Let’s take a “mini” look at where we are today…

Wherever that is… it’s very dark inside. It’s like we are stuck in some form of Star Gate Prophesy? Are We Inside or Outside of Project Looking Glass?

Some say we are stuck in a matrix, and some say that Q has the answers to everything, so trust that crazy plan. Some say we are in a Revolutionary War and some say it’s World War III, while others are saying the last days are here fear not for the rapture is coming, while some are going broke and others are making lots of money selling survival gear and supplies.

Some are hosting carnivals that match the 3D circus called a show. While the WEF, EU, UN et al are having quite the Houdini act all of their own. Not to mention Deep State, KM Oligarchs, and DARPA. X marks the spot and Space Force will save you after the planet is seared and the weather HAARP is done playing its cords of destruction.

In all of this activity God is watching all things and has sent His people many good shepherds and warriors to guide them and show them the way back to Him. There is one big hurdle in all of this… and that is “The world of Mammon and deceit seems to want all of the ones God has sent to guide His people, to just “shut up”, go away and not be heard!”

So let’s do a real quick mini recap – It all started with a man named Trump who stood in the gap and said… “Make America Great Again!”

image 9 9

The left has their own art of war taking place. We all watched as they went for the head of the MAGA movement. The head of Donald J. Trump. We watched as they trashed him, smeared him, and threw a flurry of fiery darts at him.

We continued to watch throughout his entire presidency as they fought day and night to take him down.  They stole the election in our faces, they cared not who saw them for they were emboldened by their miry clay infiltration of all levels and in all three of the corporations of the cabal.

No one was supposed to know any of their agenda, nor any of their corporate and religious structure secrets.  Next, they sought to destroy Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, Lin Wood, Mike Lindell! The people watched, impatiently shouting.. when will this all end? We are tired of watching all of this.

image 9 10

All the while President Trump continued to wake up the sleeping silent majority…letting them know he was the only thing stopping them from coming after YOU.  He said, it is not me they want, it is YOU!

Many have heard and heeded the warning. Their eyes are opened wide. Yet, many look and cannot see.

image 9 11

Arrests have been taking place all along the way. Nothing is as it appears, and those with eyes to see shall see and those with ears to hear shall hear it.

Little by little many people grew closer to God and many people set out to make money on all the disasters while the KM Oligarchs and deep state set out to kill, steal and destroy the nations in order to rule the world. Or so that is what it looked like? What do you think?

We see and hear a carnival barker claim to have the magic elixir that will save the world, if you buy the $250 tickets to attend a road show (or whatever you can afford) while the same carnies attack good patriots like Lin Wood and use Kim Clement’s prophecies to make themselves saviors? 

Which today (now yesterday as I was late getting this out) Lin Wood sent out a few nuggets that reminded me of the Carnival Barker and the other part of the show… the one with the white board and teams of podsters that are still trying to silence those who speak truth and are influencers. The ones that are ready to give us Flynn for president while they act like they love, love, love Trump for ratings and ticket sales. Cha-ching!

Yesterday, Lin went a bit further and pointed out the Pope’s new road show on Telegram.

image 9

Lin even posted the definition of a Ringmaster or Ringmistress and sometimes Ringleader who is a significant performer in many circuses. Most often seen in traditional circuses, the ringmaster is a master of ceremonies that introduces the circus acts to the audience. In smaller circuses, the ringmaster is often the owner and artistic director of the circus. Where this is a perfect match up of many things we are watching, in this case it had to do with the Pope and VATICAN CITY.  June 8 (Reuters) – Pope Francis, who says he regularly prays “Lord, give me a sense of humor”, will welcome comedians from around the world to a cultural event in Italy to “celebrate the beauty of human diversity,” the Vatican said on Saturday.

image 10
Lin Wood’s screen shot. Smile.

Whoopi Goldberg, Jimmy Fallon, Conan O’Brien and Chris Rock will be among more than 100 entertainers at the Vatican on June 14.

