Black Hole Versus The White Hole! Part 3.

Just keep playing that H.A.A.R.P. and you’ll find out! The term -“Nothing is as it appears” is starting to change to… “That’s exactly what I’ve been thinking!” And some are saying… “That’s exactly what I said!!”

Chapter 45 – The Black Hole

When the professor arrived at the command tower, he couldn’t wait to share his  findings with the governor and  Lt. Colonel. He leapt off the shuttle and ran into the building. In almost one breath, he stated, “I’m here to see the governor and lt. colonel.”

“Right this way,” said a guard as he escorted the professor to a conference room.

“Come  in,”  said  the  governor.  “Dr.  Charles,  the  director  of H.A.A.R.P.  has  been  briefing  President  Gordon  on  some  very important  findings  and  capabilities  in  ionospheric  physics  and radio science. They have discovered a mountain of information at the  High Frequency Activate Auroral Research Program Base  in Gakona. Normally this information would be top secret, but under the circumstances, your presence is welcomed. In fact, your input is needed here.”

Dr. Charles,  who  had  been  addressing  the  group,  continued, “So we have performed various weather manipulations with these devices, and  they  may  be  the  device  to  use  now. It  has  the  ability to create extreme low frequency waves and create earthquakes. Virtually anywhere we direct it. Or we could alter the atmosphere, creating tornadoes that would rip apart their facilities; or create a tsunami that would swallow North Korea off the map without firing  a  missile.”  Dr.  Charles  smiled  proudly  and  paused,  awaiting comments.

“What do you think, lt. colonel?” asked President Gordon. “You’re talking about  wiping out an entire country here.  It doesn’t sit well with me. Governor, what do you think?”

“I don’t believe man should play God, not even during a war. Honestly, I feel if a tornado or a tsunami is God’s will, he’ll send it; we don’t have too.”

“I agree, that’s out of the question. What else do you have, Dr. Charles?” asked the Lt. Colonel. “We can send our U.F.Os out. The nations would  stop their missile  launches on one another and band together to save the earth.”

“U.F.O.s?” shouted everyone at once—that is, everyone except the professor. “We  have  designed  some  very  complex  crafts  with  extreme capabilities, and they indeed are alien. They can beam a laser down and disintegrate an entire building leaving nothing but a handful of ash in its place. Microwave devices can cook all the crew of a sub-marine and leave the vessel untouched. The capabilities are there to disable foreign satellite programs, and it would look like aliens did it. ”The professor politely interrupted, “May I?”

President Gordon answered, “Sure, go ahead.”

“There is one problem here. Russia has the very same technology. How do you plan to outsmart them?”

“Unfortunately,” stated Dr.  Charles, “they will not be able to survive this attack.”

“Only a fool would believe that they are not planning to implement this same action against the United States,” said the professor, trying to remain calm. “The question is, who will do this first? All of this technology relies on satellite systems to assist it. The satellites need to be knocked out. This is the only sane approach to all of man’s insanity and evil conceptions of the past seventy years.”

The governor questioned Dr. Charles, “Why can’t we just disarm all their satellite systems?”

 “Well, while we are busy doing that, what stops them from disarming ours?”

Now questioning Dr.  Charles motives, the Lt.  Colonel took charge. “Mr. President, time is running out, I suggest we take out the Russian satellite systems with  electromagnetic pulse devices. This will disable their extreme military advances. We are prepared to intercept incoming missiles, but to take no other action leaves us as sitting ducks.”

“I agree,” said the governor.

“This is a lot to consider,” said President Gordon. “May I at this time explain the message I came to deliver? It is a rather unorthodox idea but one my gut feeling is telling me is true.”

The president answered, “Everything I’ve been hearing is rather unorthodox; let’s hear it.”

