Gold Standard and Fiat Money


First of all what is Fiat money?

Fiat is a Latin word that means dictate. Fiat dollars are paper notes that dictate what the money is worth that is written on the paper. Fiat bank notes are used in place of carrying bulk amounts of silver and gold to make purchases. The amount of gold and or silver the fiat bank note represents is written on the paper and used as legal tender.

Fiat currencies are produced by central banks and commercial banks’ credit expansion. In fact, central banks in cahoots with commercial banks increase the outstanding money supply by extending loans to firms, private households, and government entities. It amounts to money creation from thin air or—in a way—counterfeiting money as there is nothing to back it.

The “out of air” credit-based issuance of new fiat monies artificially lowers the market interest rate below its “natural level,” making savings decline, consumption increase, and, on top of that, triggering additional investments. None of which would have happened in this way had it not been for the credit-based injection of new fiat money into the economic and financial system. The boom brings overconsumption and the economy lives beyond its means.

The Psycosocial Philosopher: Money IS Debt: Fiat Currency, Inflation, Slavery, and Human Farming

Because this is unstable, sooner or later “BOOM”,  this process collapses the economy and inflation causes high prices just like what we are now experiencing.

The relentless expansion of the quantity of fiat money causes the purchasing power of the money unit to decline over time. Moreover, increasing the quantity of fiat money creates winners and losers, it is not a win-win game: The early receivers of the new money benefit at the expense of the late receivers. It leads to an unjust and unsocial distribution of income and wealth within society. Last but not least, fiat money makes the economies run into ever-higher levels of debt.

A gold standard is a monetary system in which the standard economic unit of account is based on a fixed quantity of gold.

By introducing the gold standard, transactions no longer had to be done with heavy gold bullion or gold coins. The gold standard also increased the trust needed for successful global trade — the idea is that paper currency has value that is tied to something real.

The gold standard was the basis for the international monetary system from the 1870s to the early 1920s, and from the late 1920s to 1932 as well as from 1944 until 1971 when the United States unilaterally terminated convertibility of the US dollar to gold foreign central banks, effectively ending the Bretton Woods system. Many states still hold substantial gold reserves and all states have the right to issue legal tender backed by silver and gold, should they decide to do so.

Trump’s Family History With Gold?

Donald Trump’s grandfather made his first fortune “mining miners” during the Klondike gold rush in Bennett, British Columbia and Whitehorse, Yukon.  You can bet that Trump knows the history of gold and especially how it was mined and how all of that works. You can also bet he knows the history behind the industrial revolution and all the banking tricks! If there is anyone that understands how the system works and what needs fixed…it is a man like Trump who knows where things are broken.

Trump’s family history and gold-  Read:

Trump has a history of investing in Gold rather than the stock market. Although he has done both, his bet is on the solid yellow golden thing.

What would it take to return to the gold standard?

When Trump entered his presidency one of his goals was to return to the gold standard. That is what he said he would like to do. He wants a strong dollar.

 Many claim that going off the Gold standard is what got the USA out of the great depression. This is not true. What ended the depression was getting rid of Roosevelt who was a puppet for Central banks and created the “New Deal” which prolonged the great depression and added excise taxes to everything, including wheel chairs. Roosevelt pushed his agenda for three terms…which prolonged the great depression which screwed Americans while setting the stage for going off the gold standard.

Going off the Gold Standard and creating the Fed Reserves didn’t solve any of the nation’s economic problems. In fact, a few decades after the Fed was created, its policies made the Great Depression worse.  Read about Jekyll Island here:  and also read:

Coins & Paper Money Federal Reserve Notes Old $50 Fifty Dollar Bill Vintage Small Face Paper Currency-Mix dates

What About the Rest of the World?

According to Kimberly Amadeo at the Balance, due to trade, money supply and the global economy, the rest of the world would need to go back to the gold standard as well. Why? Because otherwise the countries that use the US dollar could stand with their hands out asking for their dollars to be exchanged for gold — including debtors like China and Japan, to which the US owes a large chunk of its multitrillion-dollar national debt.

So it looks like Trump is watching Putin, and having him test the rest of the world to get on the gold standard and the BRICS are well underway. One could say Go Brandon pushed them to go there with his lack of foresight along with the EU and NATO “Sanctions for punishment” coup. Which, by the way, is coming back to slap them in the face on both sides of the cheeks and the ones on their faces and their tail ends too!

