Do Some Experts Have Ulterior Motives?

Or do they just have peculiar ways about them?

Which bring us to all sorts of wolves in sheeps clothing that we can’t talk about.

Recently a Hamburger Helper appeared on a podcast with a new approach. It’s reeking of Saul Alinsky and fingers crossed that sheep have forgotten it’s blunders against good podcasters. This time Hamburger Helper is saying she has no experience with elections in the US, and needs to learn from Sgt. Report who was her beacon of light on the subject. (Even though she has been connected with politics since her younger years in San Francisco, in the 1980’s with Dianne Feinstein, and Pelosi, as her past has shown … and her connections with Stanford Institute and her world A.I. course taken there in 2017, (that is written on her own Linked in and resume of past achievements, which includes that she received her PhD from Columbia West Pacific in California before it was closed down for a host of reasons pertaining to not operating according to required standards), so I won’t say that. Nor will I say that it’s hard to believe that she was without knowledge of politics and how voter fraud works…so I won’t say that.

Even though Hamburger Helper is a Political Psychologist and CEO Strategy Former, Republican Commentator… I can’t say she knows about US elections when she says she doesn’t.

The course covers a very liberal approach to politics and requires a lot of prerequisite political sciences courses to attend it. Read: Major | Political Science ( But I can’t say that. This year’s course will be Politics 2022: America at a Crossroads with guest speakers such as Hillary Clinton, Sundar Pichai, and Cory Booker. Read:Stanford Continuing Studies offers new course: Politics 2022 Maybe President Trump wanted us to find all of this? But, I can’t say that.

image 245

Even though the Hamburger Helper looks vaguely like her old self and her 2.0 is a lot different than her 1.0?? … I can’t say that.

image 246

I can’t say that while she also was the President of the Overseas Republican Party responsible for (gathering all the concerns for the dual citizenships and other republicans in Europe and their desires and wants for candidates for the Republican party) that she would have had a large amount of knowledge and savvy regarding elections and politics, and not as she stated that she is just learning how all this political stuff works and is with no understanding of, nor how the 2020 elections could have possibly been rigged, or possibly could not have known in any way how mail in ballots work (?), even though US citizens abroad use them all the time (?)… so I can’t say that, as it would sound like I don’t believe what she’s saying to Sgt. So I won’t say that.

I can’t say that she sounds like “Mr. Boots and fancy car, gotta be at the airport in a few minutes” As she tells Sgt. and his viewers a rendition about the military, Obama, and his running for office that we’ve all heard like a worn out record since 2020 stolen election and podcasters came on the scene. So, I won’t say that.

So as much as I hate to post this… Sgt has always been credible… and even though I can’t say Jan has an ulterior motive for praising him, and stated he was her lifeline when all this crazy voter election fraud accusations started, as she didn’t know how any of that worked in the states… even though she has called out people who said she didn’t live here as liars… I can’t say that. So, she knows everything that is going on and is on a task force but knows nothing of how American votes are conducted? I can’t say that, but she did… I just can’t.

So… that being said… here’s the interview.

Spot them, call them out…expose them. This is spiritual warfare and if the infiltrators know nothing on the topics…why would they be quests? Ask that question… I just can’t.

Which bring us to Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals….

The same rules can be used for both sides… but the progressives use this and hit below the belt. And some hit hard. We have been watching the left use these rules for a very long time. They are very old. These are the ones that invented the new rules where “You Can’t Say That”, but they can say whatever they want. It’s time to know what we are dealing with and know that before Alinsky… there were other devils doing the same. This world belongs to Satan.



The 2016 Documentary titled, “A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing” is a historical research on the “Beast of Communism” and its infiltration into America. The documentary shows the path of sheer Marxism infiltrated the US by the likes of Saul Alinsky and his Community Organizing skills. The progressive democracy Hillary has so many times spoken of… but I won’t say that… you can listen to her tell you that instead in the documentary.

The film portrays this movement as “The old gnostic era in modern form”… gnostism that the Lord hated. Around 1:02:17 they show you how the Bible says that, drawing it to the Beast, the lawless one, and totally antichrist. So I won’t say that.

The documentary shows how the wolves entered into the church and how many in the church warned those of their time of its abominations and forewarned what was coming upon the earth by the movement that was now in full motion, and how it was already fulfilling the scriptures.

image 243

Gender and public health emergencies are all a part of the progressive movement to destroy nations from within by infiltration and once inside… the propaganda mind control begins. The push for Socialism and communism dressed like a sheep, with the goal of destroying morals, values, gender, God, and the family unit. The war was out in full force to turn the US and the world nations into a communist hell on earth.

This new progressive Democracy was socialism based on Marxism…a wolf in sheeps clothes designed to kill, steal, and destroy family, God, economies, and nations in order to form a global order for MAMMON, Satan, the Devil, The Beast… Lucifer, the Serpent and Dragon of Old, by eliminating God and His commands along with the destruction of the family.

Whatever name you call it, the world has slowly progressed to this very point where it is here, but I can’t say that. Watch the film and see the progression in recent history that has led us into the present state of spiritual warfare and where we are in our spiritual journey depends on each person individually. I can say that.

How the beast system entered the church with the intent to destroy her from within. Once again a wolf in sheeps clothing… These documentaries will get you up to date to see what is actually happening in the world today. You will be able to identify the infiltrators who are desperately trying to figure out how to get inside your head to sway your thinking into that which they want you to think, believe and do. We have many wolves who have infiltrated into our rallys, podcaster programs, blogs, and news. These ones are working hard to friend you in order to redirect you into their way of thinking.

We are now waking up at different levels and there are enough awake to see the wolves in the sheep clothing and now we have pushed passed the silencing of the bans and are exposing the mis and disinformation!

Remember… Hillary’s mentor was Saul Alinsky. But, what difference, at this point does it make? We can’t say that, but she can.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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