“Thank  you. The  aurora  borealis  is  dancing  like  crazy  right now. The factors of the solar winds that create these conditions are highly charged electrons that stream from the sun at one million miles  per  minute,  taking  about  forty  hours  to  reach  earth. They follow  the  lines  of  magnetic  force  generated  by  the  earth’s  core through that oval shape we call the polar opening. This area is a highly charged electrical and magnetic field. When these electrons enter the atmosphere, they meet with atoms of oxygen and nitrogen some twenty to two hundred miles above the earth. The colors are formed depending on what atoms are struck and at what altitudes they meet. Tonight, a never-before-seen phenomena has occurred. All  of  the  magnetic  and  electrical  forces  are  reacting  with  one another  in  constant  shifting  combinations. Normally  green  color forms when it meets oxygen at one hundred fifty miles altitude; red when it meets oxygen above one hundred fifty miles; blue when it meets nitrogen sixty miles above; and purple violet when it meets nitrogen above sixty miles. Normally these dances happen when the atmospheric currents reach twenty  million amperes  at fifty thousand  volts. But from tonight’s activity, based  on what  our  visible eyes are witnessing, my calculations indicate that these amperes and volts have tripled in order to create such a continuing burst of activity! Something like an extreme sunspot activity is occurring within the sun. Something we have never witnessed in our recorded history of astronomy.”

“Could  the  Russian  technology  have  created  something  like this? Interfering with solar winds?” asked the governor.

Dr. Charles spoke up quickly as though to answer before the professor, “Highly unlikely. Our studies at H.A.A.R.P. have shown us what can be done to manipulate atmospheric conditions, not create them from its foundation of the sun. There is an unusual pulling from an incoming star we call Planet X. We have determined that it is entering and have anticipated this type of phenomena when it begins to align with the sun. We have sought through our research at H.A.A.R.P. to discover a way to defy the harmful atmospheric chaos  that  this  alignment  would  create.  It  was  our  only  hope  to avoid the disastrous affects of the alignment.”

“So what does all of this mean?” asked the president. “In Bible prophecy, it is written that the Lord will roll the sky up like a scroll.” answered the professor. At those words, Dr. Charles rolled his eyes and shook his head.

The  governor, ignoring  Dr.  Charles’s gestures,  stated, “Isaiah chapter  thirty-four  prophesies  that  all  the  host  of  heaven  shall be dissolved, rolling up like a scroll; all their host shall fall down! Maybe this host is the satellite systems, and the technology man has used to act like gods to control the earth and the universe.”

“Exact! You see, warping space is like folding a piece of paper to connect two points that used to be separated. First, collect a bunch of super dense matter, like the space junk orbiting the earth, when it makes a ring the size of the earths orbit, which it has done, then build another ring where you want to create a wormhole, and you will witness the negative energy produced by hell itself to envelope itself. It will appear to us as a scroll being rolled up as it is sucked into this black hole called hell.”

The president commented, “Now you lost me.” The  professor  glanced  at  Dr. Charles, who  was  now  playing with  his  pen  as  though  he  were  bored, then  answered, “You see,  the polar opening is actually a black hole! A black hole always has a horizon; this is the region from which you can’t escape. In this case, it is the polar opening. If you cross the horizon to that, you are doomed. You will hit the gravitational pull that will suck you in! But if you stay outside the horizon, you can avoid getting sucked in. When you are standing outside of the horizon, the gravitational pull is no different than wherever it is that you are standing. It is not going to leap out at you and suck you in. These things are myths that make for good sci-fi movies. Are you with me?”

The president answered, “I think so.”  The professor continued, “Studies have found that light is ‘red-shifted’ to longer wavelengths called infrared waves. As it rises away from a black hole, the wavelengths get longer and longer as you get closer to that horizon you just described. Eventually it will not be visible light at all; it will be infrared radiation and radio waves. At some point the wavelengths will be so long that you won’t be able to observe them. Because light is emitted in packets we call photons, once you hit the horizon and are in the long wavelengths, you will no longer be visible. The last photon will be emitted as you hit the horizon, and you sink into the black hole.”

“Why is that?” asked the President with a dumbfounded look on his face.

“Because no light photons can be emitted from darkness. You can’t see a black hole because light cannot get past the horizon of it. But if there is a large mass concentrated in a small volume and if the mass is dark, then there is a good bet there is a black hole there. And this polar opening has the dark mass or dark matter. Another thing black holes have is a ‘water maser’ system. These are water masses in dense molecular clouds that are found in massive black holes in the center of active galaxies. This same activity can explain what is happening at the north polar opening.

