Black Swan In The Water…

So, call out the street forces and let the master artist paint. What is it they whisper? A tsunami of chaos? Oh hush – it’s not finished quite yet. Inside jobs are building up, but what is it that they whisper? Treasonous acts, terrorism, or the ultimate black swan?

By Dali… what would Salvador say? Hush my child, go back to sleep, Stargate is still looking through the glass. It’s all hypnagogic.

The saddest thing is that many people will do anything for 30 pieces of silver. Be it the Francis Scott Key Bridge knocked down or the stuff in the street.

You’ve been given some clues…and it may take you some time, but with all the fake scripts, does it even really matter? DEW you really want to know? If so, back away and give it some space… discern all things and know, if it isn’t really good, it must be very bad.

Follow Sabrina as she shows you what they did while you were living your life and how far they have come…

There is an Operation Looking Glass and it’s not looking good. They are following their script and you are in their movie!

The Francis Scott Key Bridge has fallen, but not by itself!

The ship had a “complete blackout,” according to Clay Diamond, head of the American Pilots’ Association, who was briefed on the account of the pilot of the Dali. 

image 208

It was about half an hour past midnight on Tuesday when the Dali, loaded with cargo containers, departed its dock, guided by two tugboats, as is customary. On board was a local harbor pilot with more than 10 years of experience and deep familiarity with Baltimore’s port, as well as an apprentice pilot in training.

The sky above the Patapsco River was clear and still, lit by a full moon.

At 1:25 a.m., after the two tugboats detached and turned back, the Dali had accelerated to about 10 miles per hour as it approached the Key Bridge. But just then, according to a timeline released by the National Transportation Safety Board on Wednesday, “numerous audible alarms” started sounding on the ship.

image 213
image 209

For reasons still being investigated, the ship’s powerful propulsion system stopped. The lights flickered out. Read:The Five Minutes That Brought Down the Key Bridge – The New York Times (

image 212

Is this video doctored up or are the charges really going off? Will anyone even know for sure? What was going on beneath the water?

Well, the video from the news shows in the same charge locations, a “flash of something” hitting the bridge in the center.

image 210

And the next frames we see it fizzle out after it hits. And we see other points fizzling.. or rather sizzling as well. So, the video above is accurate. Or as accurate as the video used on the CBS News Special Report.

image 211

It was reported that in the collision and collapse of the bridge, seven road workers and an inspector who could not be alerted in time went into the water; two were pulled out from the water alive, but four others are still missing and presumed dead. Two bodies were retrieved from the water on Wednesday, authorities said.

The collapse at the Port of Baltimore affects 8,000 workers, and industries that rely on the port, which is the leading American hub for auto and other wheeled equipment, said Pete Buttigieg, the U.S. transportation secretary, on Wednesday.

Will they make the shipping company pay for the damages? That’s what should happen. I mean… if your boat hit government or public property… you would be responsible, wouldn’t you?

image 214

Click on Link to view:

Divide…then kill, steal, and destroy. Why? Because it works?

And now since brothers and sisters are coming together as one… the devil has to get out there and cause more disturbance… will people take the race bait?

Meanwhile, there are other gaslit issues to look at… like Fani the “I’m not on trial here Trump is”, Willis. And of course more of the “Mystery Bridge” troubled over Francis Scott’s lost Key. Oh and then there is the Diddy.

And that is the update… the world is still churning and for some reason, it’s tearing things up at a rapid pace. Put on the full armor of God and pray unceasing. God is watching all of this and He is searching all hearts. Keep yours filled with love and faith! Stay strong!



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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