The pope “recognizes the significant impact that the art of comedy has on the world of contemporary culture,” a Vatican statement said. The meeting will take place on Friday morning, before the pope travels to Puglia to attend the Group of Seven (G7) leaders’ summit. “The meeting between Pope Francis and the world’s comedians aims to celebrate the beauty of human diversity and to promote a message of peace, love and solidarity,” the Vatican said. You really can’t make this stuff up. Read: https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/pope-francis-meet-world-comedians-including-whoopi-goldberg-2024-06-08

Which bring us to one of Mark Taylor’s Prophetic Words…

All Roads Lead To Rome” From (1-25-18)

The Spirit of God says, “The Pope and the Vatican, that’s right the Pope and the Vatican are not furthering my kingdom but are aiding the kingdom of darkness. Many are saying that this is the last Pope, but it’s not for the reasons they think. This will be the last Pope, for what I the Lord God am about to do. I will expose this Pope and all those under his command for all the corruption he and the Vatican have been involved in for centuries.”

The Spirit of God says, “There is a shaking and a quaking coming to this Pope and the Vatican, for I will split the Vatican and it’s leadership wide open for the entire world to see the inner workings of this ancient beast. This Pope, the Vatican and all it’s leadership, will come crumbling down. I will pull back the veil to show how deep and dark the deception has been. You whisper in your inner chambers ‘we answer to no one. No one is above us; No one can hold us accountable.’ I the Lord God see it all and the time has come when I will now hold you accountable for your darkness. This exposure will be of such magnitude that the people will say. ‘What do we do now? Where do we go now? We want nothing to do with this. We have no religion now. Millions will walk away from their religion, as this will effect other religions as well. 

The Spirit of God says, “ls my Army ready? Are you ready to receive these people? Are you ready to receive my harvest that’s going to take place from this exposure? Prepare yourselves for the tsunami of people that will be starving for me and have no place to turn. Prepare now! All roads lead to Rome.

“The Spirit of God says, There is a dig, an archeological find that is coming in a big underground vault, which will be so cataclysmic that it will ROCK the Christian world. The answer lies between Jerusalem and Vatican city.”

What is this find? Will it be manuscripts that reveal God’s truth? Books and records of things that have been hidden away? Or will it be evidence of other dastardly deeds? I believe something is about to take place. We already have hints of a Pope 2.0 and something that went down in 2017 when Trump made his visit. There are many reasons the world fears Trump. But, that also goes along with a prophetic word from Mark Taylor back in 2011.

Listen to his story~ Mark Taylor Prophecy From April 28, 2011, at the time he gave a copy of the prophetic words to his doctor. He did not announce this openly until May 5, 2016 on Tru News Radio Show on May 5, 2016.

Transcript from the video from May 5, 2016, “Retired firefighter Mark Taylor says God showed him in 2011 that Donald Trump would become President of the United States.” Taylor’s statements were made during an exclusive interview with Rick Wiles of TRUNEWS on Monday, April 18th, 2016, while sharing his prophetic visions publicly for the first time. Taylor said he received God’s word about Donald Trump on April 28th 2011, while watching an interview featuring the New York billionaire. While Trump was speaking, Taylor heard the Lord say to him that he was listening to a President. At the time, Trump was considering a presidential run and was also campaigning strongly for the release of Barack Obama’s birth certificate. Though he ultimately decided against running for the GOP nomination in 2012, Taylor believes Trump’s appearance in the 2016 campaign is God ordained.

Since that day in 2011, Mark Taylor has continued to have prophetic words given to him and he has shared them. Listen and consider why he has been boycotted so many times by those who control social media and attacked by false profits and circus acts at road shows and those who don’t really believe in free speech. When you start to connect the dots you get a very big picture.

That being said, the sound of Mark Taylor’s warnings…are not in line with the new and improved 501c3 mega church that belongs to the world council of churches and one world big religion… so… he is being met with a bit of boycotting and some sabotaging. Why is it that everyone that tells the truth gets LAWFARE, CENSORED, BOYCOTTED, AND WRAP UP SMEARED? I have an idea why that is. But, what do you think?

