We must be diligent in exposing the true nature of all candidates. What really scares me about Carson is his classic passive aggressive behavior that has already been witnessed, and he does show all the signs of sociopathic behavior.  It is no wonder when we see all the horrid things this man did growing up, until one day he self calmed in the bathroom with a Bible and all of his past anger issues and murder attempts were gone from his thinking. He was totally cured.

Why don’t psychiatrists use this approach in their counseling with angered youth?  They should prescribe one Bible, one verse from Proverbs, and an hour in the Bathroom.  PROBLEM SOLVED RIGHT?  Wrong. There is not one mental health professional in the world that would look at this tale for what it is.  They would be watching this guy like a time bomb ready to explode.

We all know there are functioning, certifiable mental cases working in all capacities in the real world.  Many are Lawyers, Pastors, Professors, judges, heck every field!  And many are doctors.  There is no way of knowing  when these seemingly quiet well respected time bombs will go off. At least that is what the media keeps telling us in their gun control arguments.

We are even facing an establishment elite who have publicly announced the world is too big and needs to be depopulated.  Bill Clinton said we need to reduce to a sustainable amount of around 500 million.  Yes he did.  By the way, Carson was a strong advocate of sustainable development programs for the 21st century (agenda 21) until, he started his GOP campaign.  That does not sound like an outsider to me.  Does it to anyone else?

Most people have not delved into his past, nor bothered to see what people in Baltimore are now saying about the man. No one wants to believe that he and Sharpton have the same goals and always have.  Yet, they  do have different approaches.  Sharpton uses an outwardly aggressive approach, and Carson uses a passive aggressive one.

Carson has lied about his true core beliefs on the issues facing America for it is now publicly known that he has stood with the progressive stance on issues until he announced his GOP run. He is a wolf ready to devour only not as other wolves do. He will kill the prey, secretly bury the meat, and sit down with a spoon and eat his lentils.  The public will say, “How could this dear sweet vegetarian ever be after the sheep?”  That is the scary part.  His sheep wool has been carefully stitched by establishment donors, tailor made for such a time as this.

While the wool has been pulled over the eyes of many, this sheep is shouting – “A wolf approaches!  Awaken the shepherd – a wolf approaches!”

Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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