“This  system  is  a  very  powerful  source  of  microwave  radiation near its nucleus and it has x-ray spectral lines that indicate the presence of atoms near the nucleus that move one-third the speed of light. The radiation from these atoms have been red-shifted in the  same  manner  radiation  would  be  emitted  from  a  black  hole. There is so much we don’t understand as to why, but black holes can exist for a time in pairs consisting of a particle and an antiparticle appearing out of nowhere, and eventually they can annihilate each other. Energy  is used  up when the  particles are  created, but  that energy is restored when the particles are created again. These are vacuum fluctuations. Now let’s say this process happens repeatedly; then an observer would see a continuous stream of radiation from the black hole. Or an array of colors as we are witnessing now in the aurora borealis.”

image 55

The  governor, very curious asked, “But what about  the  south polar opening? Is that another black hole?”

“Now  that  is  what  pulls  all  of  my  theory  together. There  is another  discovery  called  a  ‘white  hole.’  Where  black  holes  are  a region of space from which nothing can escape, the time reversed version of a black hole is a region of space called a ‘white hole.’ In this region of space, nothing can fall; where black holes can only suck things in, white holes can only send things out. White holes match the  equation  of  general  relativity;  these  two  processes  are time-reversals of each other.”

“Like the black hole in the Bermuda Triangle versus the energy vortex  in  Sonoma,  Arizona?”  reasoned  the  governor,  “Different earth  portals  or openings—one  drains  or  sucks  the  energy, causing  batteries  and  communication  systems  to  fail;  the  other  gives energy and creates energy, building man’s immune system, causing a euphoric feeling.”

“Exactly!” said the professor. “Think about Bible prophecy and the  writings  found  in  ancient  manuscripts.  Man  has  an  allotted length of time. He will spend eternity in the light of the new king-dom or the darkness of hell, where there is no escape. The white hole, or light, is what governs that time, and heaven and hell, so to speak. If we consider that black holes rotate and have a charge, it is possible to fall into that black hole and not hit the singularity that will pull you into its radiation of destruction. You will be pulled in but not disintegrated. In fact, the charged or rotating black hole can join with the white hole in such a way that you can fall into the black hole and pop out of the white hole. In the world of science, this combination of black and white holes is called a wormhole.

image 56

“I believe the earth has this wormhole, but it does not run in a straight line from the black hole, forming a wormhole like vacuum to the white hole. In the book of 1 Enoch, he was taken into the earth—to the  north,  south,  east,  and  west—and  wrote  about  the realms  in  these  areas.  I  perceive  the  inner  shape  of  the  earth  to resemble more of a honeycomb shape. A beehive, so to speak. This would create many curving distances between the light and the dark hole. Light  curves  and  bends.  Long wavelengths  don’t shoot out straight like an arrow and then stop when it hits any type of matter; it bends around it. This black hole at the polar cap, if you fall into its horizon, will keep you there; that’s all there is to it! There are barriers, or horizons, within the earth’s core, just as it states in the Bible, that prevent those in hell to cross over into the light and vice versa.

“I say the south polar opening is the white hole, and the north polar opening is the black hole. Think about it; in Admiral Byrd’s diary, he entered that oval or polar opening, the magnetic pulling electromagnetically drained all of his communication devices. He was in another field like being in outer space. He was assisted by two alien disc-shaped spacecraft and guided to a platform like conveyance with no wheels that zoomed him toward the great city.

“Something sped him past the black hole into the white hole. He would have been unable to go to the city if he had been pulled into  the  other singularity—hell itself—where no  one  leaves. The black hole of hell. Another story from a Nordic traveler indicates that he sped to the city in a tunnel. All travel into the area from the north polar opening was tunneled, so to speak, very rapidly to create a resistance against the magnetic pulls. Each traveler who ever wrote of this ended up in the crystal city and was taken to a master or king of sorts. Someone who was appointed to over see the things down there.

“The Nordic traveler was released at the south polar opening, not far from the crystal city. He was told that the north opening would take his life.  If we are to learn from the stories of travelers then the black hole is at the north and the white hole is at the south.”

“So how does this relate to us now?” asked the president. “Why are we looking at these myths and stories when we have all of the science? Science hasn’t proven dark holes exist on the planet. Your white hole, wormhole concept is far from scientific when applied to the earth. Wouldn’t you agree, Dr. Charles? “

Dr. Charles, looked a bit apprehensive, as though he wanted to refute the professor but was not sure if he should. “There is so much we do not know, but we have been toying with theories similar to what the professor has said. The problem is, theories like these defy our database of knowledge, and we discard them; or if there appears some unexplained fact we can’t discard, it goes into the X files as unexplained phenomena. The professor has an absurd theory, that hasn’t been proven.”

