Many have shouted, nothing is happening…it’s time to take to the streets and forget doing the right thing you have to fight to get rid of the corruption. Some have shouted there is no more waiting for someone to come and save you….pray all you want…that will not save you. Well, those sorts are the ones who kindle the sparks that light the flames that create more confusion and take the bait the left wing liberal globalists are chumming the political LOCKSTEP RESET waters with. And if not for reasonable men and women, that would have happened a while back.

Roots of We The People grow deep. We hold these truths…

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But, wise leaders have warned the masses that this isn’t just about a stolen election, this is a war, and one like we’ve never fought before. It is cyber warfare fought with digital weapons to spread propaganda. They have also declared this is spiritual warfare and we must pray. Among the Patriotic heroes who have stepped up to expose the fraud, lies, plandemic, toxic jabs, and the evil plan to RESET all of humanity into a one world global order are: President Trump, Mike Pompeo, Sidney Powell, General Flynn, Lynn Wood, Mike Lindell, Front line doctors, lawyers, scientists, digital warriors and millions of sound minded American Patriots.

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The bold patriotic leaders have all said this is a war against your mind…designed to produce fear and submission! They have told us the goal is to RESET America and take away our liberty and freedom. It is a global fight and one we can’t afford to lose. If we lose this, we lose everything. They say get involved in your communities, your schools, city councils and state officials. They say to organize legally and place law suits against those who take away your rights and liberties. They remind us we are a republic and have a constitution and bill of rights. They say fear not and trust in the Lord.

So…what do we do? Some grow impatient and shout take to the streets. Some, shout to just take the forced jab thinking that by putting poison in your body we will go back to what they called normal. Some say if we learn about our past history we won’t repeat it and take to calling the founding fathers all illuminatti who compromised with the Crown and demand we learn about it so we can, I suppose, get angry and take to the streets and fight? Not sure if that one is thought out thoroughly…for that is exactly what the matters and ANTIFA and other thugs are doing and it isn’t working out so well. (Even with the police standing down).

At the end of this video clip by EducateInspireChangeTV, please note the words from the Scotsman who provided the film. They make a strong statement. He says….

“I am no William Wallace, but I am a Scotsman and a human being. The times of heroes on battlefields has gone. Our oppressors use weapons like the media to control our minds and subdue us.

This is my plea to you, EDUCATE YOURSELF, INSPIRE OTHERS to do the same, and be the change you wish to see in the world.

It’s time to free our minds and realize our full potential.

“Join me in my struggle to free the world…”

Alba Gu Bra!! (means Scotland forever!!)

Our best weapon is exposing the truth and faith in the Lord God Almighty!

Worldwide Freedom Rally Maine 2021 | BeaconForSovereignty

So while some are shouting their self perceived wisdom at others on social media, the patriotic leaders who have actually put their reputations, fortunes, and lives on the front lines say different. They continue to stay the course fighting to expose the voter fraud, treason, and all manner of RICCO organized crime, at all levels. They say trust in God, pray like you have never prayed before and expose the lies. They are fighting to expose voter fraud doing audits and they have all the evidence. They are going through the corrupt courts and staying focused regardless of the cries of how stupid that is from some. They are suing the pharmaceutical companies for toxic jabs…they are calling them jabs because they are not vaccines. The poisons within them and the information on them lead clearly that it is in violation of the Nuremberg Code. And suing on behalf of violation of Constitution and Bill of Rights infringements. Sidney Powell calls the entire vaccine push a mandate to legalize murder. She should know. She has all the true facts.

The election management system WAS BREECHED! There is no denying this any more.

Federal Judge Andrew Hanen in Texas has ordered the Biden administration to suspend the DACA program for “Dreamers.” finding it illegal!

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There goes Pelosi Biden et al and their desire to continue illegal and unlawful “Dreamer” program and their pathway to citizenship for those crossing the border illegally. that undocumented dreamer game is over. All applications going forward WILL NOT BE APPROVED. It is and has been all along, illegal! Finally a verdict that upholds the law has been passed down by the court system!

On Friday, Hanen ordered the Biden administration to stop the approval of all new applications for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. The program was initiated under the Obama administration in 2012 and Biden had sought to protect it and keep it in place. The president signed a memo after taking office that instructed DHS to take “all appropriate actions under the law” to preserve the program.

Dems are not happy with law and order and are already screaming to continue to follow unlawful programs put in place by Obama as though they were lawful all along. It has always been against the immigration laws on the books. The fact that they have gotten away with doing things illegal their progressive way (which is nose thumb and in your face) for years is coming to a few road blocks. Someone had to signal the Cartels and Human traffickers that their in your face dog and poney show just got a wild bull ride and that bull can’t be rode.

The Shameful Tragedy of Open Borders | Opinion

Obama’s south of the border community organizing has just come to a screeching halt and now progressives are screaming to do something to stop this verdict. “United We Dream” Executive Director Greisa Martinez Rosas started right away to scream that they will all be held accountable if legislative reform doesn’t happen. Well someone needs to tell Rosas that being held accountable has finally been ruled in favor of the law in the courts and now those who committed illegal participation in helping to break the immigration laws on the books are going to have to do things legally. She is worried about the lives of millions who haven’t gotten their dreams come true…well, they will be able to return to their home lands and work on their dreams there. Or take the option to come here legally and go through the immigration system and take the neccessary steps to become a U.S. citizen legally.

For more on this topic read: Judge orders U.S. to close DACA program to new applicants (


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Dr. Charles Hoffe: Majority Of Tested Patients Have New Onset Clotting After Vaccine (



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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