Busting Social Media Algorithms – Do They Get You?

Has anyone looked for something on their cell phone for someone else? And then get blasted with a bunch of ads on that one thing? If the answer is yes…welcome to the world of algorithms and how the Zucks and Social Media Gurus think they have you all analyzed.

Here’s how it works: Recently I was looking for a rose for a meme I was putting together. Immediately after now my social media pages are filled with ads for Roses – Roses for wallpaper, roses for sale, roses buy bulk, roses for retail, roses on toilet paper and decorative art work of roses. So now the war with the Roses is going on in my social media world to sell me what the algorithm THINKS I want and need. Which is a total fail for I don’t want a rose for any of their reasons, and am not in the market for a rose.

Red Rose Fragrance Oil - CandleScience

Well, the point of this posting on algorithms is to inform you that these programs do not know as much about you as their developers would like you to think. In fact – they are a major fail. Especially when it comes to human nature. Think about this….if man cannot understand how women think, do you really believe an algorithm can? Mankind was given free will and this means that we all have the ability to choose and to change our minds. Algorithms are programed and the only way to really have them analyze correctly is to program YOU!


Now the problem with the creators of algorithms is that until they can get some nano bytes into your skin, they really can’t control your impulses and change of mind which equals a change of your direction. Nor is it able to correctly calculate your real habits or situation. For example, some years back in helping an invalid I looked up information for their medical needs for them. To this day I still get emails and pop ups for the medical device I researched for them….but somewhere in algorithm land…the machine believes that I must be the one who needs that device.

That being said, why not have fun and look for things far, far away from what you want, need or even will use. Throw off the algorithms make them go crazy. Like interfering with enzymes….so they can’t do their work! Let’s make the algorithm pushers go crazy with lots of fake information. I’m sure they already are and the global pushers have not accounted for patriotism. They have gathered their data and forgot to allow FREE WILL!

Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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