The professor warned, “Either way, we are about to witness all of our hosts of heaven, our wonderful satellites roll up like a scroll. We will witness a great enveloping of the sky’s garbage pit sucked into the polar opening’s horizon line by a wormhole connector that will disintegrate it all like a giant laser from the radiation within it. The true God will perform it! All of the useless heavenly knowledge offered by the fallen watchers is about to be sent back to hell where it came from!”

Massaging his brow, the president asked, “If this is true, what can we do?”

The professor answered, “Get food and provisions sent up here, anything and everything that we may need to survive for the next ten years, twenty? Forty? I don’t know; all I know is the sky is about to  be  rolled  up  like  a  scroll,  and  total  blackness  is  about  to  surround  the  earth!  No  more  twenty-first century!  No  cell  phones, no computers, no missile space programs, no TV, no communications whatsoever. Man’s modern-day tower of Babel is about to be destroyed, and man’s communication system is about to be scrambled once again!” stated the professor.

“He’s right, Mr. President!” warned the governor, “We need to warn everyone to gather supplies; there is about to be another dark age!  We have to do everything possible to prepare the people of the world. Those that have eyes will see; the rest will be shooting their missiles as the Lord rolls up the skies! Our focus must be on preparing to survive this final hour.”

Dr.  Charles, squirming, added, “I think you are going in the wrong direction here. What is needed is a strong offense. We have the means to stop this if we act quickly.”

The professor interjected, “There’s one more possibility here. What if our satellite is knocked out first? Can you intercept missiles by another means?”

 “We could send out stealth bombers to intercept, but that would be like playing Russian roulette with our men. No pun intended,” said the lt. colonel. “A suicide mission for some, but not all of them. Some would return. But if we do nothing, it could cost all of our lives.”

“It’s a hard call. But we mustn’t let our guard down. Not at this point,” added the governor. “We’d be wise to get some troops air-borne What is your decision, Mr. President?”

The president thought a moment then clasped his hands together and said, “Do what you must. Get those stealth bombers airborne. That’s an order. And gather provisions and alert the rest of the nation to do the same, and open up every fallout shelter we got to all people. Warn the world. Maybe they’ll have the sense to protect their people and concentrate on saving their own lives instead of obliterating the earth. But that’s a big maybe. Lt. Colonel, Governor, get me the phone. From this moment on, the Pentagon will take their command from you, Governor! And you, Lt. Colonel!”

The president took the phone and made the important call. He then hung up and addressed the group around him in a very serious tone. “My question is, why haven’t we been told about all of the findings coming out of these holes before now?”

“The honest answer, sir?” queried the professor.

“Of course!”

“We were. No one listened.”

Chapter 48 – Ancient Mysteries Revealed

Not long after the governor had returned to the command tower and officially handled a mountain of tasks she was approached by the Professor. “Governor,” said the professor, “I have finally processed the information about the painting on the ceiling in Grand Central Station. I think you will find it important.”

image 53

“Speak,” said the governor. “I could use a deterrent right about now.”

“The painted ceiling at Grand Central Station is a revelation of the plans of Lucifer. An Illuminati history of man, creation, ages of time on this earth, and eternity. The observer of this painting will notice a zodiacal band connecting in an order from left to right, Aquarius the water bearer, Pisces the fish, Aries the ram, and above Aquarius and Pisces, the winged horse, Pegasus. Continuing to the right of Aries is Taurus the bull, Gemini the twins, and Cancer the crab; and below Taurus is Hercules, who is on a band or path of his own crossing between Aquarius and Pisces. This represents man’s journey; his path throughout all of the ages hung between the duality between finding his path to that of good or that of evil. His free will to choose. As Hercules, he can carry out the will of good or of evil.

image 51

“Let me now explain what the ancients knew and believed to be true. Let us first look at the bull of Taurus. To the Egyptians, the bull Apis was sacred to the Sun God, who was worshiped through the animal equivalent of celestial signs, which the bull had impregnated with his presence at the time of its crossing into the northern hemisphere.

This relates to the biblical accounting of the fall of Lucifer and Samyaz, one of the fallen angels, organizing the other fallen to impregnate earthly women and have their own offspring. Part earthly and part heavenly, the giants of the earth. In ancient
sayings, they refer to this as the ‘Celestial bull who broke the egg of the year with his horns.

