Did They Make This Stuff Up…Or Are They Prophetic?

Memory jogs and rewinding the present back into the past in order to see where we were and how we got here is not for the faint of heart.

I mean look at this entrance… if that doesn’t look like Joey Avatar 2.0…. what does? Central Casting keeps rinsing and repeating the same ole thing over and over in every generation. Do we recognize the pattern yet? And why is it that all the leaders of the world suddenly began to look like…. “Here’s Johnny”, or shall we say “Here’s Joey”? Carnac the Magnificent isn’t new. The idea goes back to the philosophers and seers of ancient days. It made good comedy because it held a lot of tongue in cheek truths.

Our past equals present is more than a buzz word. It is and always has been Biblical and started with the war in heaven and continued in the garden up to this very day. It goes way back and so when we are born into this realm… we generally begin where we start and that is where the deception sticks like glue to all who are unsuspecting.

For example, if one can successfully edit, erase, change and in some way alter the truth… sooner or later a mass of humanity will look at propaganda as fact. Especially when all the system’s memorizers have memorized the lies (presented as truths) and swear by their PhD’s, and teachings of their University Professors, no matter how tainted by their scholarly chinny chin, chins that a deceptive thing is so. After all, they have the papers to show their pedigrees that allow them to parrot their peer reviews as though their opinions were true. Look at their credentials proudly framed and displayed on their office walls as they dare you (the little one they feel lacks common sense) to question any of what they decide is so.

Which bring us to…

This is Birx 3.0 and for some odd reason, people believe she is the same person we saw daily during COVID.  Oh please… why are some that blind?

Here we go again… Birx 3.0 – if anyone says this is Birx then, I will simply smile and make no comment.  You can’t give someone eyes and you can’t make someone hear you when they just don’t want to.  Bless them and release them. Don’t argue, save your energy, and remain calm.

I changed my mind on staying silent… It’s time to say… “Stop casting your swine before our pearls of truth!” They always rinse and repeat.  And they never change the water- it just gets murkier and stinks like rotten eggs.

image 8

I like Red Maven’s side by side – it vividly shows the madness people are buying into from the mad hatters in wonderland.

image 8 1

When you remember the evil and all the lies… one thing is certain – God saw it all in every dark crevice and cult, much more than we did… and he will take care of every one of those who did the evil acts.

So, in a last-ditch effort the desperate treasonous swamp tries to turn the man named Trump who is fighting against the liars, reprobates, communists, and all committing tyrannical crimes against humanity into a dictator who is out to destroy all who oppose him?  How about he’s out to stop those who are destroying Americans and supporting death, human and child trafficking, and committing treasonous acts and crimes against humanity on a scale no one ever heard of before.

Remember always that while the Globalist little puppet villains were pushing pseudo-science they hated it when President Trump told the truth and the facts.

The question is… “How and why did so many people believe the “CDC, Fauci, Birx Show”?

Their boomerang is coming and it’s circling around fast! Which bring us to the science behind their prophetic and pathetic attempts to pass on to us the same mind wash they have devoured and improperly digested with a few vomits here and there. One thing is true… we have all been subjected to it.

The second and biggest question of all is, “How did many people buy into the lies, propaganda, and willingly obey all the things that brought about such self destruction and to their loved ones?” That has baffled me. Has it you?

Maybe it’s lies like this on fake news? What do you think?

Meanwhile, Trump is ready to get rid of the payroll tax! As the mind-controlled shout, “What a meanie? He’s going to be a dictator of bad doom and gloom.”

You can’t make this stuff up! Dictator? Revenge on those who committed treason?

What happened to their law and order? Oh my head hurts. Does yours?

image 8 3

And then we have this? What do you think of this one?

From Carnac the Magnificent to the Simpsons, we now see behind the stargate into project looking glass showing us how self-fulfilling prophecies somehow come about?

Something tells me that it is very possible that some white hats decided to play out the scripts written to confuse the masses into thinking that the Simpson cartoon script writers were prophetic. What do you think?

image 8 2

Does anyone actually believe that Trump never knew of this Simpson Cartoon prior to his running for office? Ponder it a moment. What are your thoughts?

And of course, is it possible for bad players to play out the secret projects of DARPA’s own remote viewer programming to do their own thing? Who knows how many willingly allowed DARPA research projects to wire their heads to mind control devices that allowed remote control over their thoughts and visions – with or without their knowledge? Will we possibly find out in the end that these projects are about as prophetic as Central Casting? And what about the ones giving them who worked with the DARPA projects?

It is all sad to watch and learn such terrible things. How many people are now controlled by frequencies? Or is that all just a hoax? What do you think?

Can they really control people through frequencies? Some say it is very real. What do you think?

There are a lot of interesting things that have and are taking place that only make sense when you look behind the pseudo-science, experimental curtain(s). There are so many mind control techniques in play that one can’t keep up with the way their A.I. is advancing. Especially when very few even believed any of this was possible so many decades ago and they were the guinea pigs being experimented on all along the way.

That being said, ponder this much for now… there are some things that have wires crossing, and some wires are hanging, and then there is the wireless stuff?? Together we just might be able to get it all connected, or at least see how it was all being done? What do you think?

Kinda like the things we see but aren’t supposed to know about. It’s like that. Smile.

In closing… let this soak in. And praise God for your strength and faith in listening when the Holy Spirit whispered “don’t do that!” And the Lord lifted you up so you could stand. Amen.



image 8

Pay no attention to this thing below. I couldn’t get it deleted and have no idea why not. So it is hanging here. Smile.


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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