ya just love the name Fink?) anyway, he wrote a big letter to Blackrock shareholders and I guess he is seeing some stock collapsing on the wall as many are folding now internationally.

Fink said in his 2022 letter to shareholders, “The Russian invasion of Ukraine has put an end to the globalization we have experienced over the last three decades. It has left many communities and people feeling isolated and looking inward. I believe this has exacerbated the polarization and extremist behavior we are seeing across society today.”

In reading his letter, either he is being cleverly deceptive or he is incredibly naïve and out of touch with both Russia and Ukraine and clueless to many of the oligarchs who have financial and peculiar interests in the bio labs in Ukraine and the research  being done in them.  If we are to believe what he is saying in his letter, it is obvious he has worn his COVID mask over his eyes and ears and paid no attention to the entire list of sins Ukraine has against them since their inception. He has not noticed the bio-labs nor the entire government controlled by wealthy oligarchs and various RICO  thugs, to use as their piggybank, money laundering, bio-labs, human and child trafficking, bombing and killing Russian citizens within Ukraine itself, and to use their newest tag name that is most  common on the street …”the head of the new world order snake”.

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Below are excerpts from his letter. I have some side notes beneath paragraphs in brackets and italics.

“The ramifications of this war are not limited to Eastern Europe. They are layered on top of a pandemic that has already had profound effects on political, economic, and social trends. The impact will reverberate for decades to come in ways we can’t yet predict.

“In the early 1990s, as the world emerged from the Cold War, Russia was welcomed into the global financial system and given access to global capital markets. In time, Russia became interconnected with the world and deeply linked to Western Europe. The world benefited from a global peace dividend and the expansion of globalization. These were powerful trends that accelerated international trade, expanded global capital markets, increased economic growth, and helped to dramatically reduce poverty in nations around the world.

(The crippling of Russia being forced into financial collapse was due to the CIA creating al-Qaida/Taliban mercenary groups run by Osama Bin Laden. They conducted a covert war for the USA, on the Russian border of Afghanistan. That drained The Soviet Union and Reagan got to say Gorbachev tear down this wall, etc. That is when they split up the Soviet Union.  It worked so well the US warmongers continued this tactic for 34 years there and throughout the Middle East. They also created ISIS and ISIL and other paid mercenary’s.

“It was during this time that we started, 34 years ago, to build BlackRock. We saw the rise of globalization and growth of the capital markets fueling a need for the kind of technology-driven asset management that we believed we could bring to our clients. We believed the world would come closer together. And we saw that happen. I remain a long-term believer in the benefits of globalization and the power of global capital markets. Access to global capital enables companies to fund growth, countries to increase economic development, and more people to experience financial well-being.

“But the Russian invasion of Ukraine has put an end to the globalization we have experienced over the last three decades. We had already seen connectivity between nations, companies and even people strained by two years of the pandemic. It has left many communities and people feeling isolated and looking inward. I believe this has exacerbated the polarization and extremist behavior we are seeing across society today.

“The invasion has catalyzed nations and governments to come together to sever financial and business ties with Russia. United in their steadfast commitment to support the Ukrainian people, they launched an “economic war” against Russia. Governments across the world almost unanimously imposed sanctions, including taking the unprecedented step of barring the Russian central bank from deploying its hard currency reserves.

(Do you see what they were trying to do?  They were trying to break their bank. They are not part of the Central banks. Putin Kicked Rothschild banks out when he first took office in Russia.)

“Capital markets, financial institutions and companies have gone even further beyond government-imposed sanctions. As I wrote in my letter to CEOs earlier this year, access to capital markets is a privilege, not a right. And following Russia’s invasion, we saw how the private sector quickly terminated longstanding business and investment relationships.

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(Anytime a CEO or politico starts talking about what is a privilege and what is a right, they are generally up to something. This type of thinking is consistent with his investors, as one of his CEO’s is of the belief that water is not a right, but instead, water is a privilege.  New world order CEO of Nestle Corp.  His letter to CEO’s: )

“BlackRock has been committed to doing our part. Grounded in our fiduciary duty, we moved quickly to suspend the purchase of any Russian securities in our active or index portfolios. Over the past few weeks, I’ve spoken to countless stakeholders, including our clients and employees, who are all looking to understand what could be done to prevent capital from being deployed to Russia.