Cancelation of all debt may be in the picture.

The way forward may be to expose the central banks for the RICO manifesto that it appears to have been and to be, and hold all outstanding debts as paid in full due to the scam that it has been. This would be done by legal courts, trial by jury, proving there was bank fraud committed. Perhaps easiest to prove is how the world was scammed by a fraudulent means of valuating the worth of paper fiat dollars out of thin air and a skewed set of mathematics. Or perhaps simply take out bankruptcy and start over without their banking systems. And while starting over, come out from all the other corrupt systems and redesign those too.

 Money Morning’s David Zeiler has suggested that returning to the gold standard would require the price of gold to be set much higher than it is currently. “West Shore Group Chief Global Strategist Jim Rickards has calculated the gold price would jump up to US$10,000 an ounce.”

Then let it jump. It would have to jump in order to match the con job that manufacturing money out of thin air has created. The other option, as mentioned above, is to cancel all debts to the corrupt banking system and start out on a clean slate, move forward with a new system and arrest all those who partook in any RICO and or illegal corruption.

To continue the way we are means the US dollar will be “severely devalued,” causing inflation, (which we are in) and since global trade relies on the US dollar as a reserve currency, trade would “grind to a halt. (which we are well headed in that direction now). It’s time for all nations to devise an escape plan from this bank system that owns everything and ready to RESET the world. Perhaps have them all declare bankruptcy or whatever form of debt forgiveness is determined to use, and declare it on the Central Banks. After which, nations all start over, but not with Central Banks, but with a new gold standard.

Let the metal values be determined to where they need to be…especially silver, copper and nickel. Then set the gold price to a standard where it needs to be for all nations. The world could start out on an equal playing ground and use disciplines to maintain a sound and stable structure. There would be no instant re-debt incurred to the federal reserve, since we would no longer have that flawed system. The old system was always designed to charge you money out of air for using their air and boom…debt clock starts ticking away. Since things are already upside down due to a RESET COVID manipulation to kill, steal and destroy, complicated by Ukraine on Fire part 2…now is the time to make a switch to the Gold Standard.

Or…as stated above… end the corruption and whatever the great merchants stole which is the majority of all the gold and all the value of everything….have that be returned to the people it was all stolen from and or created from, along with the real property that they stole to do their fiat valuation system.

Judy Shelton is Right About the Gold Standard | AIER

Arguments AGAINST THE Gold Standard DO NOT HOLD WATER.

Of course those who are making money off the system will never want to admit that it is not fair to the working class, but very rewarding for those who are part of the corporate system of which it supports, praises, and rewards. So people will hear lots of screeching from those who work for the 1% and love their perks for doing so. These will rail against the truth that a handful of people own everything and control everything because of the Federal Reserve Central Banking System which owns the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund and dictates world economies. So get ready to dictate the issue with the highly paid experts. By now, you know the drill.

Expose the corruption…

A key element in fixing the system is to expose the corruption, and end the methods used in corrupting it. Right now the system is so rigged that there is no ending the greed that it has created. This is a global path to world enslavement all based on their almighty fiat “air” dollar. No one can buy or sell unless they have the name, the mark or the number of the name…which is whatever these banksters decide to have, use, or call it. It is the number one weapon and enticement to corruption….it has no end. It can go on and on and on and all who are on this hamster wheel will go nowhere…have nothing…and be happy?  No. They will be enslaved as they presently are, but they will now know it…and be furious…so they have to alter peoples brains with mind control. We are talking something more sinister than propaganda, we are talking of altering the ability for individuals to use their free will. Schwab’s new brain altering jabs, the ones designed to leave the person without their thought processes, so all they have is a mind and body that can be remote controlled by their implanted chip system that tells them what to think and do. In other words we have reached the point where man has played God to the point of taking away free will (or trying to do that) by jabbing with mRNA shots and those who don’t survive help them to meet their depopulation goals, but only after they milk them dry using their big medicine and big pharma systems first.

Remember the monetary experts do the will of the owners of the banks, the owners of the corporations….and therefore they say and do what keeps them in good standing with those who make the rules for the system. So take what they tell you with a grain of salt and look behind the curtain for yourself!

image 121

What would happen if the US returned to the gold standard?

Going back to the gold standard would have a huge impact on the US economy.

