There is no where for the globalist to hide! They have all been caught and now the head of the snake is ….. well, let’s just say we know what it is and we are staring it in its eye!!!

The World Economic Forum, the WHO and Gavi are all about to lose the diplomatic immunity given to them by the Swiss government as the son of one of the founders of the World Economic Forum testifies to prosecutors all he knows about the crimes against humanity and holds nothing back! This is opening up the way to identify and prosecute those involved in war crimes for mass murder via vaccination.  Tribunals of all the ugly heads of the snake is on the way!

CRIMES against humanity include the little man named “Fauci” who the world watched as he did his pathetic COVID dance for his puppet masters!

As the world laughed at President Trump’s attempts to undue the actions of the lockdown, refusing to issue mandates like the other nations marching in LOCKSTEP and issuing COVID monies to businesses and workers as a lifeline… and pushing for antibiotics only to be scorned by Fauci and the CDC, and WHO laughing and accusing Trump of saying drink bleach and other absurd things he never said…. many Americans shouted, “WE WANT A VACCINE!”. The Karen’s were everywhere shouting to those who saw through the lies that they were killing grandma and all sorts of terrible lies.

Resist their jab and you will have no job. Well that worked for Netanyahu in Israel with his “Green Pass”, and other states… but it didn’t win in the states where South Dakota led the example by not shutting down. We do have a constitution and many governors through that in the trash. Those ones who did that are not faring well today. And neither is Fauci whose evil deeds have lead to uncovering his evil past which include the mass murders of thousands of children in illegal experiments. All this right in our faces as mass graves are found in New York City!

Freedom of Information documents obtained in January 2021 by the White Coat Waste project show that Dr. Fauci approved a $424,000 NIAID grant in 2020 for experiments in which healthy puppies were tortured, enclosed in cages with their vocal cords removed for the sheer reason to stop their incessant barking during their 196 days of torturous experiments, where sand fleas slowly ate them alive. Now the fake news has fact checked and called this misinformation… but in the scope of what we now know about mis and dis information and the entire propaganda war… take it with your own discernment.

An article from the People’s Voice stated, “In 1992, under the direction of Dr. Fauci, the NIAID funded drug trials on supposedly HIV positive children. I say “supposedly” because we now know that many of the children were not actually infected with HIV.

“These children, most of whom were orphans, tested positive via “faulty” or some say “rigged” PCR tests administered through New York’s Child Welfare Department, who then handed the children over to Fauci, no questions asked, for the deadly experiments.

“Damningly, many of the drugs Fauci was testing on the children were already known to cause deformities, organ failure, brain damage and other lethal side effects. And yet the innocent children were required to continue with Fauci’s depraved experimentation regardless of negative side effects.

“In 2004, a British documentary entitled Guinea Pig Kids exposed “the savage barbarity of Dr. Fauci’s science projects.”

“Torture is not too strong a word for what Dr. Fauci put these children though. The nurses administering the drugs were lied to by Fauci who explicitly told them that all adverse side effects they witnessed in the children were being caused by the HIV infection and not the drugs.” Read: Mass Graves of Thousands of Children Killed By Fauci In Illegal Experiments Found in NYC – The People’s Voice (

It is no wonder that with all the things the WHO, WEF, UN, et al have gotten away with in the past that they were confident that they could do whatever they desired without consequences. They truly believed they controlled it all.

In an article from Benjamin Fulford from Oct. 23, 2023 titled, “While the West struggles with mental illness; the world moves on”, he states:

“The real war going is not between Israelis and Palestinians, but between white hats and Satanists. White hat special forces are now in Israel with shoot-to-kill orders against any person who goes against the rules of war and chivalry by attacking non-combatants. They understand very well that the Satanists are pretending to be both Hamas and Israeli soldiers. The Satanists’ job is to stage horrific incidents on both sides in order to incite Israelis and Arabs into killing each other.

This is the age-old method of trauma-based mind control. Members of slave races are traumatized and then misdirected by their tormentors into attacking the Satanists’ intended targets.”

He goes on to say that, “The Satanists also use lies, computer graphics, theatre and other tricks to amplify the effect of their crimes. However, they do carry out real crimes. We are getting credible reports of truly gruesome events taking place in underground tunnels built by the Satanists beneath the Gaza Strip and inside Israel. It has reached the point where even the corporate media is now talking about fighting inside tunnels.” Read: While the West struggles with mental illness; the world moves on – Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis (

Which bring us back to Globalists are Going To Prison…

Biden is ready to start World War III without an army? Yes. The fake puppet, avatar, 2.0, rubber mask…what ever you choose to call it…the one thing it isn’t is your president of the republic of the United States of America. If anything he stole the election of the USA, Inc. and is now an acting headless president of a bankrupt corporation, literally!

Fake Biden does not control the US or any military. The real military is not going to side with the Satanists who desire to destroy the planet by starting an all-out nuclear DEW war. The alliance of “White Hats” or “Good forces” are now taking the alleged head off the snake. Which points to the recent resignation of Swiss President Alain Berset who was one of the leaders of the “Octogon Group” which dates back to the Knights Templar as a sanctuary of sorts in Switzerland.

The announced resignation of Swiss President Alain Bersets removal means the World Economic Forum, the WHO and Gavi are all about to lose the diplomatic immunity given to them by the Swiss government. This will open the way for war crimes tribunals for mass murder via vaccination.  

Add to this the Balfour contract with Israel is no longer in effect.

image 392

According to Fulford Netanyahu is a 2.0, but still around in hiding:

“The other thing that is going on is that white hat special forces are fighting a fierce war in the network of tunnels underneath Israel and the Gaza Strip. It is only a matter of time before they get to the person many say is the head of the snake: Benyamin Netanyahu. The photographs below show, that most of his public appearances are by an avatar, However, the real Netanyahu is still around and hiding deep underground. He is being hunted down by anti-Satanic Israeli and US special forces, Mossad and Pentagon sources claim. 

image 393

Follow the history and see the truth behind the Swiss Bank and the so called international immunity!

“The ultimate inside job. Swiss banks accepted Jewish life-savings — smuggled to neutral Switzerland for hiding from Nazi terror, only to use the very same secrecy laws to prevent Jewish survivors of the Holocaust and their heirs from recovering their rightful money.

“Blood Money” reveals previously unknown details of history’s biggest swindle, including an examination of the role of the secretive Bank of International Settlements, run by American, Thomas McKittrick, and the part that the bank played in laundering gold for the Nazis in Switzerland. The film leads the viewers through the extraordinary events, up through the shredding of documents by the Swiss banks, to the resignation of the Swiss Ambassador to the United States, and the exclusively recorded summit of Jewish, Swiss and U.S. officials as they meet for the historic resolution.”

Among other awards, this documentary received, “Winner, Emmy Award for Outstanding Research”.

image 394

Click to watch documentary:

The Knights Templars of Octogon founded “clean” Switzerland 1291.

So as we uncover the history of the head of the Beast devouring and desiring to rule the world… who can deny this looks like Babylon the Great with all the bells and whistles?

This is just the beginning….



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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