By the way, Rick Wiles Radio Program Tru News was banned from You Tube in 2020. You can tell who is in the programming and who is not by the way the programmers try to erase your message.

Listen to the story… and ponder his history in broadcasting since 1980 up into his You Tube ban.  Why is it that the ones who tell the truth seem to get blasted and wrap up smeared?  But, Wiles can be seen on Rumble. He rarely does Podcasts on other peoples shows, but this one he did and it is very revealing in truths.

When you begin to see the truth through the Holy Spirit, you begin to discern truth from falsehoods. You also begin to connect the dots of who works hard to silence those who speak truth in Bible interpretation and call out the mis and dis information. The ones who tell truth based on scripture and real hard facts in reporting are the ones who are called conspiracy theorists and all sorts of names because they call out the charismatics and non Biblical things. Rick Wiles is now on Rumble at Tru News Rick Wiles –

image 11

Back to Mark Taylor- Mark is not new to the fire dart throwers and he holds the line. The fact that he was a fire fighter may help, but the truth is he was called and chosen for such a time as this.  He is a warrior for the truth and a watchman for what is coming upon America and the church.

Lt. Mark Taylor has a career as a fire fighter. He didn’t set out to expose minions, nor was exposing false teachers and profits on his bucket list of things to do. He was called and chosen for such a time as this! In fact, his experience was very unique, and he didn’t know what to do with the spiritual encounter at the time. He only knew to have a witness and to do what he was led to do. Thus, his medical doctor got his prophecy first in 2011. He was led by the Lord and has tested the spirits at every turn through the Holy Spirit.

Today, Mark has some censoring taking place for his “SENSITIVE CONTENT”.

“I was just contacted by my Book Publisher (Defender Publishing) and it is confirmed that the Trump Prophecies Audio Book is being CENSORED on ALL Social Media Platforms except maybe Truth Social, still waiting to see. It is being labeled as SENSITIVE CONTENT! Please help us by sending out the link on all your Social Media Platforms and getting the word out as to what THEY are doing. Thank you for your prayers and support! Mark …-

image 11

You can now get The Trump Prophecies in an Audio Book for those that would like it. Enjoy!

image 12

Click link: The Trump Prophecies: Updated and Expanded by Mark Taylor – Audiobook – Audible.com

But, low and behold… we find an amazing thing… Mark Taylor stays the course. Mark said on Telegram the following:

Mark Taylor, “False Pastors and Profits will always capitalize on people’s fear to make money or gain INFLUENCE! How? They know people, especially right now, are so hungry for a word, and have NO discernment, they will go anywhere to get it, and listen to any source they feel is bringing them comfort. Instead of turning to Jesus who is the Spirit of Prophecy they turn to man instead. When people do this, they have bypassed the Lord and go straight to man as their source of comfort. Only the HOLY SPIRIT can bring you comfort NOT man! We put man on a pedestal and make him an IDOL! NEVER rely on man always rely on the Lord as your source!”

“I’m hearing people saying how hurt they are from the Prophetic (False Profits) and all the False INFORMATION they are prophesying. This Prophetic Psyop is designed to do exactly that! To turn you away from and Hurt the TRUE Prophetic and YOU! THEY don’t want you hearing from Jesus. They want you dependent on them (False Profits). They can’t control you if you hear from the Lord! Don’t fall for Satan’s DECEPTION that’s driven by the Illuminati, CIA or any 3 letter agency! Yes these groups and Satan himself are in charge of these False Profits and Pastors, NOT the Lord Jesus Christ! Don’t fall or get HURT over a Pysop from Satan! We DO NOT have as many TRUE Prophets as THEY would have you believe. Discern! If you can’t, then READ THE SIGNS! They are not hiding it anymore!”

Look and watch who is being promoted? The question is this: “Why does the message of Mark Taylor scare those who claim to be prophets? What are the differences in their messages?”