For one thing, it would make it impossible for the Fed to offer fiscal stimulus. After all, if the US had to have enough gold reserves to exchange for dollars on an as-needed basis, the Fed’s ability to print paper currency would be incredibly limited.

It is this type of stimulus that has created the monster. It is like a household living beyond their means…thinking the answer is taking out more loans. This is not a solution to their problem and every honest banker and accountant would tell them that to their face.

Today, with so much corruption, we see bankers talking to the  Mr. Joe Blow’s that they are way over their head and no more loans for them. (But this is after they have already loaned them money with their real and personal property as collateral and there is nothing more to squeeze out of Mr. Joe  Blow.)

The honest accountant would tell them, they are in serious trouble and they need to scale back, sell a few things and pay down their debt or they are going broke. Basically, they are now at their limit and out of the money game…they need to live within their means and pay off their debts or go bankrupt and ruin their credit rating, which they need to get more money. If this were a board game, they are basically now out of the game.

But when it comes to the system…the same system that has created the debt window – creates more money out of thin air and enlarges the debt. There is nothing to back it…but the Central Banks own rule book, their gate keepers, and public obedience. They accumulate real property by the fiat paper they create out of thin air. Now that is magic. That is the illusion. The illusion that paper is worth the numbers printed on the face of it without any real property or gold backing it. And everyone has to accept that as the rules of the game.

Supporters of the gold standard believe that could be the perfect way to get the US out of debt, but it could also cause problems during times of economic crisis. It’s important to remember that because 68 percent of the US economy  is based on consumer spending, if inflation rose due to the gold price rising, then a lot of consumers would cut spending. That would then affect the stock market as well, which could very well lead to a recession or worse without the ability of the government to soften that blow via money supply. And the shareholder giants like BlackRock and Vanguard don’t want you to stop buying their client’s goods (which in reality are their own investments).

Lynn Forester De Rothschild speaking like she is the queen of the RESET world, gathering her BlackRock/Vanguard CEO’s to steer them in the next direction of their coup, using lots of labels for the common people and her planet.

So there you have it. The system is not willing to change what it is doing. We saw what it wants during the shut downs and the labels of essential and non essential businesses. Essential businesses were all of those whose shareholders are BlackRock and Vanguard, and non essential businesses are everyone who doesn’t have these as their shareholders or are not a big box chain. Primarily small businesses who collectively employ more than the big block chain stores. This was in our face and sadly, many never saw it. They believed the lies.  The truth is …just rip off the band aid and let the wound get some air and let it heal. There is no other way to do it. Now is the time, especially since the RESET global order pushers have wrecked all the systems from education, medical, big pharma, banking, food supplies….they have RESET goals for their mess that are even worse … so now is the time to take their mess and remove the central banksters, and let the nations take a stand to get back on the gold standard, and clean house in all the systems. There will be a lot of people exposed for their part in the corruption of Babylon the Great and they will not go down cooperatively.

But don’t buy into the fear propaganda and lies. Discern all things for yourself. The scriptures tell us that in the end, regarding the great merchants of the earth, that no one buys their goods anymore and by their sorceries were all the nations deceived.  Well, this is our one opportunity to come out of her my people and let these 1% weep and wail.  The meek shall inherit the earth and they shall rejoice and be glad.

image 122
The scriptures tell us that the ones who are weeping and mourning are the great merchants of the earth. These, it says who are the ones who have deceived all the nations and controlled everything. This fiat air dollar system is that system and they have it fixed where they own everything, and control everything even the political leaders. They have control over it all.  And it will go down.

We are learning that most of the market’s volatility has been created by those who own it…and those who have the big shareholdings. These have manipulated the prices to benefit he who owns the gold. It’s all a show for the same ones who are the big shareholders, for these same ones own the gold. It’s a rigged system and shares are in one hand while the gold is in the other. They have fun going back and forth. Stocks today, gold tomorrow…while silver stays cheap. And it stays cheap because the corporations who manufacture need to buy it for their products and we want them to pay as little as possible because the same ones own them. There is no concern for the little people, only to have them work and invest their money into IRA’s so Mr. Big Investor can invest the workers money how they see fit. Generally “fit” concerns their favorite shareholder corporations.  And if the stock markets take a dive, the workers just lost, after all they knew it was a risk. But, the ones who own the gold just got a raise for those prices went up. So you see, the game is rigged and he who owns the gold determines the outcome. Or shall we say, he who owns the power of the air…for it is all fiat money…and created out of thin air. And how fitting it is, for the ruler of this world is Satan and he is the Prince of the Power of the Air.

