Why has Putin seen it fitting to step in and help an evil dictator like President al-Assad? What could he possibly be thinking to back Syria and ignore all the shouts from the Western world to topple this regime?  Could it possibly be that he has some intelligence that shows opposite of the western world view?

Well, yes he does.  The likes of Obama, Rubio, McCain, Graham, Kerry, Hillary, Fiorina let’s just say Et Al, for there are many, go on and on about the evils of Syria and shout “Bomb them into oblivion!” Putin comes along and says, this is a disgrace to condemn al-Assad and back liver eaters!  He sat on the sidelines but not quietly.  Putin has condemned the actions of the western world throughout the entire Arab Spring fiasco, especially condemning the toppling of his friend Gaddafi, former Prime Minister of Libya. The thrust of the UN is supposed to unite all nations in peace, especially those who do not threaten to go to war.  Yet, that appears to be a fancy store front window dressing with the real wares hidden deep inside their secret back rooms.

But facts are facts and sooner or later they always surface.

Assad %20Bashar

President al- Assad and his wife Asma al- Assad, care about their people. Syria has been invaded with Islamic radicals that have terrorized their nation. We should be helping Assad, to fight against the radical rebels who have infiltrated in the same manner ISIS has infiltrated throughout the entire region.  President Assad is fighting terrorists.

Meanwhile the media accuses them of horrible things. They have taken great lengths to rewrite wonderful stories where they called Asmas Al Assad wonderful things and were amazed at the good will being done by Asmas to people of all faiths. Now they want you to believe that she was faking her lifetime of caring.   asma syria2_600x450

It is a shame what is taking place there.  And a bigger shame to know that Benghazi was a gun running operation to send guns to Syrian rebels also known as ISIS. It is an evil thing they have done and are doing. Hillary believes they need taken out yesterday.  They say shame on you Congress for not allowing us to go in and bomb them where it hurts.

Meanwhile in 2013 Rand Paul praised President al-Assad for protecting persecuted Christians.  His father, Ron Paul, said in the same article that the chemical weapons attack (poison gas / e.g. Sarin nerve agent) near the Syrian capital Damascus was certainly an act under false flag in order to blame the use of chemical substances against the Syrian people on the government in Damascus and to create a pretext for the war against the Arab country. Read more here: https://www.syrianews.cc/rand-paul-syria-assad-protecting-christians/  (does anyone remember the photos of the canisters that had  “Saudi Arabia” and “‘made in USA”  stamped on them? I do.).   The truth is foreign-backed jihadists and terrorists started the so called rebellion.

Today European Nations who have accepted refugees fear they have allowed ISIS jihadists and terrorists into their borders, and the people of the USA are fearing arrivals of the same.  We do not want a western spring but it looks like Europe has already fallen for it.

I believe it was Rubio that said at the CNN debate- he only voted NOT to bomb Syria because Obama said he was just going to give them a “Pin Prick”,  Rubio said if you aren’t going to go to war and do the job then don’t go to war at all.

Please understand, the establishment would never lie to you about anything. Right?  Remember they all have been saying for a long time that Assad is an evil dictator that needs to be taken out of office. Right?

And now the media shouts that crazy Putin is helping dictator al- Assad, and has brought   Mother Russia’s troops into Syria to help evil al-Assad win his so called civil war against his evil regime.  The establishment’s media narrative is that evil Russia needs punished too.  After all, evil Russia is causing all the problems in Ukraine and already stolen Crimea.  Did anyone stop to consider that Putin is wanting to put an end to this evil and in so doing prevent the same from entering into Russia?

Did anyone stop and consider why, if al-Assad is such an evil dictator, Christians in Syria support him? In May of 2011,  Reuters reported that Syrian Christians fear that a political change will result in them losing their religious freedom; al-Assad ruled with an iron fist but religious minorities have been able to practice their faith.
Read more at https://www.christianpost.com/news/50294/#tP1yUrt5KZWkSIqs.99

When I hear the likes of Rubio, Christy, Graham, and Fiorina speak the same lies and rhetoric that come out of the mouths of Hilary, Obama, McCain and Kerry (insert another Et Al here), my eyes open so wide their puppet strings look like large thick ropes!

Why would Putin want to stand by the Holy land of Syria, a nation full of Christian archeology?  Yes.  You heard that correctly.  Putin and al-Assad want to preserve the Christian archeology while those shouting for war desire to blow it all up.

There are  many sacred holy sights in Syria in fact they are scattered throughout the entire region. There is no one spot to preserve, the entire nation is full of  Christian history.

Another thing the media is not mentioning is that Syria is home to many religions and al-Assad has worked hard to protect them all.  One of the most difficult things for any nation to do, especially in the middle east, is to protect the rights of their people to worship freely.  al-Assad has done that well.  His wife Asmas has been a diligent example of caring for all the people of Syria as one, regardless of their faith.

Local Input~ Asma Assad photo taken from the Syrian presidency's official Instagram account. Credit: Instagram

In fact, before the coupe to overtake Syria, the first lady Asma al-Assad was recognized world wide as being the Rose in the Desert by Vogue magazine for her selfless commitment to the people in Syria. Before the need to destroy Syria, Asma was considered the middle east’s Lady Di committed to serving humanity and a light of inspiration to all the people of Syria.  Now she is the evil wife of an evil dictator.  What happened?  Were they lying then?  Or are they lying now?  (see more here:  https://www.sott.net/article/264587-A-Rose-in-the-Desert-Asma-Al-Assad-Lady-Diana-of-the-Middle-East)

So here we have it, Obama and Hilary Et Al, want to topple the regime and senators like Rubio don’t want to go to war for a “Pin Prick”. If they go to war they want to blow it up, topple it. That’s what both Rubio and Graham said at the CNN debates. (Ironically, they both think they should be the next president in charge of nukes?) Christy, Bush, Carly and Graham, along with Rubio and a few more, were for toppling these evil people.  When in fact, al-Assad is an elected President and under an ongoing  terrorist attack..

I say, Praise the Lord that evil men and women who have usurped our government did not get thier way.  If anything, we need to send troops to stand with al- Assad. But that is just my opinion.  One shared by Putin, so it seems.

The media is full of ways to tear a person, an event, or a nation down in order to serve the purpose of the establishment to make the world operate and think the way they want them to think.  Many do this to keep their high paying jobs, and some are in agreement with the global elite concepts.  We have all watched how they do this and how they are doing it so very sloppy right now in the current election.  It is time for all to see what is really going on before the next president is asked to go to war with Syria.

Written by Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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