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I remember when Putin said Obama was a monkey with a hand grenade? Do you?

I was live on the internationally broad cast television/ radio show  “The Edge” with Daniel Ott.  I was full blast, but controlled.  Or at least I believed so, but only after listening after the interview.  You all know how that goes….you think I should have said this or that or I didn’t mean to say this or that???  Well, I have to say I do believe I did say this and that well, if I had it to do over….I would have only talked faster.  I only talked slower because in earlier radio broadcasts I was told I spoke too loud and too fast. I had a loud tone.  LOL.  I was a Trump speaker.  So this time I did what others said I needed to do and speak slower and lower tone.  Well?

I don’t know if it was better….but it is what I did.  Believe me….I do have a very fast tone and loud one.  But, please listen in….and give your input of my report.  I spoke from my heart and from my own belief and I am not asking for accolades here….simply feedback.  Do you like the calm approach or would you rather have a louder approach?

Thank you all.  I report what I see and hear….not necessarily what they in their propaganda want us to see and hear.  That is what you get from me.  Truth and at times my own opinion, quite often a mix of both. But, I always make the differences  it is always clear when I do so.

Please click here and listen to the report.  If you choose to skip the intro go in 15 minutes….however, I do believe the intro lends a lot to understand the report.  Your call.


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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