(I’m sure you did Fink. Cut them off. Starve them all they have no right to anything. Is that the mantra of the new world order? Yes it is. Do as you are told or nothing for you.)

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“The speed and magnitude of company actions to amplify sanctions has been incredible. Iconic American consumer brands have suspended their operations of non-essential products. And financial services companies have taken similar steps to further isolate the Russian economy from the global financial system.

“These actions taken by the private sector demonstrate the power of the capital markets: how the markets can provide capital to those who constructively work within the system and how quickly they can deny it to those who operate outside of it. Russia has been essentially cut off from global capital markets, demonstrating the commitment of major companies to operate consistent with core values. This “economic war” shows what we can achieve when companies, supported by their stakeholders, come together in the face of violence and aggression.” You can read the entire letter, by clicking the link.

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But who controls BlackRock…which brings us to the higher tier…. VANGUARD!

There is one giant ball of wax and inside it is everything that is pushed and programmed into our heads and nothing gets pushed unless it is profitable and makes the oligarchs lots of money.  Years ago in 2008, I wrote in my book, “Sly Foxes, Wolves and Men- Is Marxism Growing In America” how those at the top own everything, follow your toothbrush up and see who owns it.  I was explaining how this pyramid structure works…how subsidiaries, and corporate giants work. By the time you follow any of it up to the top…you see it is a handful of the same people who own it all. It is a system and this system is private, and it operates on Gold…money…wealth. Whatever the name, the mark, the number or the number of the name…..the monetary system is what rules this world and no one can buy or sell without it!  Who would have ever thought that a man would hand over his gold for paper. And use the paper like it was gold?  That some would lust for paper because of what they thought it would do for them. They can’t eat it, they can’t really do anything much with it except hand it to someone for something that is useful. And all it takes for that to stop is for someone at the top to say…that paper isn’t good any more, or you can’t have that card with special numbers on it, or you can’t have that digital access, and definitely no gold or silver for you… it’s a privilege not a right. Are you seeing this yet?

BlackRock, itself is also owned by shareholders and the biggest shareholder of it is Vanguard.  So we ask, who owns Vanguard?  But, because Vanguard is a private company, we cannot see who the shareholders are. That is how it is designed to be.  The elite who own Vanguard do not like being out in the open. They like to stay behind the veil. Stay anonymous. The names we do not know, or aren’t supposed to know. These are the ones who desire a one world order with a very low population. And these are the same ones who control the puppet masters.

Whereas in the USA, monopolies (those who control an entire industry) are not legal, as of the reforms made by President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt back in the days when a few rich men who didn’t like competition began to hold monopolies in industry.

That’s when John Rockefeller and his Standard Oil brand held the monopoly on the oil industry.  Rockefeller held the monopoly on that and was forced to liquidate. While the “no monopolies rule” was supposed to stop the hoarding and level the playing field, it turned out to be a bigger monster. John Rockefeller devised the idea to buy up stock in other oil companies and figured out how to have controlling interest without having to run the company. Instead, take a seat on the board of directors and govern how it shall be run by having controlling shares in its’ stock. This allowed him to invest in all sorts of industry and have a legal monopoly by buying shares.

Now this idea started an entirely different shift in the way the business world worked. And it has grown into a giant web ever since. This, my friends is exactly how Vanguard and BlackRock and State Street grew to own everything, legally.  By shareholding.  

Reports show that the top 1% in the world own more than the other 99%.  Why is that?  Is it for power, for control?  The bottom line is that Vanguard and BlackRock hold a monopoly in all industries in the world and they, in turn, are owned by the richest families in the world, some of whom are royalty and who have been very rich since before the Industrial Revolution- it’s old, old money, manor born and bred money.

The reason they don’t boast about this is because they don’t want you to know. Only those in their circles of secret deals get to discuss such things.  Certainly not the chattel that they grow fat off of. (Meaning little people).  These are also the ones who write the rules. The rules of who gets what and who gets to be what. Mostly bloodlines stay within bloodlines. That is just how that works.

These own everything, this includes all forms of entertainment industry, films, arts, music, and also media…fake news is owned by the same. Fake media does the bidding of these same handful of people.

