Erin Brockovich has just reported that the South Florida Clean Water Movement water tests for RED TIDE results are in… taken from the south end of Fort Myers Beach by Lovers Key State Park.

The harmful threshold for RED TIDE is 100 cells/L. The state and federal government detection limit stops at 1 million cells/L.

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The actual laboratory results that came back from the lab are over 3 million cells/L! The toxic and deadly conditions are not going to be going away anytime soon.

So there it is folks, toxic levels off the charts and 2 million extra cells that they don’t even have a detection limit for.  Guess even the state and federal government never even thought things could get this bad.  Or did they have a detection limit set in place so no one would ever know when it is over a million?  Who knows for sure, after all they always tell us everything right?  Wrong!

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The people have been in the dark for years and years and even now half the residents are not aware how bad the water is.  Daily, I hear people say they did not know until now.

At a town hall meeting Monday night an environmentalist scientist told the group the birds have died.  BIRDS HAVE DIED FOLKS!  The pelicans, storks, sea gulls, dead!  Why isn’t anyone talking about that?  Fisherman who go into the mangroves have found dead alligators.  Yet, no one is talking about any thing dead that has not been seen dead in the open.  We are now told that over 100 species have been killed.  That has destroyed the natural eco system.

What they are reporting are the conditions of a natural red tide. They are not adding to it the phosphate and dioxin levels from the fertilizer company and big sugar.  They are acting like the problem is not a problem.  This is part of why the people are sick, people are dying, sea life is dying and the entire issue is not being properly addressed.  These type of news reports are wrong. They are just wrong.  Text book definitions do not apply in this toxic soup.  We are dealing with chemicals that are not biodegradable and that accumulate.  This is the real problem not the text book bla, bla, bla red tide.

The alert municipalities are on it though, they have put out dumpsters and hired clean up crews to take black garbage bags and pick up the dead sea life and asked the public to do the same.  No hazmat gear is offered and the reward is $12.50 an hour and respiratory problems as a bonus.  No one was told the toxic levels were 3 million and harmful thresholds are 100.  In addition to the stench on the shores, I smell a class action lawsuit.

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Not knowing is how those guilty of cover up want it to stay.  It is all a catch 22.  Damned if you alert people and damned if you don’t.  So what way do you want your toxic air and water served?  Not knowing all the facts or knowing all the facts?

It seems the argument is to keep people quiet about it so it doesn’t hurt the economy and businesses, then the other side of that argument is it stinks so bad and dead fish wash up faster than you can hide them…so people see and get sick and get angry.  You can’t eat on the beach side restaurants when it smells like a cess pool.

This is deadly folks. It is way past the time to go after the root of the disaster and take action to stop rerouting dirty water?  Clean the water up before you dump it and find out what they are dumping to make the detection 3 million!  This is not a natural red tide.  And the people who test the water know and have known this.  Their bosses place gag orders on them but now, the word is out.  So we must demand to do the common sense thing and there is a list of common sense alternatives that can be implemented right now.  There is no time to wait to vote for this one or that one any more.

Red tide is a public cover up name for what is really taking place. It’s more like “BLOODY RED TIDE OF DEATH!” Ask Erin Brockovich!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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