“Thank you ….(pause)…..your question …(pause)….is a good one.   (pause with arm outstretched) Your …..(pause)….question…..(pause)… covered several….(pause)… areas.   (5 second pause and pose – looking out of corner of eye) Let  me answer them…..pause… at a time for….you…….(annoying pause).”
Yes, you guessed it….that was the opening for my “Cruz shut up” gripe session.
Does anyone else get a headache when they listen to this guy?  If you can imagine having dinner with a robot and think that it’s cool to hear, “Will you…..(pause) …. please…(pause)….pass…(pause)…the peas!”   Then you will not understand what this does to my ears and energy vibration.  What it does to me is bring my high energy vibration down to the low vibration of the slow speaker’s dull flat line and creates an irritation as my energy fights to vibrate at the higher level the long “pauses” are stealing from me.
Creepy?  Or effective?  Some speech experts say it is very effective to pause before you make your point.  However, if every word is being stressed as a point -it can be annoying and difficult to listen for any length of time without wanting to shout – “Just answer the question!”   Of which many times he skirts the entire issue that was asked.  By that time, no one cares that he didn’t answer the question they just want him to shut up.
Sometimes those listening forget what the original question was.  Robotic pauses can easily put a patient listener into a trance mode, and cause a polite ADHD thinker to tune him out all together. To most active  Type “A” personalities, it becomes very irritating after a while and they simply won’t listen, nor will they stick around long enough for him to finish.
CRUZ  ADAuntitled  But, when the same person applying this technique is lying and you know it….then it takes on an entirely different form….it now becomes an energy vampire, sucking away at your life force.  How?  As you listen to the lie your senses are heightened, you are now at the pause and the person has invaded your space.  Here is where the energy vampire sucks your energy from you.  You will note that as you become irritated, your vibrations are lower and as more energy is sucked out of you – you become more irritated and drained.  That is what Ted does.  He shows no sign of  doing any wrong as he continues to lie and the more irritated you become the more empowered he grows because he has  sucked your energy into his being. He is charged  and you are now drained.

Think about how your energy works when you are around people who are uplifting and feeding you with their positive energy. You are pumped up, vibrating high, positive and feel like you can high five the world.  The truth feeds your soul and you are energized.  Like at a Trump rally.  People stand in mile long lines because they are vibrating high anticipating a wonderful event.  When it is over you are ready to achieve!  You are being fed good vibrations and recharged!   Why?  Because high vibrating positive energy was exchanged – like attracts like and all are vibrating together in harmony.cruz truntitled
It is what it is.  I try to avoid the dark side by not listening to Cruz and the media propaganda. By not listening to the deceivers.   I get my vibration back up by speaking out the truth and talking to positive people of like desire to win in life.  Yes, I vent….then I focus on the positive which is the truth. The truth shall set you free is both a Biblical and  universal fact. It is like cleansing the yuck off in order to get out of the flat line and get the heart beating in harmony again.
I hope this helps those who have unaware allowed the dark side of the election to drain their energy.  Now you know how it is done and what to avoid.  Ignore the enemy and they have no power over you.  Stay with the truth speakers and vibrate in harmony!
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.