Trump and the Gold Standard | INN (

Now the key to all of this is in the 99% which are all the consumers. Without the consumers, there is no one to buy Mr. Big Investor’s goods, and Mr. Banksters  System.  These don’t want you to go back to the gold standard. They can’t control the markets and the world economies if you do this.

The world always knew how to buy things with metals and goods since the beginning of time. They will know how to devise a system for trading quickly. The only ones who will lose are the great merchants of the earth…and their writing is on the wall. They are destined to be exposed and go down. This is what is said in Bible prophecy, and it sure looks like this is where we are at Biblically. We are watching the Great Merchants of the earth go down for no one buys their goods anymore. 

— Peter Schiff (@PeterSchiff) July 22, 2020

“The US dollar is about to collapse and when it does, gold is going to take its place. The bottom can drop out of the dollar any day, and gold could go through the roof any day. So, this is a real race and you have to get out of the dollar before it’s too late,” Schiff said.

The yellow metal “will resume its role at the center of the monetary system,” and “the world is going back to a gold standard whether the Federal Reserve wants it or not.” Read:

Now, as this show moves forward to the grand finale’ we shall see and hear all manner of pros and cons for and against the Gold Standard. While this is taking place, remember the Rothschild structure own the media, and EVERYTHING… these are the ones who seek a RESET that will establish a one world dominating government system with a world population goal of around half a billion people world wide. You will also hear …what about Bitcoin? Crypto currency?  What about that? Well, that is interesting too. Whatever that does… it will be based on some rate of exchange…

In virtually every single case, the actual value of one Bitcoin is denominated in its fiat currency value. This can be either in US Dollars, Euros, Pound Sterling, or any other local currency. The website FiatMarketCap, however, depicts the prices of said fiat currency in Bitcoin. So, regardless of what happens to this digital concept… it appears it would be based on the same gold standard for its value and worth. Trump has said he is not a fan of crypto currency and does not trust what that is even based on.

Commercial banks create money (and value for currencies) by lending to borrowers, who use the money to purchase goods and cause currency to circulate in an economy. Crypto currency may well be an alternative method of payment, however, it’s future is still uncertain and the bases on which it creates it’s value is still up in the air.  Some have become millionaires by investing in it, others became millionaires by receiving the investors money. Many have lost a lot of money investing in it. There are more of those stories than the ones who got rich.

Take this video for either propaganda or part true and part fake, or however you choose to discern it. I merely show it to get the mind going, thinking, just for thought pondering. Personally, I agree with Trump on the instability of Crypto Currency.

For what it is worth, so far Trump doesn’t look like he is buying into the crypto world of Patrick Byrne who has boasted of being the architect for it and has made a lot of money mining and selling it to eager buyers. Millions!

That being said, it is the peculiar mindsets of those who want a new world order that have devised the current fiat monetary system that directs Wall Street and all investments/stock exchanges based on the very same system that operates on their devised systems of shareholding that control big corporations and industry. These are the ones who have devised systems to control every aspect of world health, food, water, and every piece of technology. They have picked leaders and toppled nations at their whim and have a set goal to kill, steal, and destroy to achieve their end desires.

If you liked what happened during the 2020 lockdowns, you will enjoy the future they have in store for you. If you did not like your world during the 2020 lockdowns, now is your last chance to say no. Demand the gold standard and no more rigged systems.  Remember you are the 99 percent. They have power because you have given the system your obedience.

Please Read:

I believe the Lord’s plans will happen in the manner the Lord said that it will. Nothing can stop what is coming. The goal here is to come out from her my people so you do not share in her plagues. As I watch all the people and the importance they have placed on money, stocks, bonds, and all material things… it has become crystal clear that the world is indeed material and for those who seek to gain all they can carry while passing through their numbered years in it… they fail to remember that they take none of it with them to where they are going in the end.  So what good does it do for a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul. IT IS ALL VANITY AND A FULL DISPLAY OF SERVING THE GOD OF THIS WORLD WHO IS KNOWN BY THE NAMES –  LUCIFER, SATAN, DEVIL, DRAGON…SERPENT OF OLD.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God!  PRESS, PRESS, PRESS!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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