By now,  you know that these are WALL STREET and it is their game. Their scoreboard and they manipulate it to work to their best interest. You will never see one of these elite lose their shirts in a crash. They all somehow miraculously always know when to sell and get out of the market. And just in time. In time to catch their breath and then go out and buy up all the cheap stock that took a dive. Once again, building up their portfolios.

They own everything and control it by board seats and investments. Buying and selling shares . Which lead us to the Banks.

Introducing…. the Rothschilds dynasty. This is unquestionably the most powerful bloodline on Earth and their estimated wealth is around $500 trillion dollars. (If they still have it). And remember… all of this is what they want us to believe. Who knows who really is the most powerful one behind the curtain? It could be some royal named Chuck for all we know for certain.

The Rothschilds own the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

As it is now, this privately owned company (controlled by the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and Morgans) prints the money FOR the US Government, which pays them interest for the “favor.”

The Early Rothschilds Built a Fortune

This means that if we would reset the nation’s debt today and owe nothing, zero balance. And we began to reprint money, we would be in debt to the FED from the very first dollar loaned to our Government.

Another part of this banking system is the debt collector, known as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This is a foreign private corporation of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and is the private collector of the Federal Reserve System.

The power is in he who owns the gold.  Nothing more in Babylon the Great.

 “Give me control over a nations currency, and I care not who makes its laws” – Baron M.A. Rothschild”

Vanguard and BlackRock are nothing without the Rothschilds banking systems…therefore, you now know three of the power structures behind the ones who own everything….they are owned by the ones who bankroll everything. The ones who own the IMF and World bank.

Bloomberg calls BlackRock “The fourth branch of government”, because it’s the only private agency that closely works with the central banks. BlackRock lends money to the central bank but it’s also the advisor. It also develops the software the central bank uses. Many BlackRock employees were in the White House with Bush and Obama. Its CEO. Larry Fink is well acquainted with leaders and politicians. He knows them all. Fink is a front man not the puppet master.  

Where we are so far….In Summary…  The smaller investors are owned by larger investors this continues up to Vanguard and BlackRock, and their CEO’s are the great merchants of the earth and the banking system that controls this structure is the Rothschilds Bank of London. This is the power structure that we see.  The Rothschilds own the banking systems in almost all the world excluding Russia, Iran and a few small nations. They have a monopoly on everything.  A full list of Rothschild Banks and the nations they are in are in this link:

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So this is the structure that needs to return to the Gold Standard and eliminate all of this manipulation of markets and control over who is and who is not successful and who gets to play and who has to sit out.

This is why Elon Musk is getting no recognition for his electric car. Because the power structure doesn’t own it.  The power structure will always promote their structure and not their competition, and not small business, not the American Dream…they are global and care less about the American Dream. Are you awake yet?

So you can’t change one area without trickling over into all areas. The deep state hands are in everything…from Monsanto making genetically modified seeds, to Big Pharma making drugs and jabs, to fake news feeding us propaganda.

Remember the monetary system is just one part of the problem. The RESET plans that have kept prices high and technology that can cure cancer hidden, along with the technology that can give the world free electricity.  Foods without GMO’s and preservatives and things that are toxic need addressed. The pharmaceuticals with horrid side effects need addressed, clean water, food, all need addressed. When we stop them from poisoning us in our food, air and water we live healthier and longer. The first step is to end the Federal Reserve, and fix Wall Street stock exchange to be a fair system and not one that is manipulated by a handful of people.

So how would the world switch over to the gold standard when the wealthiest who control all systems are not for that?

It can be done, and it has been in process.  We are down to the final battles, and they may grow fierce. Desperate people do desperate things. Many have already been arrested, but these are the front people. There are so many more. I am sure they are taking care of it the right way. Ukraine was and is the head of the snake and this is where much evil was done, and all the Oligarchs know about it.

So ponder all of this and we will be able to understand and recognize what the powerful ones are doing and know when they are losing. They will never tell you. We have to understand the game, know how it is played…know how they play you. The more you know the less they can control you and manipulate you into making bad choices.

There is a lot taking place and has been all along.

Keep on Pressing into the Kingdom of God.  Press, press, press!!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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