Klaus Schwab wants us chipped


If the drill goes live like Event 201 (COVID-19)did, then we may see a massive false flag cyber attack in August / September. It appears it is taking place as we speak. We have just had a testing of our own ability to survive mass bot registrations at our own site here at the Dianne Marshall Report and we are preparing to expect more. Attempts have not ceased but we are watching closely and have full Armor on!

WEF Founder: World Unprepared to Deal with 'Fourth Industrial Revolution' | Voice of America - English

Meanwhile articles are telling us that Cyber attacks are now going off in a so called drill and Klaus Schwab is so excited about what he calls a ” InZernational Odline Cybersecurry advent” translated that’s – International Online Cybersecurity Event supported by The World Economic Forum and Interpol, it is called Cyber Polygon 2021.

What about your personal cyber information?

Many are saying that to be safe, consider backing up all your data to cold storage and loading up on food, water, etc.

Jews are Being Exterminated | LaptrinhX / News
How much more clear does it have to get to understand we are at war and they want us to just be driven like cattle and sheep? This is not a game and we have to stand together against the mandates they are trying to force on all of us. They do not care about you. Can you see this yet?

From the Article written by Whitney Webb and Johnny Vedmore, “From Event 201 To Cyber Polygon: The WEF’s Simulation Of A Coming Cyber Pandemic” :

The exercise comes several months after the WEF, the “international organization for public-private cooperation” that counts the world’s richest elite among its members, formally announced its movement for a Great Reset, which would involve the coordinated transition to a Fourth Industrial Revolution global economy in which human workers become increasingly irrelevant. This revolution, including its biggest proponent, WEF founder Klaus Schwab, has previously presented a major problem for WEF members and member organizations in terms of what will happen to the masses of people left unemployed by the increasing automation and digitalization in the workplace.

New economic systems that are digitally based and either partnered with or run by central banks are a key part of the WEF’s Great Reset, and such systems would be part of the answer to controlling the masses of the recently unemployed. As others have noted, these digital monopolies, not just financial services, would allow those who control them to “turn off” a person’s money and access to services if that individual does not comply with certain laws, mandates and regulations.

Learn about data protection and how it works.

These drills have often turned out to be live theater where real citizens are playing extras in their live drill shows. (In the film industry, extras are everyday people and low level actors with no starring role that are called in to be used in live scenes of a movie in the background.) In a false flag drill, they are called “crisis actors” and some are just real people caught in the cross fires of the live event. So I would not hold my breath that they would not be planning to stage another drill, and then attempt to “turn it live”.

cyber drill or real
Back up your home computors on thumb drives.

Read more here: From “Event 201” to “Cyber Polygon”: The WEF’s Simulation of a Coming “Cyber Pandemic” –

Put on the whole armor of God and pray unceasing….keep on pressing forward – this war is real!

Our best protection is our faith in the unseen heavenly POWER of God!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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