“Ancient astrology shows us that the motion of the earth that we know as the north and south poles have since changed in its position to the equator and zodiacal band. Originally, to ancient astrologers before the great flood, the band of the zodiac was at the right angles to the equator, with the sign of Cancer opposite the north pole, and the sign of Capricorn opposite the south pole. Thus, our present north and south poles represent that an earthly polar shift had occurred. The constellation format that Helleu painted was a constellation of the time before the great flood and
pole shift. What the ancients called the ‘First Time.

“Interestingly, ancient manuscripts depict the ram placed at the head of the heavenly flock of the zodiacal band as the Lamb of God. The truth is, long before the Christian era, the ram in the constellations was called the Lamb of God, the Savior to save man-kind from their sins. The ram was always honored with the appellation of ‘Dominnus’ or Lord—the Lamb of God which taketh away the sins of the world.

“Like in the Book of Enoch,” said the governor.

“Yes. According to ancient knowledge, the Lamb of God was also a title given to the sun, who is said to be reborn every year from the northern hemisphere in the sign of the ram; but due to the discrepancy between the signs of the Zodiac and the actual star groups, it actually rises in the sign of Pisces. During the age of Pisces the fish was the symbol of divinity. Christ, the fish in the flesh, was able to live in the abyss of this mortality as in the depths of waters, that is, without sin.

“I have never heard this before,” said the governor as she sat down.

“An understanding of ancient history is vital to understanding the full meaning in scripture. For example, let’s look at the scripture of the fish with the coin in its mouth. More than pay the temple tax, this scripture gave witness to the true Messiah and cast out a false ancient religion. Those that had eyes to see and ears to hear
understood it. The Christ openly denounced the false teachings of Krishna who supposedly in one of his incarnations came forth from the mouth of a fish. He told Peter to go to the sea and cast in a line and he would catch a fish and in his mouth he would find a coin, take it and go and pay the tax for you and me.

Krishna represents a false religion based on the mark of the beast of this world—money. And the burdens of the false prophets under the direction of the Prince of Darkness of the world. You see, the ancient teachings of Krishna was the equinoctial sun in Aries that appeared after the first Buddha, who was the equinoctial sun in Taurus; a false messiah. The avatar of Krishna was Satan’s Baal worship. Krishna
mocked the patterns of the true Messiah, even calling himself a shepherd of the people. In fact they even found a figure of Krishna as a crucified god in the ruins of a temple at Thebes in Egypt, thus, proving its place in antiquity. The lord basically proved He was the true fisher of men.”

“Amazing, I never even heard of this.” said the Governor.

“Most people haven’t, Governor. Next to Pisces is Aquarius, the sign of the water bearer, or the man with a jug of water on his shoulder mentioned in the New Testament in Mark 14:13, he sent out two of his disciples and said to them, ‘Go into the city, and a man will meet you carrying a pitcher of water; follow him.’ The disciples were to follow the man with the pitcher of water to where ever he went in; then they were to tell the man the teacher says where is the guest room in which I may eat the Passover with my disciples. They were told, the man will show you a large upper room furnished, there prepare and make ready for us.

This scripture is also telling this last generation that there is a place of safety
prepared for the Passover and the man with the pitcher of water, Aquarius, will show us where that is in this final hour.”

“I don’t understand,” said the governor.

“Let me explain, the sign of the water bearer is the symbol of the waters pouring from the Urn under the name of the waters of eternal life. The ancients taught that when the sun was said to be in a certain sign of the Zodiac, the ancients really meant that the sun was occupied in the opposite sign. And cast its long ray into the house in which they enthroned it. Therefore, if the sun is in Aquarius, it is set in its opposite—Leo. The Lord was announcing that when you see the man with the water pitcher, it is time to again make ready to supper with the Lord. He is coming as the Lion of Judah. And when he comes he will be riding a white horse; that horse is represented in the constellation of Pegasus. The heroic horse born from the blood of the head of evil medusa.

The scriptures tell us that evil serpent will bruise the Son of God’s heel, but the Son of God shall crush the evil serpent’s head. The victory is given to the Lord, and the victory of Pegasus is representative of good over evil. This will mark the raising to initiation to the rising of the Lion’s paw—‘Lazarus will come forth! The day the righteous shall arise from, their graves! The moment of the Lord’s return as the Lion of Judah! And those that sleep shall arise first! Then those who are upon the earth shall be changed in the twinkling of an eye! He shall unleash the wrath of God and slay all of the oppressors of the earth.’”