Read all of the Prophecies from Mark Taylor and you decide: Prophecies by Mark Taylor † His Kingdom Prophecy

Which bring us to a PROPHETIC WORD FROM MARK TAYLOR,  January 28, 2022

“The Spirit of God says, “Many False Prophets and Pastors are Prophesying Judgment in 2022. Do you not realize they are prophesying their own Doom? The very things they are prophesying they are guilty of! The sins of these False Pastors and Prophets are great! The bowls of sin are overflowing for these corrupt leaders who have been fornicating with the Whore of Babylon long enough! The sand has run out of the hourglass and my Judgment has begun for those that are drunk from her wine, the Blood of the Saints and my true Prophets! Those that have enjoyed her delicacies have truly received their reward! For I will pour out my Judgment on everything that is corrupt! I will start at the top of their Pyramid, the leadership that has lead my people astray.

“The infiltration from the enemy is catastrophic! Everything has been infiltrated and corrupted. Seminaries, Churches, and the people that have been led astray. The wickedness of these False Prophets and Pastors has become a stench unto my nostrils! They have turned my Houses of Worship into a marketplace and a den of money changing thieves! You Vipers! I paid the ULTIMATE PRICE on the cross for all of Humanity through my Pain, Suffering and SHED BLOOD! Did I charge money for that? NO! Woe, Woe, Woe, to you money changing Vipers! I already paid the PRICE, so my Gospel is FREE! My Gospel was never to be PROSTITUTED for Money, Big fancy Homes and cars! REPENT”!

“The Spirit of God says, “The Deep State Church is plotting and planning in their secret chambers. They are trying to prevent their coming exposure of their great deception of death against the people, and the Illuminati equation. Why are you blindly following these corrupt leaders who seek Glory from man and don’t give Glory to me? Why are you not using Discernment? You have no Discernment or Spiritual senses because you are Drunk from the enemies wine! For they plot and plan against you with their next money and influence scheme, all while making you a slave to them, their system, and their Old Religious Order!

I the Lord God came to set the captives free through RELATIONSHIP, not RELIGION, to free the Oppressed and to give you your sovereignty back. Through their schemes they are assisting in ushering in the New World Order, the Antichrist Spirit, and a One World Religion under the guise of Unity, and it will be a false unity under the enemies Triune. You have turned these leaders into idols before me! You support their corruption and further their Demonic plans, therefore you are complicit in their wickedness! REPENT”!

“The Spirit of God says, “The System, the System, I the Lord God will crash the Religious system that so many for thousands of years have tried to protect. I have sent many WARNINGS to COME OUT of HER by many of my servants, my true Prophets, only to have them Ignored, attacked, harmed, or Murdered! Their innocent Blood cries out to me and I will avenge them! Do you not realize that under the System, (501c3) you are under a curse? You took a bribe for the slaying of my innocent, my little ones! You have denied my Kingdom for the enemies! Now my Judgment is on the Religious System and its leaders! Righteousness and Justice are the foundation of my Throne!

“They are trying to protect the Old Religious Order, but I the Lord God shall expose it and destroy it! This is a Sodom and Gomorrah moment, COME OUT of HER NOW for my judgement has begun! Do not look back as Lot’s wife did, for I will destroy the very System the Apostate Church has become and fornicated with! So as it was for Sodom and Gomorrah, so shall it be for the Whore and the Old Religious Order that has fornicated and protected her and lead my people astray! Some Churches, Ministries, Lodges, Orders, and their man-made Kingdoms will burn to the ground! Others will go Bankrupt! Some leaders will be removed from the face of the Earth!

image 12

“Why aren’t they listening? Because pride has handed them over to a reprobate mind! Being handed over to a reprobate mind is part of the Judgment! Their arrogance knows no bounds! Repentance will save your soul but it will not stop my Justice from being served! Some will say this is an attack on Christianity. NO! This is my Judgment on the corrupt System that man put in place, NOT I the Lord God”! The Spirit of God says, “Read the signs, read the signs, the False Prophets are no longer hiding their true intentions, for the clash between the Spirit of Elijah and the prophets of Baal are at the crescendo. They will call on their God and my true Prophets will call on theirs and you shall see who the one true God is! Their God is Baal, Moloch, and Mammon, but I the Lord God will show myself strong and mighty, and the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord shall fall on the people”!

