Don Trump Jr. Is Triggered!

Don Jr. has released his new podcast called Triggered! He speaks out and reveals many of the things we have suspected and validates many of the things we have known. Don gives a relaxed conversation, kind of like you are there with him and just having fun talking about your truths. He also has his take on the state of the Republic with key guests to keep you informed! If you haven’t seen his first episodes 1 and 2 … they are shown below so you can watch them.

Don Trump Jr. comes out and warns what they’re planning at DAVOS – it’s about the bad vaccines and communism x 10!

Watch Don Jr’s new program | TRIGGERED Episode 1 … a more relaxed conversation to kick off the program where he discusses free speech and takes questions from the viewing audience.

Triggered Episode 2: With Speaker McCarthy on what is taking place in Congress.

Join Don Trump Jr. at his new locals community for exclusive content at!

Meanwhile from Renato Cunha….

Next SATURDAY the 28th the U.N. will be exposed for the whole world!

image 271

The United Nations is currently rolling out Agenda 2030 worldwide, which is set to become the greatest transformation of all time. It involves all nations and all peoples, and will transform every aspect of human society: finance, agriculture, food, travel, business, sexuality, education, etc.

image 272

The ultimate goal of Agenda 2030 is to set up a one world government with unelected leaders. The United Nations is at the heart of this world government, along with the World Health Organization and the World Economic Forum. Above them are financial interest groups who operate in total concealment from the public eye, so that no one can ever hold them accountable for their crimes against humanity.

Given the deep seriousness of what is going on, there is a critical need to make the UN’s criminal agenda known to our fellow human beings around the world. Therefore, Stop World Control, in collaboration with the International Crimes Investigative Committee, is organizing an online exposé this Saturday, Jan. 28th, 2023. A senior official who has worked at the top level within the UN for two decades will reveal the organization’s dark secrets. This exposé will happen on

READ: Saturday, Jan. 28th, dark secrets of the United Nations will be revealed (

image 273

It is time to end the RESET out of control world order and send them to a camp of sorts where they can have everything they have planned for YOU!

Klaus Schwab is falling, is falling and his show is all but OVER!

image 274

Be sure to go to the site and watch the “Stop World Control“, with the International Crimes Investigative Committee on their online exposé this Saturday, Jan. 28th, 2023.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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