“That is amazing. All of this was foretold before the great flood, written in the stars.”
“Exactly! Now, let’s look again at the bull of Taurus. Next to him in the artist’s painting on the ceiling is Gemini. Gemini is represented as two small children who were born out of eggs. Possibly the ones the bull broke with his horns. Thus, the stories of Castor and Pollux and Romulus and Remus. The myths of the celestial twins. The Arabians worshiped the twins through the ancient worship of the Peacock Angel who were the watchers that taught man to do evil things like build weapons of war. Similar to what man has done with the technology coming from the polar
openings, what they are calling U.F.O.s and extraterrestrials. The Gemini twins were supposedly the origin of phallic worship, symbolically represented by two obelisks or pillars in front of temples and churches.

Next to Gemini, the artist painted Cancer the crab. Cancer was the symbol of regeneration, the house of the moon, the great mother of all things and the patroness of the life forces of nature, Diana or Artemis, the moon goddess of the Greeks and called the mother of the world. The worship of the female mother of the world is what Revelation refers to as the great whore of Babylon and Baal worshippers call her the queen of heaven. She is said to have received her nymphs or subordinate personifications from the ocean and is represented by the sea crab, an
animal that has the ability to reproduce any limb from its body that has been hurt or mutilated and reproducing another in its place.

Thus, the ever-reoccurring antichrists upon the earth given by the moon god sin. The Egyptians worshiped the scarab as symbolic of the crab and held ceremonies at the spring and autumn equinoxes, giving sacrifice to them. And so, the artist’s painting is a reversed mirrored view of the heavenly order of things: the ram, the fish, and the water bearer of the living water of eternal life, coming on a white horse as the Lion
of Judah! The end of this precession or great cycle!

“And the other side shows the opposing forces in their order, the bull, the twins, and the crab. Hercules fighting to do the will of the false gods in return for worldly rewards. The duality of good verses evil. Man as represented by Hercules must choose which god he will serve. Our little French artist was well embedded into the secrets of the Illuminati’s ancient religious festivals of Baal and Marduk, and the mysteries of the abyss, as were the Vanderbilts. When they designed the Grand Central Station they intentionally placed Illuminati signs and symbols throughout it. Which brings me back to the clock and the statue of Mercury, Minerva, and Hercules.

image 54

“There were a few more important facts that I omitted. You see, there is an ancient Orphic symbol that was given by the Oracle of Delphi; the ancients called it the Delphian Tripod.

The staff of Mercury represents this tripod, or evil triad. The staff is symbolic of the twisted serpent wrapped around the Orphic egg and shows the motion of the sun in relation to the earth before the great flood. The serpent headed hilt on the staff of Mercury that you saw was the symbol of that Oracle of Delphi and the Delphian Tripod. The winding of the two serpents into the hilt of the sword, as you called it; if you look closer, you will see it forms three heads of the serpent. The handle itself being the largest head in the middle. This represents the evil triad of Lucifer.”

“How?” asked the governor.

“The winding of the serpent’s body formed the base; the three heads sustained the three feet of the tripod. This represents the tripod of the Oracle of Delphi. The evil triad of Lucifer. The three triads represent the divisions of the seven powers that rule over the earth by its ruler, the prince of darkness – Lucifer himself. These seven powers represent the height, the depth—the east, the west, the north and the south—and the Holy Temple of the prince of darkness in the center that sustains them all. The seven triads of the three are the powers that rule over this world. The paternal foundation represents the silent watchers, the three invisible parts of the nature of man.

The lower panel represents the under world by two gates, the great gate of the east and the great gate of the west. The real messengers coming out of the caves of the earth are being sent by the Prince of Darkness to watch over the world he is governing. You see, the ruler of this world is a great mocker of God. But God is not mocked. All those that mock God will be dealt with by Him in due time.”

“I’ve heard of the Oracle of Delphi. I always thought that was a Greek legend from the time of Alexander the Great,” said the Governor. “A pagan myth.”