“The Spirit of God says, “Woe. Woe. Woe to you False Prophets and Pastors that have led my people astray! Do you think I don’t see what you do in your inner chambers abusing and sacrificing my little ones? Do you think I don’t see it all? Woe to you hypocrites for you are whitewashed tombs! It would be better for you to have a millstone hung around your neck and cast into the sea! (Mat. 18:6) Woe. Woe. Woe, to you false Prophets and Pastors that are Witches and Warlocks calling down Death curses on My TRUE Pastors and Prophets! Therefore, if you do not repent and you take one of mine, I will take 100 of yours! You take 100 of mine, I will take 1,000 of yours! REPENT”! (Exodus 22:18)

“The Spirit of God says, “Do not fear my people when you see these things, for they must come to pass. I will split the old religious Order wide open for all to see the lies that have been perpetuated against all of humanity and my people. Then the lost books and scrolls shall be opened and my TRUTH shall be set FREE! I will establish my Kingdom on Earth with my remnant Ekklesia. The transfer of wealth and assets will be transferred from the Wicked, the system, and will begin to spread through Home groups, the highways and byways, street corners, and open fields. My true Gospel will flow with FREEdom to the ends of the earth! Rejoice for I am establishing My throne on Earth as it is in Heaven for My Righteousness and Justice shall reign!”

“The Spirit of God says, “The clash between the Spirit of Elijah and the Prophets of Baal is coming to a crescendo! There is high level psychics masquerading as Prophets and Prophetesses designed to infiltrate and discredit the true Prophetic and Ekklesia leading God’s people astray. Not everyone that comes in my name is FROM me. Not everyone that comes in my name is OF me. Why do you so blindly and quickly accept anyone coming in my name? Why don’t you test the Spirits? Not everyone that speaks prophecies, dreams and visions are from me! They seduce you with their fancy words, they mesmerize you with dreams and visions that are not from me.

“The Spirit of God says, “The Prophets and Priests that have prophesied by Baal, committed adultery with Jezebel prophesied dreams and visions from their own heart. Repent! You built your kingdoms to bring Glory to yourselves versus bringing Glory to me! You allow my little ones to be sacrificed on the altars of Moloch and Baal for the sake of Mammon. You walk around in your man-made kingdoms with your fancy titles and names that mock me, being served like kings, all while my little ones suffer! Did I not say in my word (Exodus 23:5) when you take a bribe (501c3) It blinds the eyes of the wise and perverts the words of the righteous?  Did I not say it in my Word (Deut. 27:25) cursed is he who takes a bribe for the slaying of the innocent person?  You took a bribe getting rich from the blood money of my little ones to remain silent! Even the Pharisees knew not to touch that money from Judas! You Vipers! You Prophets and Priests refuse to speak truth and stand on my words and the words I give you because you fear man more than the living God! You cowards! Therefore, you have one way out of this and one way only! Give all your money and your assets away (Mat 19:16-30) you have made under the Baal system, divorce Baal, remarry me. Repent and follow Me!”

“The Spirit of God says, “Another betrayal from the Presidents Spiritual Advisory board has taken place. Jezebel whispers “it’s complete, we have the Kings ear. I control who speaks to the king. No true Prophet of the living God will ever reach him, only my soothsayers will speak!” The betrayer sits at the Kings table!”

“The Spirit of God says, “The time has come to hold all enemies of the Living God, creator of Heaven and earth, accountable for their atrocities against mankind! Repentance will save your soul but there will be NO MERCY in the Justice that is here now! Repent!” – Mark Taylor

So, my friends, prepare ye the way of the Lord for something is coming and it is prophetic!

Did you hear that some in congress are calling for re-education camps for Trump Supporters who are primarily …. lovers of God and Jesus?

And the UN and WEF have talked about a new Bible… one that allows all the favorite liberties forbidden in the old, and out dated one? They want their own one world religion or something like that? A guide book of sorts of how to get around in their new Babylon the Great?

Pray for those who are out there on the front lines of THE FIRE AND FLAMES!



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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