At a time when to speak up clearly and loudly about the influx of so called refugees which are ISIS able bodied men in disguise coming into our borders, the Carson Doctor can’t seem to get passed fence sitting.  Have you listened to him on this?  He is for helping…but not for helping.  He isn’t for political correctness but uses it in every breath.  Oh my head hurts.

Is anyone else tired of Carson’s “I am for it”  explaining why, then ending with  “I am not for it”?  The man is whishy washy and seems to sit for anything and stand for nothing except being a vegetarian, and separating conjoined Siamese twins.

Where is Carson’s gumption?  Where is his backbone?  Why doesn’t he stand up for what he believes with a firm voice and strong tone?  If he isn’t doing it now while his back is pushed against the wall, don’t expect him to do it later.  He talks about not being politically correct all the while sitting lukewarm as though he is in a time out.  Well America – is that what you want in a leader?

A man that can be pushed over and not even effectively stand up for what he truly believes (whatever that is – he’s not clear on that point either) is not a man America needs at her time of peril!

If you want a president that will say one thing and mean another and not admit to either – then vote for Carson.  If you are tired of that (as we already have Obama) then vote for Trump or even Bernie.  Both of them have taken a stand and when they talk they do not mince words, nor do they sit on the fence or in Trumps case  sit on the wall.

Carson is indeed a Humpty Dumpty sitting on a Trump built wall, who (like it says in the nursery rhyme)  had a great fall! humpty images330AIY9F

Written by Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.