“Actually the Oracle of Delphi was a mocking of the Jewish ‘arc of the covenant.’ It was a frame with three feet. A reverberating basin or bowl sat in the frame. A flat plate or table upon which the Pythia or serpent sat, and a cone shaped cover over the table, which completely concealed the priestess and from beneath her, a voice
sounded forth in weird and hollow tones. The strong thunders that resonated from the arc.”

image 50

“Which, come to think of it, is the very same manner of echoing built into the Grand Central Station—it is famously known for the reverberating echoes from the voices of people talking; in some spots, even a whisper is carried as a shout,” added the Governor.

“Exactly. The frame’s three legs were likened to the ark of the covenant; the flat plate or table was likened to the mercy seat; and the cone shaped covering represented the tent of the tabernacle itself. It was a mix of Jewish and Greek symbolism; only twisted into an evil serpent, satanic worship. There was a fissure or hole in the
ground and the fumes from it would enter the body of the priestess, the tripod vibrated as though severely struck with repeated blows, loud clanging were heard and echoed through the cavern.

“The evil spirit increased as the control of the demon over the priestess became more complete. The noise would not cease until the spirit released its hold upon the Pythia. The three legs of tripod symbolized the three periods of time controlled by Apollo, the past, the present, and the future. The space enclosed by the legs of the tripod forms the sacred Pythagorean Tetrahedron with the prophetess seated upon its apex. As the priestess of Delphi is held aloft over the abyss of the oracle, supposedly only by three slender legs ending in claws, so the spiritual nature of man is suspended over the abyss of oblivion by three golden threads of divine power.

“The face of Apollo appeared upon the tripod, and around the base are coiled serpents to symbolize Python, whose decaying body lies beneath the Delphic shrine. Of which I call hell itself. The word Delphi means womb. They chose this name by the shape of the cavern and the vent leading into the depths of the earth.

“The original name of this oracle was Pytho—because its chambers had been the abode of the great serpent Python, a fearsome creature that had crept out of the slime left by the receding flood. It had destroyed all humans except Deucalion and Pyrrha. The Python was thrown down the vent into hell by Apollo. Its spirit remained at Delphi. The fumes rising from the fissure were supposed to be
the decaying body of Python.

“The Greeks believed the Oracle of Delphi to be the umbilical cord of the earth; the connection was believed that the earth was an immense human being. The connection between the oracle of Revelation and the hole—was considered the naval of the earth. The three triads or the paternal foundation represent the silent watchers. The three invisible parts of the nature of man. The lower represents the under world by two gates. The great gate of the east and the great gate of the west. In the ancient Chaldean religion, the sun rises and sets through the gates of the underworld. The egg represents the mixture from bound and infinity. The egg of the
inferior universe.

“The doctrine of the supreme individual is one of achievement to break the Orphic egg, which is what the Lord did when he over came the sin of the world. There are seven principal triads to this evil triad. They are broken down into three phases. The first is the Orphionic world, the fiery world, and the first intellectual world.
The rulers of this world, under the Prince—Satan.

“The second or Ibimorphous triad is the second intellectual world or ethereal
world—the principal humidity. The third Nephtaean triad is the third intellect. The under world. The hater of light. The silent watchers represent the lower nature of man, the dark side, the underworld. Is it no wonder that Hitler was intrigued
with all manner of dark technologies and sought the hollow earth, and it opened up for him?

“Is it no wonder that our Illuminati directed government sought the same technologies and dark secrets and took all of the German Nazi scientists into our employment? Is it no wonder that we have found the silent watchers of the ancient
mysteries through the oracle at the northern polar opening? The ultimate Oracle of Delphi.

“They have had many documentaries on Hitler that say his beliefs were based on the occult and his superstitions and views of astrology,” added the governor. “He is supposed to have relied on hid occult mediums for his successes. He was given a mandrake root, formed in the shape of a man, that was supposed to bring him good luck in his desired requests to rule the world, as long as he kept his bond with the occultist who ordained it. It is said that when he broke that bond, he started to descend from his height of success. It sounded to me like he made a pact with the devil or some evil thing.”

“Exactly! The same as the Illuminati who are the keepers of the secrets of the Oracles, and the three-legged triad have traded their souls, knowingly or not, for the intellect of the satanic three triads.”

“You have shown me many things I didn’t know, Professor. But with every thing you have shared, my biggest curiosity is with the water bearer. I never heard the scripture interpreted with the Lord as the water bearer before. What else do you know about Aquarius?”

“Well, Governor, Aquarius was said to be Ganymede, the one who poured wine for the God’s on Mt. Olympus. Again, the Lord turned the water into wine, a miracle of two fold. The people of the day understood that he was outshining the famous Greek Ganymede. But one interesting factor about the scripture, now that you
have me thinking …he said to his mother, ‘my time has not yet come.’ Meaning? To turn the water into wine, we thought …but perhaps he meant it in more than one manner. A deeper meaning for those with ears to hear? To ‘be the water bearer’ the giver of eternal river of life. Connect if you will, the scripture of the lady at the well when he told her, ‘Who ever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst. But the water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life.’”

“In Isaiah 55:1 it says, ‘Come to the waters and buy wine,’” added the governor.

“And, Governor, the water that he promised the lady at the well to drink is the opposite of the drink that he said he would serve at Armageddon. In Revelations, he said he would give them blood to drink!

“You’re right, Professor. He was foretelling the time when he will pour out the wine of the wrath of God to all the false gods of the world, just like Ganymede poured wine to the false gods on Mt. Olympus! But his time had not yet come! But it sure looks like it may be coming now! While the rest of the world is gathering at Armageddon, we have taken in many who were told to go into the city and follow
the man with the water pitcher, and we have prepared the guest room for the people of the teacher, right there in Camp Wilderness and the other camps we’ve prepared for our guests. And the preparations and provisions are being prepared for the people for the Passover, and after that, he will come for us, just like he said.“

“Governor, just one more thing.”
“The Mayan calendar does not necessarily mark the end of the world like the devil has everyone thinking. It actually signals the alignment of the constellation of Aquarius. This is the point in time that the Mayan’s calculated as the ‘last time.’ It is the time of the global precession when the earth, which is orbiting at a present tilted axis of about twenty-three point five degrees, will be pulled by many gravitational forces as the processional cycle of the earth will move out of the constellation of Pisces and on to the age of Aquarius.

“It could quite possibly create such a great disturbance that the earth will begin to wobble like a top spinning that begins to fall. It will indeed, just like the Prophet Amos said, reel back and forth like a drunkard. The sky will indeed roll up as a scroll, and we will lose all communications with the outside world. This is the time spoken of in Revelations when the fifth angel poured out his bowl on the throne of the beast, and his kingdom became full of darkness. I hope you have taken some time to think of yourself as you have prepared?”

“Professor, don’t worry. My family is safe in the underground bunkers outside the base, and so are the families of all of the military staff here. We have made room for many guests. How about you, do you need us to help your family in any way?”

“Unfortunately, my family, which consists of my wife and father, doesn’t believe any of my, as they call it, ancient biblical garbage. My father has been bitter ever since he watched my mother die of cancer. Even though she said it was God’s will, my father said he didn’t trust in a God that would ‘will’ cancer. And my wife believes we all will find our way to the light in our own way. She believes we are all called differently and there are many ways to God.

“Sadly, she chose the new universal church on top of Mt. Carmel. She always loved the beautiful hanging gardens there and never believed me when I told her that although they were symbolic of the ancient Babylonian hanging gardens, those gardens were symbolic of the one the Babylonians worshiped as the Queen of Heaven, Semiramis, the wife of Nimrod. One can only pray.

“But on the good side, I look forward to seeing my son again, who died very young of Leukemia. He was only four.”

At those words, the governor wiped a tear and said, “Hey, you didn’t mention that squiggly X on the clock, but I researched it.”

“You did? What did you find?”

“The Illuminati squiggly X represents the mark of Satan and is the ancient symbol for Baal/Lucifer worship. Also, the crucifixion cross was always a symbol of Baal worship. I never knew that.”

“Well, Governor, our eyes are being opened even wider now, aren’t they?”

End of chapter excerpts.

I hope these chapters of “Manifesting the Wrath” have offered some insight to the nature of the spiritual warfare battles we are in. The book is fiction, but the research of the facts the professor and others present is from history and documented works. How accurate? It is all a combination of what is given to us and all things are to be discerned by each. What it does do is lend a fast track of things to consider when looking at the nature of the enemy who desires to rule the world. The reality is that there are many who delve deep into the dark ideals of ancient teachings and conjure up demonic spirits to help them reach their goals. Spiritual warfare is real. Remember to build your faith and stay in the light of the Lord always for greater is He who is within you, than he who is in the world.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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